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  • Tuesday, July 24/2007 -- 07:11 PM
  • days without a cogeco dns server update [or cache purge] = 5

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  • Monday, July 23/2007 -- 07:02 PM
  • major changes coming. the spleen now has it's own domain theventedspleen.com . of course if you are on the same isp i am you can't get there until they update their dns servers but it's been 4 days and counting so who knows how long it will take.

    cogeco if you're reading, PLEASE update your dns servers.

    in the mean time you can use the opendns guys, they're like a real internet company. snrk.

    i'm no longer going to be duping my blog. too much of a major PITA. i'm going to be using some combination of tkblog and wordpress... they're also be a forum. probably a ruby on rails project or two...

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  • Wednesday, May 30/2007 -- 07:44 PM
  • ...and twitter is gone. i think it may have been another solution to a problem that didn't exist...

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  • Wednesday, April 18/2007 -- 07:51 PM
  • not one to follow fads or anything but i started a twitter account...link on the left

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  • Monday, April 09/2007 -- 12:50 PM
  • i checked out google reader again... and made the switch from the sage firefox extension.

    i'll still keep sage installed , but i really like using google reader now for rss feeds.

    i'm finding it very handy to use firefox for instant messaging (with all the services), email, rss feeds. i don't use meebo that much at home, but when it's aways an option available to me.

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  • Sunday, April 08/2007 -- 06:34 PM
  • i'm a big fan of google. i've bought into most of the google applications. there's a few i don't use because i don't like them. google desktop. google rss feeds. last time i used them i found them to cumbersome to use, but i'll check them out again after i've posted this. i think google notebook has potential. it's not there yet.

    i've decided not put in a link of anything easily found in google. only the more obscure stuff. just about every link i've been to i can find on google.

    if i can force even one reader of my blog to use google that's potentially one less person i might have to blog about later...

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  • Sunday, March 18/2007 -- 07:27 PM
  • a couple of months ago i bought and ipod nano. i still like the iriver mp3 player, but anybody who owns one knows that the interface is horrendous to use. because i only had the 256 meg model i didn't do a lot of mp3 transfers with it. my biggest use was listening to the radio with the built in fm tuner. the nano made it more convenient to transfer and navigate.

    up to a month or so ago i'd completely avoided podcasts. i have to read enough idiot content on the weeb, i didn't want to hear it also. patrick norton of dltv fame mentioned the TWIT podcast. twit is hosted by leo laporte who used to host the sceensavers and still does call for help. i've never watched call for help as it was mainly clueless windows users who got themselves into trouble or for some reason didn't know about or couldn't find google.

    anyway, i downloaded a few ep's of twit and i was hooked, both on the show and with podcasting in general. i found it was too time consuming to watch dltv and cranky geeks, so i started listening to the audio only podcast of those shows. i've since added security now. i'm behind on all of them, taking me a while to catch up but i'm enjoying them a lot.

    i'm not likely to start my own podcast. not really in my personality, and i know bandwidth could become an issue.

    anyway, if you miss the old screensavers you can get the same thing with twit and dltv, and if miss the old techtv show silicon spin you can get the same thing with cranky geeks.

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  • Monday, March 05/2007 -- 08:51 PM
  • i had a chance to install kubuntu the other day. i'm not really a fan of kde, but i wanted an ubuntu install with kde.

    kubuntu suffers from the same problem that all debian distros suffer from. first off the latest kubuntu itself was out of date. i have yet to install any debian based distro that didn't have to pull down more updates after the install.

    then of course there is the stoopid debian philosophy that older buggier software is more stable.

    i finally had to wipe the kubuntu install because i couldn't compile vim with gui support. i just couldn't seem to pull down enough libs for the configure to find what it needed. if i want to do that much work with linux i'll just work up an LFS

    in contrast to that, i installed xubuntu, and found it much easier to work with. i'll keep with that to see how it goes.

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  • Wednesday, January 03/2007 -- 07:21 PM
  • i think i figured out what would happen if you took the stupid comments you see on slashdot and added video to them:


    don't get me wrong, i like youtube, i first saw the baseball funtwo guy there. and the copywrited T.REX stuff that's been ripped and posted are great. it's too bad they couldn't get better quality of the dvd's they're ripping. the 70's were NOT that blurry :)

    i'm actually referring to the guy who proves there's no global warming by melting an ice cube in a glass of water.

    obviously not a physics major. snrk.

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  • Friday, December 01/2006 -- 06:55 PM
  • i had to give up on qumana. i haven't actually tested it under windows now that i've upgrade my blogger account to blogger beta. but i'm just going to assume it broke qumana..

    on the other hand, the performancing extension for firefox works on ubuntu for both blogger beta and msn live spaces (or whatever they're calling it this week).

    also even if qumana DID run under linux, the java install would probably change my mind about using it.

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  • Friday, December 01/2006 -- 06:12 PM
  • i mentioned a while back that i accidently got freeguide working.

    i thought i would try the same process to get a version running under ubuntu.

    no such luck. you need xmltv installed. you can get that through the package manager. you need java installed. you can get that through the package manager also.

    and then you install the freeguide .deb file.

    it should work, but a few hundred java errors come up.

    i dunno. how about using a real language, so all i have to do is ./configure , make, and then make install.

    i can't imagine how the freeguide code is easy to maintain.

    i also can't express how much i think java sucks. it's quite possibly the suckingest thing that ever sucked...

    oh, and it's slow and bloated too. snrk.

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  • Wednesday, November 22/2006 -- 07:28 PM
  • to keep the warranty ok on my laptop i decided to install linux on an external usb drive.

    the choice of linux isn't really a factor for me anymore. i've been using it long enough that i only really need to get used to vendor specific tweaks (or quircks for that matter)

    i liked the whole idea behind ubuntu and even though it's based on debian if figured i'd give it a whirl.

    first problem was finding out the information needed to install it on an external usb drive and actually get it to boot. i wanted the process to go fairly quickly and after googling around i found ubuntusb

    you have to pay for an "install key" but that was a minor inconvenience. it installed in about 15 minutes. rebooted, all my hardware was recognized and x came up fine. i'm not all that impressed with support from the site. i had a technical question that got answered about a day after i got my install key, which also took about a day. i misplaced my install key email and i emailed the support to see if i could get it resent. i found it soon afterwards, but as far as they know i've paid for product i can't use. i still haven't received a response. i like the clean x interface ubuntu has but i'll probably add a few more window managers. my only problem with any debian distro is their insistence on using stale software. ubuntusb is based on dapper drake and the version of vim installed is 6.4.6. version 7 has been out for a while now. with 135+ patches. all those patches are bug fixes so there is no logical reason other than maybe laziness that version 6.x should be on any linux distro.

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  • Wednesday, November 22/2006 -- 06:57 PM
  • microsoft has pushed out ie7... and a bunch of you drooled like there was an actual advancement in browser technology...

    um, there isn't. ie7 can be safely ignored

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  • Wednesday, November 22/2006 -- 02:53 PM
  • spent a little more time searching for blogger clients that would run on linux. i had to give up early on ms spaces clients...pretty sure that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

    anyway i found drivel for linux. specifically debian, but as per usual it was out of date (in the debian world "old and buggy" = "stable" go figure...

    i updated from the drivel web site manually, but...

    blogger is forcing an upgrade to their new version, so rather than be forced at an inconvenient time i decided to do it now. and that immediately broke drivel. so now i'm doing this via blogger itself...

    there's somthing to be said for the simpler way tkblog does things :)

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  • Tuesday, November 21/2006 -- 04:56 PM
  • didn't seem to be an ms spaces linux client, so i think i'll probably have to do that one manually.

    seems like qumana the cross-platform blogging tool (written in java, insert appropriate snrk's here) doesn't have a linux version.

    tkblog of course requires no changes to work under linux... the only thing you might want to do is change your paths in the tkbog.cfg file. oh... and you need tcl/tk installed. nobody has ever asked for a linux binary but i could provide one if anybody needed one...

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  • Tuesday, November 21/2006 -- 03:14 PM
  • this is my first blog under ubuntu... more on that in a bit

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  • Saturday, October 21/2006 -- 01:13 PM
  • what's debian got to do with  a boat? that's an easy one. they missed it.

    here's some reasons. they're are probably more.

    the biggest one is old software. how is it the debian people thought that old software with bugs should be labelled "stable" i can probably name 20 or 30 packages right off the bat that have bugs but have been knighted by debian as stable.

    and then there is apt-get, the pride and joy of the vocal debian crowd. sure it was great when there were only a dozen or so linux packages, but now there are thousands and apt-get doesn't scale AT ALL. on top of that apt-get is pretty much useless for the less popular software. i've killed 4  or 5 debian installs by getting the memmap error. i think it just choked on the number of dependencies it had to automagically get and configure. at that point i was back to using tarballs. and if you ask me, if you're using linux you should be using tarballs anyway. for both the initial installing of new packages, and their upgrading.

    let's not turn linux into another windows where we have to spoon feed it's users.

    i read on slashdot (like that's the last bastion of tech news. snrk.) that one of the upper management type guys just up and left. that's what i want, none of the debian problems being fixed because a few 12 year olds got their knickers in a knot.

    another bit i read on slashot was the problems they were having with the firefox people. debian dumb move. i'll go out on a limb and say that firefox is much more popular than debian will ever be. don't know about you but if it came to a choice between the two... s'later deb try the next boat...

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  • Tuesday, September 05/2006 -- 10:16 AM
  • and today another release announcement on freshmeat:  freedos v1.0.

    i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the last time anybody used dos as their main os was around '95 at the outside. i know those guys who ran bbs's (and didn't use os/2) were running it on dos.

    ok, just kidding, i'm gonna install freedos on my 3gig machine because i know all my favorite dos programs will just scream on it.

    i'm sure the owners arj and 4dos. just giggled until they wet themselves at the prospect making $150 collectively for software for all those who will need it on brand spanking new freedos machines. snrk.

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  • Tuesday, September 05/2006 -- 10:00 AM
  • i saw via the freshmeat rss feed a few weeks ago that a new version of freeguide was released. so i thought i would give it one more try.

    lo and behold i actually got it working. once i updated my account on the web page that actually contains your account/data info, freeguide seemed to pick up the changed and do it's thing.

    i notice that program listing updates slowly. i'm just assuming that it's because freeguide was written in  java.

    i sure htf java is running on any medial equipment that require realtime  updates. snrk.

