My name is Nick (a.k.a. sparky) and I live in the Bancroft, Ontario area. I have started this web site to help inform other hunters about the great sport of waterfowling!! I have been hunting since the age of 14, but began hunting waterfowl in 1996 and more seriously in 1998. I found it hard to find others in my area other than an old friend, who has now moved to another province.

Thus, this page will, I hope, help connect other hunters together. Within this page there will be links to others who have home pages of the same interest as well as links to other web sites such as information sites and online magazines who have our concerns at heart.... learning about the hobbies we enjoy the most.

If you have any comments or if you wish to have your link on my site please feel free to email me.

Please remember that one bad shot from a hunter can effect us all ! Happy hunting