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Hello! My name is John W. M. Russell. I am dedicated to a lifelong educational experience and have found that the Internet provides ready access to many forms of knowledge and tools to access that knowledge. This site acts as a pointer to some of the pages of interest to me. It also records my journey through the information network. Even with all its dead ends and construction slowdowns, some of the landmarks that are passed are memorable and worthwhile.

As Professor of Mathematics (retired), Niagara College, Canada my primary interest has always been (make that since 1965, freshman year, Waterloo) computer programming. And this site reflects that interest with major areas for web page construction using HTML markup, adding dynamic pages to sites with JavaScript, utilities programming using Java and a few pages of computer science notes.


Here are the last few months changes to JR's Education Pages. Note that many minor tweaks are done on a daily basis and may not be noted here. Be sure to check the actual page for the very latest info.

Hobby Zone

  • Amateur Radio - Low Frequency, Low Power and Software Defined Radios
  • Cryptology - The art of hiding messages in plain sight, decoder rings and secret keys.
  • Model Railroading - Explore this entertaining hobby and learning experience.
  • Niagara Railroads - The history of railroad transportation in the Niagara Peninsula.

Literacy Centre

Games and Fun Stuff

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