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  • Tuesday, September 05/2006 -- 09:50 AM
  • i kinda wish microsoft would stop playing follow the leader. they're failing badly.

    things they screwd up: email (hotmail), instant messaging (messenger), and now blogging (msn spaces, windows live, or wtf they're calling it this week).

    i went to make a quickie post saying i was in the middle of a move and would blog things later and noticed that windows live had screwed up the look on my browser. on all three of the browsers i have installed. apparently it looks ok to others so i guess that's not the worse thing.

    what you SHOULD be seeing on my spaces page. is two even columns, blog on the left side and archives on the right.

    i noticed a few weeks ago that i could no longer see the comments. i have them enabled but i have no way of reading them without logging in to edit the settings.

    if there's a secret, email me ('cause i sure can't read the friggin' comment)

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  • Tuesday, September 05/2006 -- 09:39 AM
  • after the move i had the opportunity to set up a wireless router and pc.

    i'll tell you that after the set up and some help (hi ross) i remain unimpressed with wireless.

    i gather most wireless users are too. you sure don't read about the wonders of going wireless.

    maybe if, along with your router, mouse, and keyboard; your speakers, monitor, external drives, printer and scanner were  ALSO wireless you might have something to rave about. right now i have a wireless router sitting by the cable modem, and like it's been for the last 10 years or so, my computer set up is a mess of wires. if you didn't notice the antenna on the router you'd never know i went wireless. snrk.

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  • Tuesday, September 05/2006 -- 09:24 AM
  • if you spend any kind of time on the interweb by now you've probably come across youtube and probably that kid with the baseball cap playing pacabel's canon on guitar (arrangement by jerryc).

    i originally saw it from dvorak's blog and read all the slashdot like  comments (ie. stupid things like what slashdotters post. some idiot said the kid was just faking it. and someone else thankfully pointed out that if he could fake it that well he might as well be playing it for real.

    curiosity got the better of me so i went over to youtube and searched for some of the others playing the same thing:

    the guy who lights the cigarette had too much distortion on his guitar...and he made mistakes.

    the guy who rolled (oh this is so easy a child could play it) his eyes had too much distortion...and he made mistakes.

    jerryc himself made mistakes, and like the others i mentioned he was a poser.

    as far as i'm concerned if you make that stupid devil's rock n roll horn thing (at any time when music is involved) with your index and baby finger you should immediately have them both pulled off with a pair of pliers. notice i didn't say CUT off. snrk.

    the baseball cap kid makes mistakes too. but he's such a good guitar player he managed to cover them up and you really have to look to catch them.

    one of the more interesting versions was a guy playing the tune with an acoustic guitar and mainly using hammer ons and pull offs.

    it's refreshing to see a kid with that kind of talent. he's better than a lot of guitar players who get paid money to drink until they puke on stage.

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  • Sunday, August 06/2006 -- 09:30 PM
  • i've been in the middle of a move. i have a number of things that i want to blog about. some related to the move some internet stupidity :)

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  • Wednesday, July 12/2006 -- 07:14 PM
  • lately i'm finding that if i can use firefox to perform the same function as a desktop program i'll go the firefox way. which is to say the ajax way.

    i use gmail and yahoomail via their respective  web sites. my real email account is web based.

     now that i have a writely account [and many thanks to the kind soul who invited me] i don't really need a word processor installed. i don't think i would write code in writely, but it will work for all the word processing i do.

    i used to use the blogger and msn spaces sites themselve and cut and past from tkblog.

    but now i just use qumana and tkblog.

    lately i've been reading my newsgroups via newega. not fancy but it works for casual reading/writing. it probably won't replace agent for me.

    and after watching ep #56 of  dl.tv i found out about meebo. now i can use firefox and meebo to do any im'ing. i have firefox running all the time anyway.

    somebody on the meebo forums said firefox was overrated. i bet all IE users say that before their machine gets owned. snrk.

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  • Tuesday, July 11/2006 -- 01:19 PM
  • crankygeeks ep #11 was about myspace. everyone there over 15 thought myspace was a fad and not well done at that. the ryder stacy guy (if that's your real name, snrk) like, thought it was like, the coolest, like thing, like for kids, like you know?

    i didn't count the number of "likes" he used to express himself, but, like, it was  LOT.

    he mentioned about this maddox guy who had more power on the internet then coca-cola. umm............no. if you're under 15 you'll disagree with me. snrk.

    i'll admit. some of maddox's  stuff was funny. most of it was contrived. he seems a lot more concerned with pop culture than any adult is, and it looks like he'll eventually degenerate into sarcastic blogs that cut up his hate email.

    if maddox ever decides to envision himself as more powerful than coca-cola, he'll add oh, an rss feed. although now that i think about it. 90% of his audience might not know what to do with it.

    either way, the vented spleen has 5 years on him for that kind blog (ie. venting your spleen) via the dialup bbs.

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  • Friday, July 07/2006 -- 10:34 AM
  • now that writely has been taken over by google, accounts are as rare as hen's cliches.  as of the timestamp of this blog you can only get an account by invitation. or you could probably buy one on ebay if you need one right now. as before with gmail i didn't know anybody who had a gmail account, and now everybody i know has one. once i'd been given an invite to gmail, i sent out invites as fast as i got them.

    i'm thinking that writely hasn't got as much widespread appeal as gmail did. a lot of people will probably get accounts and never use them. anybody wants to invite me i'd be eternally grateful :)

    just watched ep #9 of  crankygeeks. at the end they complained about stupid slashdot comments. hopefully they just didn't figure out the moronic level slashdot  commenters can get to.

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  • Thursday, July 06/2006 -- 07:23 PM
  • a few years ago i bought vc++ v6.0 professional on sale at a bookstore [of all places]. it was a deal i couldn't pass up, and since then i've used it to compile vim from the tarball. i've written the odd command line program, but never anything gui related with it. i  just don't do c++ programming.

    the professional version IS a nice package. it included a number of goodies among them was a vc++ specific version of installshield, which could actually be used for creating installers for any binary. i had that installed along with installshield express but never really used either one with the exception that one release of tkblog used it.

    anyway right beside the incredibly cheap vc++ was office 2000 developer tools. and i pretty much forgot i had that...

    till sunday night. when i remembered that the office 2000 dev tools have the redistributable access runtime included. that means i could write access 2k applications and my end users didn't have to have be ripped off by microsoft and forced to buy a copy of access.

    it also means i could run my book database application even though microsoft won't let me use my legitimate copy of access 2k2.

    so i say this to microsoft: FYITN*

    *some swear words meaning "screw you in the neck"  [thanks penn & teller :) ]

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  • Thursday, July 06/2006 -- 08:25 AM
  • from what i've been reading after googling around the shuttle cost $10 billion to develop/build in the '70's. the cost of a shuttle launch is up to $1.3 billion. the total cost of the program is approaching $150 billion dollars.

    and a 5 inch piece of foam weighing less than an ounce can turn the shuttle into a big fireworks display?

    what's wrong with that picture?

    maybe it's time to get the cost of foam tiles and adhesive up into the billion dollar mark instead of that dollar store stuff they're obviously using now.

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  • Tuesday, July 04/2006 -- 09:03 AM
  • sometimes i start the morning with a particular objective in mind, and through frustration or the inability to find the information i need end up where i started.

    the last few weeks i've been  using visual studio express c# edition . i know i've complained about .net before, but that was when i was using win2k and very reluctant to screw up an already working os by a failed .net install. of course xp doesn't have this problem as it's already part of the os.

    part of the requirement for the vs c# is sql server express edition, and so yesterday morning i had the brilliant idea of  transferring over my access2k2 book database to sql server. the only frontend applications i could find were database managers with the  actual database stuff done through sql statements. i'm reasonably competent with sql but for quick updates that's not efficient.

    and sql express is not exactly portable, so i started looking at sqlite which IS portable.it's the backend db that popfile uses so it's robust. same problem: all the applications fell into the category of db managers.

    i googled for hours, installing various mssql/sqlite applications i could find, but no luck..

    i came to the conclusion that both sql server and sqlite were aimed at programmers and NOT the end user. which is fine in itself, except that no programmers have cranked out any database applications for the end user.

    for now i'm still using openoffice's base. it's a little bit of overkill. right now my book database is a flat file that i could easily export to csv and just use a text editor. i have other plans for it, and the db paradigm is the obvious way to go for the information i have.

    as per usual when the internet world is lacking the one piece of software i could make use of, i end up writing my own. i'll probably end up writing my own database program...probably based on sqlite or mysql to keep it portable. last time i had to do this, the result was tkblog :)

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  • Friday, June 30/2006 -- 01:49 PM
  • from version 3.2 of  knoppix onwards i haven't been able to boot on an old pII/350. could be the hardware was too old to work with the updated changes on the knoppix cd.

    after googling around i was lead to  smart boot manager. this got me to the knoppix boot prompt and i was able to boot from there.

    there's been a lot of changes since the v3.1 i had hanging around. all positive as far as i can tell. with the flakey hd's on that machine, i have knoppix as the default os.

    while i was working with live cd's i tried goblin mini, and it wasn't ready for primetime. also tried (and liked) the afterlive cd. burnt that to a mini-cd. it will be added to the list of tools i need to carry around.

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  • Friday, June 23/2006 -- 08:16 AM
  • i mentioned here my frustation with divx when getting files from www.publicdomaintorrents.com .

    since i posted that i'm STILL trying to get three movies [as i type this they're at 6.8%, 24.9%, and 27.8% complete]. utorrent  [that's "u" as in micro] has been running for weeks.  i was thinking yesterday that i can't be the only one who's having this problem with obscure torrents.

    so i think i have a solution. it's called a "roving swarm". if something legitimate like this already exists i couldn't find it. basically, it's a group of users running  a bitorrent client. google for a good one, i use utorrent. and what they do is take a users request and "migrate the swarm" over to that torrent. once the person requesting the file has it, he leaves a message on a mailing list and the users in the group can remove the torrent data, and wait for the next request.

    obviously anybody requesting copyrighted software is removed from the group.

    does this sound altruistic? well, yeah, it's a white hat kind of operation. the whole idea to get large legitimate files, quickly. it has the side benefit of showing isp's that p2p programs can actually be used for something good. it will also show the real power of the bitorrent protocol.

    if bitorrent is something you'd like to get into but thought the clients were too hard to set up, then just get the latest opera 9 browser, it has torrent client built in.

    if you've ever had to wait for a large and lumbering torrent  if  you're just interested then join up at roving_swarm.

    even if there were just 25 of us it would make a significant impact. more and we could handle more requests at a time. i have some other thoughts on the whole process, but i'll wait to see how successful it is.

