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Cornwall's industrial stench has been replaced by the smell of corruption.

The taint of fraud, environmental violations, workplace safety offences, conflict of interest, and influence peddling -- all of these intrigues haunt city government and economic development in the City of Cornwall.

Indifference and recklessness mark the development of former Domtar mill lands and a leaking dump in the middle of Cornwall. Mistreatment of municipal employees and scandal at the Glen-Stor Dun Lodge are aided and abetted by conflict of interest, political expediance and a blind eye from law enforcement.

Welcome to Ontario's most easterly, and most politically corrupt city.

The acts and failures to act, of Cornwall City governance, threaten the well-being of residents, workers and the environment; while the disrespect for the law by senior bureaucrats threaten the community's social fabric and finances.

Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger is apparently content to oversee this disgrace by City of Cornwall governance and administration, and -- with coverups, lawsuits, payouts and management of the former Domtar lands and dump in the city -- predicts no deviation from the principles which guided the 2006 - 2010 term of Cornwall City Council and he, along with his council, is "comfortable of the values".

Fortunately, the aged mayor will soon step down to join a growing list of managers/administrators that have been dismissed, resigned or otherwise fled the scene in disgrace.

For instance, year after year,Cornwall tries to land a hapless pro hockey team. And although Ontario's most corrupt city has failed to snag one, it did manage to hook an ex-NHL'er that, instead of the I-75, hopped onto HWY 401 and ended up in Cornwall, where pops is mayor.

It is alleged that a "massaged" hiring procedure then landed the mayor's son (has-been NHL'er) Chad Kilger on the Cornwall Fire Department ahead of candidates with training and experience.

How ironic would that be... to get "burned" in Toronto and end up on the city payroll as a firefighter in Cornwall?


Paul Fitzpatrick
The City of Cornwall's Chief Administrative Officer Paul Fitzpatrick commanded a workplace rife with scandal, human rights abuse, and payouts to perpetrators. A sample of victims under his watch include: Diane Shay, Marie Anne Pilon, Erica Stacey

A well oiled cog, in 2011 he pocketed $183,079.70, plus $1,924.14 in benefits. In a city with just 47,000 residents, he and 45 other Cornwall Ontario public sector employees took a $5 million dollar bite out of taxes.

And although Paul booked off work in early 2012 (medical?) then was given leave in mid 2012 (management?) until his contract expired in January 2013, he still scarfed $192,230.33 in wages and $2,104.15 in benefits. Imagine what he gets in 2013 for not working at all!

Paul's legacy may well be draining Cornwall of millions of dollars in legal fees, payouts and buyouts from past impropriety, including the current lawsuit brought by Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley against the City of Cornwall, alleging harassment, corruption, subordinate canoodling, and a "family and friends" hiring policy.

And as for his respect for public safety and firefighters...

A neighbourhood fire reported to Mr. Fitzpatrick by the Deputy Fire Chief was met with, "You should have let the fucking thing burn. That is what is called urban renewal you know". Other remarks to the uniformed Deputy Fire Chief include, "Have you delivered all the mail?"

Wait, that's not all...

It seems that Paul was running the show while city employees were mistreated by management, and still running the show when Donna Derouchie got a sweet cheque on her way out the door following an elder abuse scandal that transpired under her watch.

And "rumor-mongers", as the Standard-Freeholder would say, suggest that the CAO and the departed manager had a special relationship. Those rumors took off when Paul's car got stuck by her house in the off hours, and he called for a city worker and vehicle to get towed out. Not surprisingly talk of hanky panky was rife.

Robert Menagh
There are two kinds of examples in management, and the late Manager of Human resources for the City of Cornwall, Robert Menagh is one of them.

He could be a poster boy for negligent hiring practices and is practically a case study of workplace harrassment.

