Software Page

Last Updated Wed Dec 2, 2009

Open Source Projects

I have moved most of my open sourced projects to the SourceForge:

  • bdbbasic with Berkely DB at SourceForge

    This is an Open Sourced BASIC interpreter, using the Berkeley DB. It is focused on:

    1. Simple to program,
    2. Powerful database statements,
    3. UNIX shell friendly,
    4. Business focused,
    5. Function over speed,
    6. NOT another VisualBasic

    Other Projects:

  • wavplay for Linux at SourceForge
  • ftpbackup for POSIX systems at SourceForge
  • sinkspool at SourceForge
  • CobCurses for terminal I/O for Open Cobol at SourceForge
  • APQ is now maintained by Marcelo Coraša de Freitas
  • adavox-0.51.tar.gz AdaVox (uses Booch Components bc-20010513)