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  • Tuesday, June 06/2006 -- 07:46 AM
  • don't look now folks. it's Tuesday of the Beast

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  • Sunday, June 04/2006 -- 04:49 PM
  • it's probably safe to say that just about any newsgroup has had the vi vs emacs war at some point. nobody really touches the learning curve argument as they both have it, but usually the power of each is argued until godwin's law is eventually reached.

    if you're looking at sheer power, then emacs probably wins. doing email, newsgroups, debugging, etc. all within your editor makes it more powerful. this seems to be the antithesis of the unix philosophy of one program that does one thing well. that argument is generally overlooked in the editor wars between the two.

    back in '87 vi was the first real editor i used (learned on microsoft's xenix :) . there was no usable version of it on dos,  at least one that was cheap or free, so i hadn't used it for awhile. but when i got into linux around '94, vim was an editor usually installed by default so i made it a point of updating my vi skills to vim.

    around '98 i made it a point of learning emacs, not so i could involve myself in any of the debates but just to add another tool to my toolbox.

    but i didn't need full emacs. i have an email client i like better than the emacs effort. same with my newsreader. same with my debugger. and probably the same with every other extension you can get for emacs.

    the other day my interested in emacs was  piqued again, so i installed the jasspa version of microemacs.    i've used other editors with emacs style keybinding (jed, etc.) but i find i end up spending more time configuring them. my intent on installing microemacs was to maybe config the colours for easier reading, but to leave it as stock as possible.

    so reducing emacs to just the editor part with microemacs which one is better? i guess it depends if you like a moded editor or not. vim is great if you're a touch typist (as i am). you appreciate the one key commands as opposed to the finger contortions needed to do even simple tasks with emacs.

    i'm far from a vim expert. there's all kinds key commands it has that i don't use and may never use. i'll at least get my emacs skills up to where i can get on a linux machine and use either one comfortably.

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  • Saturday, June 03/2006 -- 02:00 PM
  • i wanted to add something to my windows context menu [more details next blog] and to do that i fire up a program called context edit . you can read the pc mag article about it here .

    i've been using the program for ages, but this was the first time it encountered an error with my registry. it caught me a little off guard but i got a whole different feeling when i saw it was a divx registry entry.

    xp wouldn't allow me to delete the registry keys directly because they were corrupt.

    it took me a few minutes between regedit and ccleaner to remove all the divx garbage the divx uninstaller  behind.

    i got to thinking about how badly an operating system could be designed that let a third party program screw up parts of the os so that the os itself and other third party programs were affected. and that user with admin rights couldn't do anything about it with the tools that come with the os.

    that's because windows xp is a piece of crap. windows has ALWAYS been crap. it will aways BE crap. if there were a "Which OS is the Worst Piece of Crap" contest windows would come in last.



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  • Thursday, May 25/2006 -- 07:56 AM
  • um, how did peter funt win american idol?

    i don't watch the show but i DO know they already voted off the island the guy with the most talent

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  • Sunday, May 21/2006 -- 01:23 PM
  • sidenote for you kids that aren't getting the education you deserve. africa is a continent. there are 54 countries IN africa.

    but i'll tell you what kids, africa isn't NEARLY large enough to hold bono's ego.

    he wants africa to cure malaria or something. i realize he thinks of himself as one of the most influential people that ever lived, but does he really think he can get all 54 countries, of which i'm guessing only 1 or 2 ever heard of him, to rally around and fix the malaria problem. a problem, apparently that has gotten bigger than poverty, aids, and war.

    i COULD be out of line here. if bono has set his sights on a smaller project than world peace, and decided to fix the african malaria problem then he IS making progress.

    so i'm a little confused... i'm... "i'm mystified by the man". insert big ole snrk here.

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  • Tuesday, May 16/2006 -- 07:58 AM
  • first off let me declare my bias. i think a good number of people claiming to be christians are narrow-minded, ignorant, and intolerant.

    • myth #1 - dan brown claims all the facts in the novel are true.

    decoded: NO HE DOES NOT. for those of you claiming this about the novel and have not actually cracked it open , the <"claim" actually says:

    "All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in the novel are accurate"

    emphasis is mine first, an accurately described document does not magically make it fact. and second the novel is fiction. as far as i'm concerned i consider everything after the copyright notice, dedication, and acknowledgements in a novel to be part of the novel.

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  • Thursday, May 11/2006 -- 08:48 AM
  • sent feedback to the divx people via their feedback interface.

    they sent a reply back. in the body of the all  the replies they have the following:

    "We hope your issue has been solved. If we do not receive an update
    from you in this same incident within the next 24 hours, this incident
    will be set to solved."

    "Please do not reply to this e-mail. E-mail responses do not update
    your request."

    and below that they pointed me to where i could get a divx diagnostic utility. and then said to attach the two files it outputs and send it back.

    so let me get this straight. if it takes me over 24 hrs to not solve the problem it'll be "solved"  on their end? chalk one up for tech support, another problem fixed [sounds of high fiving in the background.]

    or. i give up on it completely? same result? solved?

    but i like the second quote the best. which to me reads: "here's a convenient email address that has the word 'support' in it. so could you NOT reply to this address and attach the files we requested so we can solve your problem?"

    if you add all the emails together, this is the basic content:

    ME: divx 6.2 reboots my machine without warning before the install completes. an earlier version WILL install, but the codec isn't  recognized by windows

    THEM: divx doesn't not work properly?

    ME: 6.2 doesn't install, earlier versions aren't recognized.

    THEM: here's a utility. run it and send us the results.

    ME:  ok, i'll send it through the web based feedback interface. [i do that]

    THEM: [instructions for running the diagnostic utility], then [here's an exact quote:]

     "Attach a screen shot of the error message to your Question. You can take a screen shot by pressing the 'Print Screen' key on your keyboard and paste in the Paint Application."

    ME:  divx 6.2 reboots without warning before completing the install. earlier versions DO install, but the codec isn't recognized.

    but with that last email, i actually emailed them to the support email address that email says not to reply to. just my way of sticking it to the man.

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  • Tuesday, May 09/2006 -- 06:20 PM
  • for the most part windows users are clueless oh sure, you find  people who know everything there is to know about windows.

    but who cares. they're  windows users. there used to be a fidonet tag line that read:

    windows expert: the guy with the biggest font collection

    bill has made a whole generation of computer users into idiots. and a lot of them can't spell either.

    i went to the bookstore today, and i saw a computer book series whose covers actually made me chuckle out loud. i thought i would come home and write a sarcastic blog aginst the publisher.

    and then i saw who the publisher was: oreilly

    then i realized this was just tim's way of being sarcastic. again.  how do you appeal to a clueless windows user? get them buy computer books with covers like these.

    thanks tim. your books are expensive, but the real computer books are  worth every penny.

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  • Sunday, May 07/2006 -- 05:26 PM
  • another quick hello to anybody popping up here from the new shilobrats msg forum.

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  • Sunday, May 07/2006 -- 04:26 PM
  • i was watching episode 22 of dl.tv and they were talking about publicdomaintorrents.com.  it turns out there are some real gems on this sight and they're in the public domain.

    decided i would try both hosts favorite bitorrent client. patrick's was utorrent [that's a micro in the front there]. and robert's was azureus.

    robert probably has the fastest machine ON THE PLANET because he's sticking with that client. the rest of us will see that it's HUGE and SLOW just like the rest of the java apps out there.

    so i went to the site and that's  when i ran into some of the stupidity.

    it was subtle but you could see fear of threats of legal action by riaa and the mpaa.

    first off movies are only downloadable via bittorrent. that might be a great idea to save bandwidth, but you've eliminated the casual and  newbie end-user. and  the dial-up user. and  the user with a very flakey cable connection [snowzone raises hand]. bitorrents  are S-L-O-W for obscure files.

    second the geniuses who go to all the trouble to crank out the movies in various video formats decided to NOT use a windows standard: wmv. and possibly locking out the mac and linux people . not really a problem because there are other cross-platform video formats. but the one they chose was the avi [divx] format. now that shouldn't be a problem either but it was.

    you need to download and install a divx decoder. the latest as of this blog is divx 6.2. codec and now here's the interesting part:

    it has all kinds of problems in windows xp sp2.

    read that again. how many millions of machines are using that version? and there are a number of people having a problem [like me] because the knowledge base on the site was filled with problems and possible solutions.

    i said possible because i spent ALL day yesterday trying to encode a public domain movie on legally purchased software/equipment and could not do it.

    first problem the divx v6.2 codec would NOT install on my computer without rebooting before the install finished. ok, not a disaster, i just went  back a version, and that DID install ok.

    next problem. windows xp sp2 didn't recognize the codec. windows media player didn't, winamp didn't, at least a dozen pieces converting software didn't. the bigfix program the divx site has available didn't work either. i went back to earlier versions [back to v5.0.2] and none of them were recognized.

    i DO have a solution for the divx programmers. but i'm sure they won't like reading it. they can either:


    i tried using a few trial versions of programs that had built in divx codecs for converting and the closest one that worked converted a 733meg avi at 1hr 7min of playbackl file to a 17meg mpg at  1min 38sec of playback. so i'm just gonna guess here and say it didn't work.

    anybody has a solution i'm all ears. email me

    *gdf is some swear words

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  • Thursday, May 04/2006 -- 09:54 AM
  • well, i did it. i started a hockey blog.

    this wouldn't have happened 10 years ago

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  • Thursday, May 04/2006 -- 08:17 AM
  • after watching calgary-anaheim last night i'm tempted to start a hockey blog to start commenting on some of the games i watch.

    anaheim has a great passing game which was made just that much better by calgary passing to them every chance they got. snrk.

    i was sorta hoping for an ottawa-calgary final, but last night it looked like the flames were tired and just not hungry enough for the stanley cup

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  • Wednesday, May 03/2006 -- 03:50 PM
  • for those of you who track every change that happens on the web page you'll see that i added a "subscribe by email" option. a place called feedblitz makes this possible.

    those of you who can't be bothered with configuring rss software can now read the spleen with your favorite email client. all three duped blogs have this option.

