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"Every man has something of Don Quixote in his Humour, some darling Dulcinea of his Thoughts, that sets him very often upon mad Adventures. What Quixotes does not every Age produce in Politics and Religion, who fancying themselves to be in the right of something, which all the world tells 'em is wrong...?" - Motteaux

Rocinante... that was the name of Don Quixote's skinny old horse.

QUIXOTE'S HORSE is dedicated to tirelessly exposing the lies and hypocrisy of governments, corporations and individuals wherever we may find them.

What's New

STICKY: Wayne Coppin and Prof. Margaret Little Slam Ontario Works Abuses: For those of you who missed the December 19, 2007 airing of the Kingston CFRC radio interview with Wayne Coppin and Queen's Prof. Margaret Little, we are now offering it as a 20 meg. .mp3 file for download. The back to back interviews run a total of about 22 minutes:

CFRC Radio Interviews Wayne Coppin and Dr. Margaret Little (.mp3 format, 20 megs, 21min 33sec)

August 22, 2013
The creed based struggle to end the state slavery of workfare continues. However in one last expression of good faith in the administartive legal process, I have agreed to remove that section of this web site in order to provide all the parties an unbiased opportunity to resolve this issue in a mutually agreeable fashion. Anyone seeking further details on the case as it stands currently is invited to email Quixote's Horse.

Enjoy your stay. For those arriving via the KCAP web site and wishing to return to the Kingston Coalition Against Poverty, we aim to please. - WAC

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