Proving its reputation for "bass akwardness", the City of Cornwall hired him even though he had recently been terminated by the City of Hamilton, following a harassment investigation... paying him $124,784 just last year, in addition to $1,367 in benefits, even as the dust and mud from Cornwall's own workplace harrassment and scandals was flying around him..

And since being dumped by the City of Cornwall in January 2012, he is being rewarded with a farewell package of $293,000 -- paid out over 2 years, effectively seeing Revenue Canada screwed over as well.

Denise Labelle-Gelinas
While Cornwall City Hall scrambled to keep legal settlements and employee terminations out of the public view, City Clerk Denise Labelle-Gelinas failed just 4 times in one month to announce in-camera (closed door) meetings of Cornwall City Council.

Council met in-camera before their Nov. 28 2011 public meeting, without the required notice on the agenda. This followed 3 private meetings (as requested by Mayor Bob Kilger) that were held on on Nov. 15, 17 and 30, also without required notification.

Political incest or what?...

A biased, and "in conflict of interest" Returning Officer for the 2010 Ontario municipal election? ...The screen capture of a Facebook page for City Clerk Denise Labelle-Gelinas would suggest that it was so.

Mayor Bob Kilger’s chief rival in the last municipal election alleged the city clerk was part of the mayor’s re-election campaign in addition to her job as returning officer. He brought the issue to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and city staff — along with a screenshot of the clerk’s Facebook page as evidence.

“When the person who is in charge of the election is a member of the organization for the guy that's running, I think that’s just wrong,” he said. “It’s fundamentally wrong.”

Mark MacDonald, who served on council before running for the higher office, also claimed Denise Labelle-Gelinas provided inside information to his challenger.

More gall than a canal horse?... Labelle-Gelinas explained in a letter to MacDonald that she followed Kilger’s Facebook group as an information gathering tool. She said it was an “oversight” to not remove herself from the group once she collected the information she needed.



Domtar operated a paper mill on 89 acres in Cornwall, Ontario, until 2006. The original mill was built in 1881 and was acquired by Dominion Tar & Chemical in 1961 which then rebranded itself as Domtar in 1965.

In the early 1970's, Domtar "coaxed" Cornwall City Council to permit the dumping of its paper mill waste (sludge, bark and lime dregs) behind a shopping mall in the middle of the city; part of this 45 acre dump was sodded over as dumping continued, and it was designated a ski hill, known as "Big Ben".

In 1996 Domtar closed the mill and with only $4 million dollars, an upstart Cornwall company called PARIS Holdings, purchased the dump and mill properties with an assessed value of $18 million dollars.

Although Domtar seemingly distanced itself from the polluted lands including the leaking "Big Ben" dump, it held onto the dump Certificate issued by the Ontario Ministry of Environment -- Domtar later played that card to add toxic creosote waste to "Big Ben" from another of its polluted Cornwall properties.

PARIS Holdings was launched with money from major investors, Trenholm Healy and Gerrard Rose. PARIS is headed by Stephen McDonald, who is Rose’s stepson, and by director Martin Rose, who is Rose’s son.

Demo Plus and a subcontractor Sergerie Mechanical, have carried out demolition and remediation of the site.


Trenholm Eric Healy
Reported owner of Millennium Bank's parent, United Trust of Switzerland, and director Millennium Bank Inc.
Millennium Bank Inc. Controllers' Report (2004) p.3, 4, 6
Reported as recipient of $1 million from William Wise (Millennium Bank CEO, central to $120 million fraud)
Receiver's Report p.2
Reported as litigant in a $40 million law suit against ICI (owned by AkzoNobel ).
SOMO - AkzoNobel Report 2008 p.5
Court appointed Receiver to begin filing claims against Trenholm Healy as part of the Millennium Bank Ponzi scheme recovery of assets.
Receiver Status Report and Update p.15

PARIS Holdings investor Trenholm Healy is described as a friend and possible accomplice of former Cornwall City Councillor William James Wise whose Millennium Bank Ponzi scheme bilked investors of over $100 million dollars. He was also identified as a director and actual owner of Wise's Millennium Bank, via his own United Trust of Switzerland.