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  • Tuesday, May 02/2006 -- 08:19 AM
  • this review applies to the Qumana 3 beta.

    • stuff i didn't like

    it's written in java. java is slow and huge. i doubt the developers will rewrite it for me :) so i'll learn to live with it. Qumana is a great front end to blogger/msn spaces so i can overlook java's glacial performance...

    the drop pad. i know this is a big feature point for them but as "text blogger" i have no interest in it. and after reading the FAQ i found out that the drop pad isn't as intuitive as you would think. it didn't work like i thought, so i had to read the FAQ to see if it was covered there. the fact that it doesn't work with msn spaces would limit me to posting images to blogger. thankfully you can hide the drop pad but only after Qumana has fired up.

    • bugs

    the only thing i encountered which could be considered a bug is when i clicked on the 'unordered list' button. i couldn't find a way in the "WYSIWYG" tab of getting out of the list. i had to go to the "view source tab" and do some editing there before going back to the WYSIWYG tab and continuing on.

    [later] after writing this blog, i see how to fix the above so it's not a bug.

    • stuff i'd like to see

    the ability to turn off the drop pad completely.
    - when you click on "publish post" i'd like to see some kind of  indication verbose of what's happening.  right now i sometimes see a "publishing" circle thingy
    - the ability to see comments (or maybe a button to get to comments directly) for a particular post.

    other than that i'm pretty happy with it. and because it's a Canadian company i'll continue to support it with the "powered by" tag at the end.

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  • Sunday, April 30/2006 -- 05:59 PM
  • i was asked by someone why i'm duping my blog to 2 other places:

    when originally wrote tkblog there was no other software [that i could google] that did the same thing [ie. standalone, cross-platform, free]. i had to settle for any two of those attributes :)

    i only wrote tkblog because blogger had a broken account set up. now of course, you can trip on a blogging program because blogging is even bigger now than it was when i started. msn spaces makes a blog more like a home page and can be set up in less than 10 minutes.

    tkblog is 4 years old now. the current beta adds a few features, but definitely can't compete with something like qumana. i think it's ok  for someone who's isp gives them  web space but not much else, or even someone who runs their own server but doesn't want to bother with perl/php based blogs and the associated back ends.

    one one person actually added some code for inline images and tweaked the rss feed code (which has been tweaked and tweaked as the standard changes). for the most part i can probably name tkblog users on one hand...

    obviously i feel a certain loyalty to tkblog and i'll still support those using it,  but it was written out of necessity and was a good learning experience.

    one of the reasons  for duping on blogger and msn spaces is that the archiving is much better than tkblog's. both tkblog and blogger allow you to customize that the html/css level. that's both an advantage and disadvantage depending on your level of expertise. . msn spaces has better templates, and the setup is probably much better for newbies.

    i'm counting on the longevity of blogger and msn spaces over my isp or any third part hosting company  for that matter.

    for a java app qumana is faster than i thought it would be, although it does take a few seconds to fire up.

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  • Sunday, April 30/2006 -- 12:37 PM
  • microsoft has been playing monopoly again. this time they've decided that emailing your blog to msn spaces via google will be a hit or miss thing. so far i've had two misses so that's why i'm trying out qumana

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  • Tuesday, April 25/2006 -- 02:59 PM
  • when it comes to fallen canadian soldiers the prime minister has decided to "return to tradition" and NOT honour them by flying flags at half mast.

    instead, the soldiers' families can wait for the governent's respect on rememberance day.

    7 months from now.

    it's not like the soldiers gave their lives or anything...oh wait, they did.

    i guess my first question is: what does bono think of this? and what's he doing to change it?

    stephen harper 0
    bono's ego 1

    bono: frankly, i'm.... "i'm mystified by the man"

    i wonder how many canadian soldiers will have to die in dubya's war before the canadian people do something about it.

    well, just a sec, they DID do something about it. they voted harper in.

    how's it working out for you guys?

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  • Sunday, April 23/2006 -- 05:24 PM
  • so. vcd's.

    my intention was to burn dltv ep's to vcd so i could watch them more comfortable on my tv and not my computer.

    why vcd's instead of dvd'?. two reasons mainly; one, dvd's were total overkill for what i wanted to do. and two, i don't have a dvd burner on the computer in quesiton. i'll likely NEVER have a dvd burner on a computer by choice. i have no need for one.

    anyway, it turns out that various movie exectutives, the government, and the authors of ripping software were pretty sure i was going to turn the entire star wars saga into 25 or 30 vcd's.

    i guess they don't realize that anybody interested in the special effects of these movies are NOT going to reduce the quality to get them on 25 vcd's

    but that didn't make the software hard to find. i eventually settled on a shareware program called super dvd creator it lets me create vcd's from a variety of media formats. all from one program that was handy so that was an easy choice to register.

    i found a suite of programs to rip dvd's to vcd's called eazyvcd, but i have no reason to use it.

    one thing i learned is that doing something like this for free is going to have you excersizing your google skills. if you don't mind paying a shareware fee, it's a lot simpler.

    simpler worked for me.

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  • Thursday, April 13/2006 -- 10:02 AM
  • every now and then i'd google around to see if patrick norton had finally started a regular blog yet. the last one i saw was here but as you can see that's over a year old...

    ever since the tv execs of techtv turned it into a video gaming network [snrk] all the regulars ran from it and the whole thing is unwatchable if you're over 6 years old.

    the good news is that i DID find patrick norton at digitallife tv and he's there doing what he does best.

    the offshoot of finding dl.tv was getting into vcd's so i would watch the ep's at night at my own convenience.

    more on vcd's next blog...

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  • Friday, March 31/2006 -- 08:54 AM
  • i have a new favorite piece of software: multitail. you need cygwin to run it on windows, but it's worth the install.

    i'm a big fan of logs. i've written a number of specific log parsers for my own use, but multitail has made some of them redundant.

    if you need to track the progress of any number logs this program is indispensible.

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  • Thursday, March 23/2006 -- 12:42 PM
  • added sitemeter to the page. it's also added to my blogger and msn spaces site.

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  • Monday, March 06/2006 -- 08:08 AM
  • rap "music". it sucks. it's the suckingest music that ever sucked.

    when an example of that garbage gets nominated for an academy award you think "ok, they want to show the world that they're hip and with it and not a bunch of old hollywood cronies."

    but then it wins, and you get some ignorant, illiterate, talentless fup accepting the award.

    my prediction: next year ALL the nominees will be rap songs.

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  • Friday, March 03/2006 -- 08:21 AM
  • i still have thunderbird v1.5 on my system and i keep it up to date, but it's no longer my primary email client.

    for that i'm back to agent. v3.2 has been released and it it included much needed features which probably should have been there as far back as 1998.

    i read a lot of mailing lists and newsgroups and it was just too painful using thunderbird to do this. even though you can use the keyboard, thunderbird is oriented to the mouse. agent makes reading/working with email and newsgroups much easier.

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  • Monday, February 13/2006 -- 07:10 PM
  • like all canadians we have some important questions to ask our new prime minister:

  • what doe he think of bono (inventor of world peace)?
  • what does he think of bono's job as master of world peace?
  • will he grant an audience to bono when bono demands one?
  • is he "mystified by the man"
  • add snrk's where appropriate. snrk.

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  • Monday, January 23/2006 -- 10:23 PM
  • we just had a federal election up here in the gwn:

    stephen harper 1
    canadian charter of rights 0

    i'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who voted and for setting us back 40 years.

    you bunch of feepers.

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  • Tuesday, January 03/2006 -- 02:37 PM
  • as a canadian citizen i have no real need to go anywhere.

    if i WANT to though, i need a passport. i used to have a passport as a kid when i moved to and from europe, but obviously that's no longer valid.

    i have all the proper supporting documentation to get a passport. and i'll also have to send $85+ worth of portrats of the queen before i'll get one.

    one of the documents i have to send is my birth certificate. not a photocopy, not a notarized copy, my original birth certficicate.

    what this means is that i have to trust a branch of the canadian goverment that's handling potentially MILLIONS of passport applications, AND a crown coporation (ie. Canada Post) to NOT lose either my application and birth cerfificate, on the way there, or my passport and birth certificate, on the way back.

    so my plan is to apply for a copy or duplicate of my birth certificate ($30+ in queen pictures). and send them THAT copy of it.

    and if i get ANY questions about the process along the way, i'll send letters to my MP, MMP, and probably the local paper. it's unlikely to do anything, but at least my objections will be on record.

    all this because osama got a bug up his ass about dubya.... if you ask me, george didn't drop NEAR enough bombs over there.

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  • Friday, December 30/2005 -- 12:17 PM
  • forgot to mention yesterday that one of the things i tried was an internet security suite offered for free from my isp. it's some kind of deal they have with the f-secure guys.

    after installing it, the only real "feature" i could see was rebooting continually on a reboot. i did that twice before using norton's goback.

    the cost is $49.95. let me tell you, the first time bill's software has hosed ALL your tweaking and installed applications and you're dreading the reinstalling of EVERYTYHING, you won't even think twice about what you paid for it. amof, you're going to think that was a steal.

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  • Thursday, December 29/2005 -- 02:33 PM
  • zonealarm decided to act up on me today for no reason.

    i've had various problems with it. i've moved up an down in version numbers, but i've come to the conclusion the effort just isn't worth it. so uninstalled. never to be used again. ever.

    enter kerio personal firewall the deal they have till march 31, 2006 is hard to pass up.

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  • Tuesday, December 20/2005 -- 11:40 AM
  • i think it's funny when your average movie goer who happens to have a web site (or any online forum) decides s/he's a Movie Critic and starts reviewing movies they've just seen.

    one of the worst offenders was/is the filthy critic .

    for a guy who's claimed (i say 'claimed' as it's clear there's some movies he's reviewed and definitely NOT seen) to see a lot of movies he's generally clueless to the purpose, plot, and everything else about a movie. i've mentioned this a few times before.

    anyway i just read a 'review' of a movie today that said king kong was the funniest movies he'd seen.

    everyone pretty much knows the beauty and the beast plot, so there's no suprise there. peter jackson probably has his own take on it as well (i'll be seeing the movie sometime in the next 2 weeks).

    i'm assuming (yeah i know , i know) that the 'reviewers' knew they were going to see a big budget special effects movie. folks that only means one thing. consider it a fringe benefit if there's any plot. consider it a bonus if there's any real acting.

    if you assume anything else you're a pretentious wanker and shouldn't be allowed to go see movies you don't get.

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  • Friday, December 16/2005 -- 03:19 PM
  • that moron 50cent was in canada the other day.

    an agent of our Ministry of Bad Music tried to stop him at the airport but was unable to.

    maybe 50cent just shot him. snrk.

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  • Friday, December 16/2005 -- 10:39 AM
  • surfing around looking for watchdog websites for the various canadian political parties.

    as expected i found blogs where the author thought stephen harper would be good for canada.

    i just assumed that the poster was under 30. otherwise he was a hypocrit...unless he actually AGREED with the suppression of our freedoms as outlined in the canadian charter of rights.

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  • Thursday, December 15/2005 -- 12:27 PM
  • it's probably just a matter of time before i get tired of doing it, but for the last few months i've been duping my blog to my blogger and and msn spaces blog.

    i can do it all from firefox v1.5 between, an extension, gmail and a link on my navigation bar that fires up tkblog

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  • Tuesday, December 13/2005 -- 07:28 PM
  • trackback bug has been fixed...will update the beta soon as i can...

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  • Sunday, December 04/2005 -- 03:28 PM
  • up in here in the gwn blockbuster has "removed" late fees.

    in reality the process goes something like this

  • you rent the movie
  • actually you bought the movie you just rented
  • if returned before 7 days are up the "sale" reverts back to rental
  • if returned within 30 days there's a $1.75 "restocking" fee.
  • and to clarify thats: RESTOCKING. that extra $1.75 is a fee that is in no way related to you being 29 days late with the movie.

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  • Tuesday, November 29/2005 -- 09:29 AM
  • the canadian government fell last night.

    how did that happen you ask?

    seems like the distant 4th and the distant 3rd party (ie. parties that will NEVER have a form a federal government) brown tongued the 2nd and voted againt the current federal government in a non-confidence vote.

    politically speaking the 3rd and 4th are light years beyond the 2nd. and that will show itself clearly enough when they have to back peddle and support the current government when it comes to issues like religous freedom, medical care, etc.

    stephen harper could very well be the scariest man alive. he makes dubya look like clinton. only he does it behind a lying smirk.

    open blog to canadians: go ahead, vote for harper. you'll see that the sponsership scandal was meaningless compared to what you get to watch, hear, and think.

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  • Friday, November 25/2005 -- 05:43 PM
  • bobo (clown of world peace)...ok sorry, bono (master of world peace) dropped by the prime minister's (of canada) residence looking for an audience.

    so check off the appropriate description:

  • self important

  • not self important
  • i just hope to hell he ran it by buck reporter spicoli first. [a snrk is so inadequate here]

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  • Wednesday, November 23/2005 -- 08:21 AM
  • tkblog v2.50 beta 5 is available.

    more info here

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  • Thursday, November 10/2005 -- 09:29 AM
  • i'll bet you can't do this with internet explorer

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  • Thursday, November 10/2005 -- 08:22 AM
  • recently i upgraded my suse 6.4 box (affectionately known as "frankensuse") the majority of the software i used was compiled from the tarball and the only rpm remaining programs were more of the system level things that with the exception of recompiling the new 2.2.x kernels as they came out didn't get upgraded .

    the suse box now runs v10 . it was clear during the install that i hadn't been paying much to the suse world.

    now that novell owns it, they've decided to make the iso's available. which should have been done from the start, but better late than never.

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  • Wednesday, November 09/2005 -- 06:19 PM
  • tkblog now has an official forum

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  • Monday, October 24/2005 -- 01:05 PM
  • sometimes i wish guys who thought they knew how the web should look would just go away.

    i think this guy means well, but this article saps all the fun out of blogging.

    and yes i made a point out of doing something he doesn't like. snrk.

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  • Wednesday, October 19/2005 -- 01:01 PM
  • a quick hello to anybody who knows me from the shilobrats website

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  • Monday, October 17/2005 -- 05:20 PM
  • i think this pretty much describes my feelings about perl6

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  • Monday, October 17/2005 -- 02:48 PM
  • recently i decided it might be fun to collect hockey cards again [i used to way back when]

    i don't need more card boxes to store so it was time to dump my magic cards. i've already given away half of them but i still have a little over 5000 cards to get rid of. i'm keeping the decks i had the most fun with, and would play again when i find someone interested. but my magic days have slowed WAY down.

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  • Wednesday, September 28/2005 -- 03:31 PM
  • it looks like haloscan's comments weren't working. came down to a user error on my part. i was so quick to cut and paste code i didn't really rtfm :)

    if nothing else i expanded tkblog's capabilities a little bit.

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  • Wednesday, September 21/2005 -- 09:16 AM
  • saw that there was a new release of firefox [1.07] thought i would update. decided to try out the 1.5 beta 1 also.

    more than half my extensions didn't work, so i just gave it a few minutes and then gave up on it. i'll stick with 1.07. unfortunatley 1.5b1 screwed up enough of the settings so that 1.07 had severe display problems. reinstalling didn't help.

    norton go back to the rescue. that's twice now that the program has saved by butt.

    thought i would blog my experience, and as i dupe this blog on blogger.com and msn spaces, i check to see if any new comments have been left there. turns out that blogger.com allows a new type of spam based on comments.

    i've gotten two of these on my blogger.com blog. i think i see now why you can set blogger.com to disallow anonymous comments...

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  • Tuesday, September 20/2005 -- 07:27 AM
  • looks like opera is now free

    it's interesting that this comes on the heels of mozilla foundation setting up a separate entity to handle the money they've been making from the free firefox/thunderbird/mozilla

    i will probably install the new opera to try it out. i'm unlikely to use it though. i've gotten use to the power of firefox and it's extensions. i don't want to give that up.

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  • Wednesday, September 14/2005 -- 12:57 PM
  • a few weeks ago i wanted to fire up my seti@home client again...

    turns out that boinc is the "recommended" version

    apparently you can link your "classic seti" account with the new boinc one.

    after a number of 'wrong email' and 'wrong password' error pages, on the "account activation" page, came to the conclusion that you can't. so the 1300 WU [work units] from my "classic" account are lost.

    which is probably a good thing anyway because i don't know wtf the new "credit" system actually translates to. yeah, there's a page explaining it. i'm not sure that giving 16.73 credits for wu is an improvement over 1 wu credit given for wu worth of work though. could be just me [snrk]

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  • Tuesday, September 13/2005 -- 10:15 AM
  • as you can see i'm working with a new layout. i was getting tired of the old one. i wanted to get rid of the frame, and get a cleaner look.

    the geb page is still there until i decide what to do with it. and so is the tools page.

    ad buttons were generated courtesy of adam kalsey's page. logos were generated via the cooltext site.

    i originall wanted a treeview like menu on the left side. but couldn't find a really free one, so after searching around i found a few sites with free templates, but it was steve's free templates i decided on..

    of course i did all the editing with the boxer text editor.

    and last but not least, just to show that the power of tkblog is only limited by your skills in html/css/etc. but if you can edit a template (like i did) then tkblog won't stand in your way.

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  • Sunday, September 11/2005 -- 10:54 AM   permalink   |
  • microsoft is going to have 7 different versions of windows. that one gets a [snrk] all on it's own. so does that mean:

  • 7 different eula's?
  • 7 different versions of office?
  • 7 different versions of each virus?
  • Thursday, September 08/2005 -- 07:31 PM   permalink   |
  • today i thought i would grab some rss feeds from celebrity blogs. so i hit google looking for blogs to tap.

    every celebrity bloglist i found listed the same 7-10.

    and all the "best celebrity blog" lists i found listed...the exact same 7-10.

    looks like wil [war is bad] wheaton's is one of the favorites.

    bill maher had a good blog (left wing that it was) but that disappeared. i think he really wrote his and it was not ghost written by his assistant (like the other 7-10 are)

    it's too bad harlan ellison didn't have one. that would be a great blog

    but he doesn't believe in computers in general, or in the internet. that's ok mr. ellison, the internet believes in you. :)

  • Tuesday, September 06/2005 -- 09:07 AM   permalink   |
  • after single-handedly saving iraq, sean penn decides to save new orleans (yes, singlehandedly also)

    he was shown how to do it properly when he needed rescuing himself

    somebody at the academy forgot to tell mr. penn that the golden statuette was for acting

    personally, i don't know why the tree huggers, anti-nuke, anti-war, pro-lifers are worried when it's pretty clear to me that both sean penn and bono are going to save the world. [snrk]

  • Friday, August 26/2005 -- 03:06 PM   permalink   |
  • i think i'm either missing something very fundamental about the tags concept as defined by technorati, or their instructions about pinging as it applies to tags isn't quite right.


  • Wednesday, August 24/2005 -- 10:12 AM   permalink   |
  • i'd like to think my scathing blog was the reason :) but activestate just released a new tcl/tk package that inludes expect. for free.

    kinda feel sorry for the guys that bought it at the ridiculous price of $300.

  • Monday, August 22/2005 -- 07:04 PM   permalink   |
  • i read slashdot pretty much on a daily basis via rss. and a few other tech related websites

    some how i managed to miss the renaming of radio shack

    apparently this is canada only, but still it feels like i stepped into the twilight zone. probably a good thing i'm not a slider :)

  • Monday, August 22/2005 -- 04:30 PM   permalink   |
  • obviously i'm missing something fundamental about tags and technorati...not that worried about it.

    one thing i like about blog explosion is some of the interesting free services i'm finding for independant blogging software (eg. tkblog). like halo comments for example. this is a great free (or inexpensive premium membership) comment/trackback system for blogs. especially for standalone blogs that don't have that built in. so comments for this page are via that site unless something changes...

  • Friday, August 19/2005 -- 08:38 AM   permalink   comment or here
  • i'm not so sure technorati tags are working. but just to be sure i'll try another one with tags...

    one thing i can say is that, with a few hundred blogs with the same tag, some will go unread. my guess is any after the first two pages on technotrati...

    anyway here goes nothing:


  • Wednesday, August 17/2005 -- 09:16 AM   permalink   comment or here
  • open blog to sean combs:

    hey, i gotta an idea. PICK ONE.

    here's some for you to chose from:

    piffy puffy cloudy diddy diddler doody doodler piddly puddly poodle

  • Monday, August 15/2005 -- 08:39 AM   permalink   comment or here
  • don't know what i haven't discovered this before but i just read about blog tags. they were easy enough to add as a macro to tkblog so i thought i would test it.

    tags: ,

  • Tuesday, August 09/2005 -- 08:06 AM   permalink   comment or neoboard
  • i'm not sure i should feel flattered or not, that out of all the blogoshere mr. perdue has singled out my blog...anyway...

    i'll quote some excerpts from the comments, and reply to them:

    perdue: "Anyway, to the subject at hand: Dan Brown won a round, but the case is far from over."

    i guess as long as this thing stays in the news, you will sell a few more copies of your books. to clarify, i had copies before i read dan brown's book.

    perdue: "Contrary to the headlines, Judge Daniels did not "acquit" Brown, but quite to the contrary, acknowledged that there were many similarities in the setting, plot and characters, in other words the key ideas making up my books."

    let me repeat. neither your ideas, or brown's were original. davinci codex aside, i've run across the basic premise before. i came up with the basic premise in '75 or so. i don't think either one of you should be claiming it's an original idea.

    ok, the setting is the same, but i'm not sure that point should be mentioned in the lawsuit. any thriller involving those themes is probably going to have scenes that take place in italy.

    the plot of all the books involved was formulaic. certainly not original. same with the characters. male hero, temporary female sidekick/love interest/possible key figure. is there a thriller on the books shelves that DOESN'T have that?

    perdue: "Thus, I believe Judge Daniels erred in his decision. "

    i'm not sure you're going to get very far with this line of thinking.the attitidue of: 'we're standing in front of you your honour because we think the last judge was wrong...and if you're wrong, we'll just find another judge until he thinks the right way' is very productive.

    i find it hard to believe that your books aren't selling more because of the lawsuit. even, god forbid, some illiterate judge decides it IS copyright infringement and awards you the money, you probably still won't have a best seller on your hands, just the winnings of the Litagation Lottery.

    as a writer myself, i also find it hard to believe that YOU [as a writer] have not come to terms with the fact that ideas can be conceived of in parallel. and that somebody could get those ideas published before you do.

    you conveniently avoided one of my main points: the davinci code is a better read. it's more interesting, entertaining, and it's better written [refer to my two examples of the writing]. i agree with the judge's 'erred' comment about that also.

  • Sunday, August 07/2005 -- 03:28 PM   permalink   comment or neoboard
  • [i would have commented on the blog in quesiton, but again, it was elitist blogger.com only comments allowed.]

    just read a blog via blog explosion about somebody complaining they couldn't swear on various msg boards they frequent.

    i think it was isaac asimov that said 'swearing is a crutch for the illiterate'

    'nuff said

  • Sunday, August 07/2005 -- 03:13 PM   permalink   comment or neoboard
  • while browsing around technorati a few days ago i saw a list of popular blogs. it might just have been that days popular ones, i can't remember.

    one of the blogs listed was wil wheaton's blog. i started reading that one when he hosted the screensavers a few times and mentioned he had a blog. the screensavers of course, is no longer around because the morons that bought techtv decided to cater to a diminishing audience (ie. 'a younger audience').

    anyway, i read weaton's blog until it (about two blogs after i started reading it) degenerated into a 'war is bad' blog. and i ignore those, 'cause, you know, like war IS bad. get over it. it's not going away THIS century either.

    guess what wil, you're an actor. i'd guess most people read your blog to get insights into the industry and your take on them, not some actor bandwagon diatribe that half the country doesn't GAF about.

  • Sunday, August 07/2005 -- 10:48 AM   permalink   comment or neoboard
  • quick links for the lewis perdue thing.

    my original blog

    lewis perdue's comment

    my reply to that

    and i read yesterday morning (from various google alerts) that the judge in the lawsuit decided that 'davinci code' was NOT plagerized. and it didn't take much reading between the lines to see that he thought dan brown's book was a lot better. given the examples i pointed to in the third link above, one could make the valid assumption that dan brown is just a better writer than lewis perdue. having said that i still have two lewis perdue books i want to read. but i'll read them when i'm looking for a 'light' read.

  • Tuesday, August 02/2005 -- 07:54 AM   permalink   comment or neoboard
  • over the last year or so i've seen increasingly bad writing in tech publications. at first i thought it was just the various columnists trying to be clever. but it's not. most of it is bad grammar. so either the editor who's had no education in the basics of the language, is 'fixing' the writers work. or the writer themselves have been spending too much time on the internet amongst the kids who can't spell, have no grammar skills, and worse yet, aren't learning any of that in school

    in college i had an english teacher tell us that one of the best ways to write better, was to read better. ie read stuff that's well written. he suggested some of the better known magazines,but i'm beginning to think the range of magazines falling into that category has diminished since he suggested that.

  • Friday, July 29/2005 -- 07:50 AM   permalink   comment or neoboard
  • another problem i had reinstalling software after the hd failure was with two different activation keys. with one i was able to contact the author, and get a new key. after having gone through the process, that particular software will be easier next time...

    but the other was with the ramdisknt guys. they're are just determined to nickle and dime their customers. i have no probem paying for upgrades. most software i own (sorry, 'licence' ) has a clear upgrade policy. when i went to plug in the key for ramdisknt it said the key had expired. EXCUSE ME? the software isn't subscription-ware. it ran for years on the other hd before the drive failure.

    it IS encouraging though that software vendors can reach new lows.

  • Thursday, July 28/2005 -- 07:05 PM    comment or neoboard
  • i think i have my blog template the way i want it now...

    not sure i'd be able to do it this easily with other blog software, but blogs done with tkblog are really only limited to what your html skills are.

  • Thursday, July 28/2005 -- 01:05 PM    comment
  • ok, taking a ride on the neoworx bandwagon. see the counter at the bottom...

    oh, and the neoboard link on the left.

  • Thursday, July 28/2005 -- 10:22 AM    comment
  • well that's interesting. while surfing blog explosion, i wanted to leave a relatively sarcastic comment on a blog. but it didn't accept anonymous comments or allow one to enter in non-anonymous info. some how blogger.com people are better than the rest?

    wasn't very christian of him. which is what he claimed to be after the fabulous god-let-me-lend-my-car-to-the-nameless-neighbor episode [snrk]

  • Thursday, July 28/2005 -- 07:57 AM    comment
  • i've had to use xp now for about two weeks. any guesses at the VU level of the xp suckage meter? yup, pegged in the red.

    if it wasn't for personel ancestry file i'd likely dump windows completely. two programs that make me feel 'safer' are v-com's autosave, and norton's goback.

  • Wednesday, July 27/2005 -- 12:18 PM    comment
  • been surfing a lot of the blogs at blog explosion.

    bookmarked a few. i just ignore the 'war is bad' blogs. they're usually from the same group that brings you 'poverty is bad' and 'world hunger is bad'

    thing about the latter two, is that they can go out there an actually DO something about it. they don't of 'course. they're hypocrits.

    but the first? they pretty much have to wait for a protest so they can get back to their rock and bottle throwing or screaming obscenities at the police. who, by the way, while sheilding themselve from the rocks and bottles are NOT out arresting the baggy-panted punk harrasing your grandmother while she's out shopping.

    i got an idea. what if the hypocrits out there tried NOT to be a hypocrit? you know, like just for a day? or an hour even. that might mean one less stitch above the eye for a guy doing his job while trying to prevent you from excersizing your freedom of 'speech'.

  • Wednesday, July 27/2005 -- 11:35 AM    comment
  • yeah, font change

  • Wednesday, July 27/2005 -- 09:19 AM    comment
  • i keep reading about how many millions of blogs are out there. ok, 99% are pointless (a few million about pets, a few million regurgitating world/political/tech news, a few million by nutbars who think people really care they just had their pinky peirced and stapled to their knee, etc)

    i'm interested in reading personalized blogs,. ones that have a tendency to be sarcastic, or talk about stuff i'm interested in...which i guess is close to what i'm writing myself. anyway, i found blog explosion.

    it's supposed to be a site that lets you generate traffic to you blog, but i think that's going to suffer from diminishing returns if the number of sites they're claiming is anywhere true (14mil+)

    instead it's just a good way to find interesting blogs. more traffic will just be a fringe benefit...

  • Tuesday, July 26/2005 -- 09:26 AM    comment
  • a few weeks ago i had a hard drive fail on me. it was a learning experience. basically i learned two main things from the whole excersize.

  • my backup strategy works.

  • i keep two directories on another drive. one is call 'bak' which is where i backup actual data for various programs (email, databases, serial numbers, etc.). the other is called 'installs' and this is where i put all the setup files for programs i use on a regular basis (thunderbird, firefox, etc.). and each of those directories are burnt to their own cdrw. and then i do that on another set of cdrw's just in case something goes horribly wrong with a burn or the system fails while burning.

    and each time i sit in front of the comptuer i ask myself 'if i lost this hard drive/computer' today would i be happy'. if the answer is 'no', then start burning.

    so after the hd failure, the only thing i seemed to have lost was my public gpg key. if you click on the link you'll notice it's a new one.

  • ms product activation.

  • ok, i understand that bill thinks that ALL of his customers are pirates first and foremost. i don't agree with that but it's obivously a business model that works, because he's a billionaire, and the company he founded has even more liquid assets than he does. anybody saying that it's not a way to treat customers or run a business, simply needs to check out the one of the net wealth clocks [just tried a quick check and they seemed to have been taken down]

    anyway, i have a legitimate copy of access 2k2, so i installed it a the new system, and when i went to activate it it told me it was already activiated. and it IS already activated... it was done 3 years ago on the now the dead hd.

    i guess my question is: could NONE of the innovative ms programmers build in a 're-activation' scheme? something that knows a product has been activated, and maybe asks for password/personal infomation that was entered the first time around? apparently not. worse, the dialogue that comes up says to call ms but fails to leave a number. i'd rather not be in voice-menu hell or on hold for 3 hours.

    so microsoft got it's last $150 from me of my own free will.

    i DO have a solution though. openoffice. i really liked access 2k2 but openoffices 'base' database module lets me get at my access db's the queries still work. it took me less than a minute to recreate the form i was using. and with abc's amber access converter , i can export the database to csv format (which i use to with db-editor to create the pdb format for my palm pilot)

    i have to use the acces converter because openoffice base, mindnumbingly DOESN'T include an 'export to csv' option. how did guys over their missed that?

