Waste Oil Burner Project

Added a few tidbits to the Updates page Feb 2004
New info added to the Updates page and a minor addition to the My Junk page 

 Also added another page with some cooling mods I plan for this summer.

I have had some interest in this waste oil burner stove I made to heat water which can be used for many purposes. Its basic design came about as an improvement of one I used before At a place I worked at we generated a lot of waste oils, and eventually came up with a way of getting some use out of it. Burn it!

The reasons I decided to experiment with this are twofold. First off was a growing surplus of waste oil. Second was an insane increase of natural gas rates to nearly triple what it was a few months ago. It was time to do something drastic. I have been considering alternate energies for quite a while now, researching wind generation, geothermal and solar. I view this project as a first step to becoming less dependant on overpriced utilities.

I wont claim this burner will pass any EPA tests or is the answer to the energy crisis, and its not yet had proper safeties installed to run continuous 24 hrs/day 7 days/week or unattended in any building. I simply feel it is a fairly clean alternative to dispose of some types of waste oils.

The stove design and construction are outlined on the Stove page. Its very simplistic but with some additions to make it safer to have in a shop environment. 

The nozzle and associated hardware I'll explain in more detail on the Atomizer page. (sounds so high tech doesn't it?)

As my testing and tweaking progress I'll try to post my successes or failures on the Updates page. 


The descriptions and images depicted on these pages are a personal experiment in recycling waste oils to extract useable heating. Duplicating my efforts can be dangerous, especially when proper safety precautions are not taken. Because of the variations in design, materials, workmanship and other variables there are no guarantees on the information in/on this web site. This information is simply what I have been successful with in my own experiments and nothing more. I am not and will not ever be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage no matter how serious/major or minor that may result from anyone aside from myself following the instructions, diagrams, advice, plans and/or general information on this website, It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your working in the safest possible manner.  

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