Having allegedly received $1 million dollars from William Wise's operations, Trenholm Healy is now a target of the court appointed receiver looking for Ponzi money or property purchased with it.

Trenholm Healy's investment in PARIS Holdings and sale of the land, to the City of Cornwall, on which the $30 million government funded Benson Centre stands, will undoubtedly interest the court appointed receiver.

William Wise
Benson Centre
The receiver's work would slow any Canada Border Services Agency purchase from PARIS Holdings of land for a new Port Of Entry -- likewise the Federal Bridge Corporation acquisition of PARIS Holdings land for a new international bridge and access roads.

Even the Cornwall Community Hospital (see p.12) stands to lose $25,000 or more from William Wise's donation to the hospital building fund (Trenholm Healy is similarly listed as a donor)

Gerrard Rose
May 2, 2001, Court imposes $9,500 fine against Gerrard Rose and a $20,000 fine against his Rose Mechanical Limited
R. v. Rose Mechanical Limited/Gerrard Rose (May 2/01) p.23
October 21, 2002, Court dismisses appeals with respect to preceding.
R. v. Rose Mechanical Limited/Gerrard Rose (October 21/02) p.38

Gerrard "Gerry" Rose (PARIS Holdings, DemoPlus) is another major investor in PARIS Holdings. With a conviction history on several counts of serious environmental infractions, it's not surprising that he maintains a low profile. Indeed, running afoul of the law has cost Gerrard Rose almost $30,000 in fines shared with his old Rose Mechanical Ltd.

Yet in spite of this and continuing infractions on the development site, he is part of the "Big Ben" dumping operation; where toxic waste from the Domtar paper mill site, and the former Domtar No-Co-Rode site is handled. And given the similar reputation that his PARIS Holdings, and DemoPlus family have been building in the courts, it seems that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

PARIS Holdings, DemoPlus, and Sergerie Mechanical have a dismal record between them for: environmental infractions (Paris has at least $10 thousand dollars in fines), at least 2 major fires, and Health and Safety Act violations resulting in injury ...and an accident scene tampered with after a near fatal fall (PARIS Holdings et al were fined $116 thousand dollars)

PARIS Holdings (Property Asset Recovery Industrial Surplus)
June 4, 2008, 2113467 Ontario Inc. (PARIS Holdings) fined $10,000 for Environmental Protection Act violation.
Court Bulletin
July 14, 2010, Paris Holdings fined $60,000 plus victim surcharges for Health and Safety Act violations (resulting in injury).
Court Bulletin

Sergerie Mechanical
July 14, 2010, Sergerie Mechanical fined $50,000 plus victim surcharges for Health and Safety Act violations (resulting in injury).
Supervisor Tim Sergerie received a further $6,000 fine for disturbing the accident scene after the fact.
Court Bulletin


Real Estate agent(s)/broker(s) of record for the former Domtar lands owned by PARIS Holdings have been, Terence "Terry" Landon and Jamie Cameron of ReMax. Each brings their own scent to the mix.

James Cameron
June 27, 2002, Administrative penalty of $2500 and costs of $1700 payable to Real Estate Council of Ontario
Discipline Decision
October 8, 2002, Appeal Dismissed and costs of $1750 payable to Real Estate Council of Ontario
Appeal Dismissed

Terence "Terry" Landon
Terry Landon is a ReMax realtor, and broker of record for PARIS Holdings land in Cornwall, in the purchase and sale of Benson Centre land, he worked with the buyer (City of Cornwall) and seller (PARIS Holdings), and if that doesn't suggest conflict of interest, he is also a member of city government's Economic Development Strategic Plan Implementation Advisory Committee.

And incredibly, Terry Landon was a key advisor to Pinchin Environmental (hired by PARIS Holdings) on the site assessment review of the polluted property eventually purchased by the City of Cornwall.

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