  • Monday, July 25/2005 -- 08:20 AM    comment
  • this is a reply to a comment made to my davinci code blog. first time i've had somebody famous commenting...

    mr. perdue

    i'll admit i haven't read 'daughter of god'. i don't see the point now.

    and i DID mention that the idea wasn't original from either of you. *i* had that idea back in'75. i was 13 years old, and i'm pretty sure i must have picked it up somewhere in my reading...

    idea aside, you STILL don't want anybody reading your book before OR after 'the davinci code'.

    example from TOR 2004 paperback reprinting:

    page 283:

    "...Would you like to frisk them all? His face was angular and hard with anger."

    i'm not a famous author with pending lawsuits, but THAT is bad writing.

    not to be out done, same page TWO LINES farther down:

    "Tony looked at her, his face angular and hard with anger;"

    as the book was obviously updated from the previous edition (eg. references to 9/11) how that got missed makes me think the reprinting was fastracked to gain a few more sales on the coattails of dan brown's novel.

    i'm just assuming that you stumbled across my blog while surfing the weeb [sic] and were NOT specifically looking for negative comments about the lawsuit.

  • Sunday, July 03/2005 -- 12:36 PM    comment
  • some live 8 comments:

  • the message
  • it was beyond dumb, 'poverty is bad?' come ON, that ranks up there with 'war is bad'.
    the politicians KNOW that. they can't, or are unwilling to do anything about it. probably a little of both.

  • the music
  • i could go on and on about this, but some things that stood out.

    rap sucks world wide. live 8 proved it beyond a doubt.
    pet shop boys still suck dead bunnies, THAT'S why they played in moscow [snrk]
    popquiz: was michael stipe:
    A) trying to be a martian?
    B) rejected from Blue Man Group
    C) half changed out of his super hero costume ?

    bjork, what the heck was that? she looked like a Gong Showcontestant who hadn't been gonged yet.
    quick name three boomtown rats songs...yeah that's what i thought. it took another series of concerts for him to confirm how full of himself he is...

    up here in the gwn, our 'host' to the event on tv was ben mulrooney. i can only assume that his dad's money is being used to bribe canadian tv execs to get him these gigs.

    oh what else...i think the barrie portion showed that canadian songwriters are still some of the best song writers in the world, sir paul mcartnety aside.
    and for those of you who didn't know who a half of artists were, you shouldn't have been allowed to go or watch it on tv, and should be barred from buying music in the future...ok sorry, stealing off the internet. why? you know nothing about music, and likely never will...

  • Monday, June 20/2005 -- 07:42 AM    comment
  • spleen is down while it changes machines and locations.

  • Saturday, June 11/2005 -- 01:14 PM    comment
    intrepid buck reporter shawny penn on assignment in iran.

    ok. i'm just gonna ASSUME he got the ok from bono (master negotiator of world peace) to do that? [snrk]

    have you guys considered concentrating on the things you're known for?
    SEAN, in your case great actor. maybe you've reached your peak if you win five academy awards in a row. 'till then...

    BONO, you're just a mediocre musician. (i'll give you 'vertigo' is a great tune, but it took HOW many albums to get there?

  • Tuesday, May 24/2005 -- 11:24 AM    comment
  • ok, the whole da vinci code thing is starting to get stupid.

    let me deal with lewis perdue first. he's sueing dan brown because he thinks dan brown plagerized his novel 'the da vinci legacy'
    first perdue needs to look up 'plagerize' in a handy dictionary.next the most dan brown could be accused of is stealling ideas. neither one of them came up with the idea so perdue needs to STFU.
    second, i've read perdue's book. the main point of perdue's book (without giving away any spoilers) centers around leonardo da vinci's writings. i can't remember if the church was involved in the plot or not (which goes to show how lasting an impression that book made on me [snrk].
    i read that a judge will be reading all books in question. i think he will see that perdue is simply trying to sell a couple dozen more copies of his books then he has.
    take my word for it, lewis perdue does NOT want anybody reading his book and then reading dan brown's book. there's no comparison. perdue's is an average thriller written for a juevenile audience, where brown's is a pretty good thriller with ton of interesting tidbits thrown in.

    ok, now the church. they are assigning cardinals to debunk the novel.

    read that again. let me emphasize some words for you

    they are assigning cardinales to DEBUNK THE NOVEL

    i THINK that means they're trying to prove that the novel isn't true. you know like star wars and star trek aren't true (with apologies to the guys wearing spock ears or klingon turtle shells who may be reading this.)
    no where in the novel, or the associated web page does dan brown state this as a theory to be investigated. his characters do, but THIS IS A NOVEL. all kinds of wonderful things happen in fiction. authors make up stuff to entertain, explore, or to provoke thought.

    but i think dan brown should be considered one of the best novelists of our time. why?

    his novel was able to provoke stupidity from the church.

    and now i'm beginning to see how great some of shakespeares quotes were "me thinks thou doth protest too much"

    i'm sure somebody could clarify for me why the church is denouncing a NOVEL as being a bunch of lies.

    somebody needs to tell them that a good number of characters seen in cartoons aren't real either. [snrk]

  • Monday, May 16/2005 -- 04:18 PM    comment
  • i did something today i thought i would never do.

    i bought an mp3 player. specfically i picked up the iriver ifp 790t

    i don't do mp3's on my computer, because i have a good stereo. but this was a good solution for me while away from home.

    they packed quite a bit into the interface, (it has a ton of features) but the software installation needs to be improved.

  • Friday, April 29/2005 -- 11:33 AM    comment
  • well, as you can see at the bottom i'm now using my 3rd free hit counter site. i believe the count is accurate

  • Friday, April 29/2005 -- 11:02 AM    comment
  • it's been longer than i like since last entry...

    i've been busy with a full port of geb for windows. and eventually that will lead to the linux version. there WAS a windows version but it was very basic, and never relaly got out of beta...it wasn't the least bit challenging like the palm pilot version is...

  • Friday, April 01/2005 -- 09:11 AM    comment
  • the other day i was sent some mail from my cel provider. it was a promotional bit on upgrading my plan enabling me to save some money on various features....

    it was coincidentally timed about a month before those same features were going to increase in price.

    never to ignore a good thing, i called the number given and immediately entered voicemenu hell. and this type of voicemenu system doesn't allow you to push any buttons. it's all voice recognition...

    i've worked with voice recognition systems, and the big drawback is usually the training of your voice to make the system more accurate...this was definitely not needed here. the system had no problem understanding and responding to my commands.

    the problem was that there was no option to take advantage of the limited time promo offer. eventually i narrowed it down to the fact that i was pretty much going to have to go to their web site...not really a problem as i access my account for my cel on it all the time....

    the next problem was that there was no link having anything to do with the promo offer.

    the next line of attack was sending them email. i explained that i received the promo offer in the mail and would like to take advantage of it. i got a relatively prompt reply giving me the phone number to call or i could go to their website...

    having already clicked around the website i knew that was futile, so i started to dial the number and then realized it was the same number listed on the promo material.

    i sent reply to their reply that the problem i was having was that he two places i could go to upgrade my plan didn't have any information to do so

    THEIR reply to my reply to their reply was to send me the same number and link where i would find information to upgrade AND they had a link so that i could fill out the customer satisfaction feedback to my inquiry.

    i didn't do anything rude, but i DID let them know that the automated computer email reply didn't seem to understand what the problem was....

    so i'll actually have to physcially go to an outlet and see if i can upgrade my plan

    this is a clear example of a marketing department gettting WAY ahead od the phone/web suppport people...

  • Friday, March 25/2005 -- 12:19 PM    comment
  • yesterday i was walking downtown and saw three people dressed up in the goth motif.

    i guess i have only one thing to say about that. THE 80'S ARE OVER.

    get a new fad, that one is just starting to look dumb.

  • Thursday, March 24/2005 -- 08:24 AM    comment
  • just updated to the latest releases of firefox and thunderbird. AFTER my coffee of course :)

    smoothest upgrade so far. as per usual whenever i see a header that says the user is working with outlook or outlook express, or internet explorer, i just shake my head....

    sometimes i wonder how many plugin's those users have had to install to stop spam, popups, etc. or just to get the features the rest of us have been using for a while...

  • Sunday, March 20/2005 -- 01:46 PM    comment
  • today while flipping around channels i ran into a bit about a movied called 'dust to glory' which is about baja racing...it reminded me of patrick norton ex-techtv host (that was before comcast executives pretended to be tv execs)

    decided to see if he had started a blog yet. and three days ago he did. check it out here

  • Saturday, March 19/2005 -- 03:19 PM    comment
  • i've been trying for a few weeks to get freeguide up and running. my first attempt was on a win2k sp2 machine. it sorta half worked when a newer version of it came out, but not completely....and being java it was SLOOOOWWWW.

    so i tried installing on a debian machine (that's linux to you windows users). it only worked up to a certain point.. also slow.

    then i tried on a fully uptodate xp home machine. same thing. only works up to a certain point. and even though the xp machine is 4 times faster than the win2k machine, it was still slow (because java is SLOOOOWWWW )

    so what am i to conclude:

  • freeguide is just not ready for primetime?
  • freedguide installer isn't very good on windows OR linux?
  • it's plain dumb to write any application in java?
  • it SHOULD have been a pain free install on one of those platforms...

  • Saturday, March 19/2005 -- 12:14 PM    comment
  • the comment link of source will take you to msn spaces where the blog is duped with comment features...

    this is the last one not duped (because it makes no sense to have it over there :)

  • Friday, March 18/2005 -- 03:45 PM   
  • and of course, that would be here: ventedspleen

  • Friday, March 18/2005 -- 03:41 PM   
  • i just created an alternative blog on 'msn spaces'. had it been around when i had my blogger.com problems, it's entirely possible tkblog might not have been written..

  • Monday, March 14/2005 -- 07:28 PM   
  • eweek reported in november last year (i'm way behind on my trade mags) that sun was going to release solaris 10 on the intel platform for free. just $500 US for support and bug fixes.

    so that's NOT:

  • free as in speech
  • free as in beer
  • it's free as in NOT free. subtle difference i know...

  • Tuesday, March 01/2005 -- 06:47 PM   
  • not a lot of time to blog lately...

    mainly because of dai senryaku VII

  • Tuesday, February 15/2005 -- 07:34 AM   
  • just had a 7 hour plus outtage from my isp...

    looks like a utility pole was struck by lightning...and freak accidents being what they are it must have hit a pole holding a transformer just outside the address of their new building...

  • Sunday, February 13/2005 -- 04:43 PM   
  • i've been watching the whole ward churchill thing via cnn and fox news (usually via the o'reilly factor)....

    free speech thing aside the media is going to make the guy a millionaire. giving him the attention he wants...

    all i can really say is he needs to cut his hair short, OR let it grow a lot longer, 'cause i kinda giggle inside everytime they show a picture of him...

    if he's trying to be one of those hip older guys he seriously needs to starting feeding his head something else.

    oh, if you're one of the 3 or 4 people in cyberspace that DOESN'T have a gmail account just email me.

  • Sunday, January 30/2005 -- 01:37 PM   
  • why are politicians giving bono the time of day? the MOST they should say to him is 'vertigo is ok but the rest of your songs suck'

    he's a mediocre vocalist at best. as far as i know he has political opinions but no political experience...and you know what they say about opinions...

  • Friday, January 28/2005 -- 03:09 PM   
  • ok, this one is too easy

    i got some spam from zonelabs, and they're pushing their latest product, a spyware scanner...

    they have page where you can get a free scan of your system. so i went over their to see how efficient it might be.

    this is the error i got:

    You're using Netscape(Mozilla)! Sorry. This is an ActiveX control, it will only run in MS Internet Explorer!

    what's wrong with that statement? :) not only that, but it was badly formatted/rendered like they had written it specifically for a IE... i'm sorry. ANY product or web page that makes you use IE is a joke.

  • Friday, January 28/2005 -- 02:53 PM   
  • i hit the weather network page just about every day. today an extremely annoying ad popped up in FRONT of the information i wanted to see...

    but i use firefox and with the adblock extension i was able to get rid of it without clicking on the close button the ad wanted me to click on.

    so the company in question probably just lost any potential customer by trying to hijack my browser...

    i really feel sorry for the people still using IE...AND thinking that it's a good secure browser

  • Wednesday, January 26/2005 -- 02:41 PM   
  • uh oh...looks like i was wuhrong

    turns out my cable modem didn't like a particular upgrade from my isp...

    so for now the 'lost' link isn't available, but it will be if problems start up again...

  • Tuesday, January 25/2005 -- 05:42 PM   
  • i've spent most of the day trying to get my email from my isp

    i suppose if they had real tech support, they could inform their actual admins to take an msce course or something [snrk]

    incompetent techs are one thing...but i'll give them the benefit of the doubt...could be microsoft software malfunctioning...

  • Sunday, January 23/2005 -- 06:38 PM   
  • just heard that johnny carson passed away...

    i was a big fan, hasn't been a talk show host that even came close...

  • Friday, January 14/2005 -- 01:37 PM   
  • what's wrong with this phrase:

    'spamassassin for outlook'

    at first i thought it was a joke but you can get it on sourceforge...

  • Friday, January 14/2005 -- 12:51 PM   
  • python people just can't let it go. the python community is the rudest bunch of feepers you'll find online...and it just sticks in their craw that i'm right about it.

    well, i didn't want to do it but:

    FREE TICKET FOR THE CLUE TRAIN (exclusively for python users):

    you can't say: 'i'm not yelling' at the top of your lungs and expect people to believe you....because you're like...yellling....get it?

  • Tuesday, January 11/2005 -- 08:30 PM   
  • i ran into an interesting site www.text editors.org

    when i ran a dialup bbs, it speciallized in dos text editors...gave it up when people moved to the dark side (ie. windows)...

    i followed some links to editors i was familiar with and used...among some of the information i found was that the some of the authors of brief (a popular commercial editor way back when) were now developing one called 'Rimstar'. among other things on the web page:

  • no screenshots
  • dead links
  • a single link to the selfology guys
  • and that last one explains the price of the 'standard ' edition of the text editor...

    you guys are dreaming.

  • Tuesday, January 11/2005 -- 05:10 PM   
  • just saw a national post commercial. saw the phrase 'fans flock to eminem funeral'. checked google just to make sure the good news was true...awww. it's just the name of an album...

    well i can dream can't i?

  • Monday, January 10/2005 -- 10:11 AM   
  • trolltech is still sitting there scratching their collective heads on why QT isn't popular on windows...

  • Monday, January 10/2005 -- 09:47 AM   
  • i've tried to avoid the 'moron' tag with python people. but let me dredge this up again:

    "python person"


    of course, this was in response to my saying that python people tend to be rude and not very friendly...did he sure prove me wrong [insert more snrk's here]

    my only regret is that it ended up in the ruby mailing list and not the python newsgroup where that kind of stuff belongs...

  • Friday, January 07/2005 -- 11:57 PM   
  • far as i'm concerned bono has two options. donate the entire proceeds of the next tour/album to the relief effort...OR...


  • Friday, January 07/2005 -- 03:53 PM   
  • i think my isp has decided that my email isn't all that important...or updating my web page via ftp...or my general web experience...at least that's what i assume because of the constant drop in tcp packets...

    i'll click on publish here, in a sec, but the time stamp isn't necessarily the date it's going to show up :/

  • Wednesday, January 05/2005 -- 12:21 PM   
  • my isp has been flakey the last two days...good news is that it's at no extra cost to me [snrk]

  • Monday, December 13/2004 -- 09:21 AM   
  • for those interested in how flakey an isp can really be. check out lost. it's also going to be a permanent link on the left...

  • Tuesday, December 07/2004 -- 07:13 PM   
  • just upgraded to the newest thunderbird (v1.0). smoothest upgrade yet...updated engimail, contacts, palmsync extensions all installed fine......i'm a happy camper...

  • Tuesday, November 30/2004 -- 06:22 PM   
  • ok, new idea. the guy who injured the police officer in ottawa. the peaceful protestor is the one i'm referring to [snrk].

    there's no actual number of times you should be kicked in the head...instead it should be based on a time period...

    so that blue veiner should be held down, and repeatedly kicked in the head for about 5 ot 6 days straight...

    you blue veiners don't like the president. we get it. what is it about the police you don't particularly like that you have to throw rocks and bottles at them?

    being kicked in the head is too good for you bunch.

    the entire lot of you should be put to death so i don't have to blog your stupidity anymore....


  • Tuesday, November 30/2004 -- 11:46 AM   
  • you know the worst thing about watching a blue veiner in canada? inevitably they'll do something stupid. something that not only makes the local news but cnn also.

    then they'll be an investigation (maybe on both sides of the border), and canada will end up apologizing over it for the next ten years

    maybe after the blue veiner finishes his pepsi, he'll consider actually dropping it into the garbage instead of throwing it at the police.

  • Tuesday, November 30/2004 -- 11:40 AM   
  • president bush is going to be up here in the great white north. 'course the blue veiners are bussing in truckloads of themselves to protest.

    how do they protest?

    by throwing rocks and bottles at the police, vandalizing store fronts, oh, and canadian parks, memorials. and screaming obcenities at political figures.

    i wonder if one of the things there'll be 'protesting' is the fact that this is the first time the president has been here since he was elected. gee i wonder why he waited so long [snrk]

    so given the amount of times i think various blue veiners should be kicked in the head i came up with the following:

  • anti-nukes - 31 times
  • pro-life - 117 times
  • tree-hugger - 13 times
  • political -1123 times
  • poverty - 89 times
  • animal activists - 56 times
  • Monday, November 29/2004 -- 09:29 AM   
  • michael jackson must be running out of money to pay his legal bills. he's found it necessary to sell another beatles tune.

    open blog to canon:

    you should be ashamed of yourself.

    open blog to all beatles fans:

    don't buy any canon products...unless you WANT to help pay michael jackson's legal fees. that is, of course, if your so disillusioned you actually think he's innocent. you know, like OJ and scott peterson [snrk]

  • Thursday, November 18/2004 -- 04:21 PM   
  • i just realized i had a typo on my tkblog.cfg file that affected the interval of blogs i keep on the main page and rss feed....fixed now...

  • Thursday, November 18/2004 -- 04:04 PM   
  • i wonder if they'll execute scott peterson in the basement of a cozy little cafe in...oh...i don't know...paris?

  • Wednesday, November 10/2004 -- 09:34 PM   
  • here's a quickie definition of hypocrasy: cat stevens winning a 'peace' award.

    gorbachev apparently forgot that the 'peace train' engineer [snrk] condoned the killing of a writer.

    nice religion you got there A-hole.

  • Tuesday, November 09/2004 -- 09:36 PM   
  • as i type this, our city council has just finished sticking it to war veterans...twice

    at least they did it as close to nov 11 as possible [snrk]

  • Tuesday, November 09/2004 -- 02:46 PM   
  • just made the upgrade to the firebird 1.0 and thunderbird 0.9. probably the smoothest upgrades i've done with all the extensions i wanted working...

    once again i feel sorry for those using IE and think it's state of the art AND safe...

  • Friday, October 29/2004 -- 07:06 PM   
  • between getting over a nasty cold and some late hours programming i almost forgot i had a blog :)

    just a quick open blog to those parents that are going to deny their kids a halloween because it's not allowed in the bible or something [snrk]

    you need to be kicked in the head.

  • Tuesday, October 12/2004 -- 08:15 AM   
  • a relative of mine lost his connection to the internet the other day. as it happens he's on the same isp i am...on calling the tech support he got the standard greeting 'there is no current outage in your area' . i don't think they change that even if there IS [snrk].

    anyway, the tech support people walked him through everything; is your computer turned on? does your cable modem have power? ok, power cycle it.' etc.

    their final conclusion? you seem to be missing your network drivers.

    ok, windows is flakey enough to lose track of drivers. but the real problem is xp's automatic updates, and specifically sp2.. uninstalling sp2 and all the 'network drivers' were back [snrk]

    if you're reading this and you think xp is the best os you've ever used then you just might be the perfect micorosft customer. double [snrk]

  • Wednesday, September 29/2004 -- 01:21 PM   
  • finally got email back and forth to my palmpilot via thunderbird 0.8

    i had to jump through WAY too many hoops to do it.

    the main problem seems to be you need an updated palmsync.xpi. and as far as i can tell there is only ONE friggin' link on the ENTIRE INTERNET for it...i just happened to find it through sheer luck...

  • