Dr. Prunella DeGoog: Kid Problemologist. Anaphylaxis

Written by Danielle Lalonde Illustrated by Sharon Pickering

"Finally! A book for children with life threatening allergies, that will help kids think for themselves. Anaphylactic allergies can be scary, but this fun story will help children manage their fears. Empowering and humorous, this book is a must have for loved ones or students facing this challenging but manageable condition."

About the Author

Danille Lalonde, B.A., R.E.C.E.,is a Parenting Educator and the mother of two children. She loves reading, writing, candy,gardening and playing with her spazzy dog Princess LeonardMayor Coleslaw.

About the Illustrator

Sharon Pickering is a freelance artist/illustrator and full time Atelierista. She loves barefeet in the grass, giggling, and sharing her loveof art with others.

What people are saying:

"Clever idea using humour to help children and adults put things into perspective. This book educates, normalizes and reminds the reader of a positive way of coping with anaphylaxis. And who can help but fall in love with the outrageous suggestions of Dr. DeGoog?"

Sue Brathwaite, E.C.E.C, R.E.C.E., B.A., Parenting Educator

"How children feel is important to their self-esteem.This series of books will help children to accept themsleves as they are, learn that they can empower themselves and find the answers within themsleves."

Judy Rose, R.E.C.E., Executive Director of A Child'sSecretGarden Childcare Franchise, Publisher of Canadian Child Magazine.