Wildtubes Computing Services Inc.

Technology from the 1920's to the 2000's

Antique Electronic Repairs and Reconditioning:
  • Tube Radios.
  • Tube Hi Fi and Stereo Equipment.
  • Tube type guitar and musical instrument amplifiers.


What is my radio worth ? (discussion)
Discussion about musical instrument amplifiers and sound
Flat rate All American Five Tube repairs
Estimates and charge rates for all other equipment
Vintage vacuum tube audio

The has a wide variety  of New and New Old Stock tubes available at fair prices. I have always been completely satisfied with them and recommend them heartily.
JustRadios has a wide range of schematics available for Canadian, US, and European Radios. They also supply capacitor kits for Vacuum Tube electronics at a great price. Again, I highly recommend them .

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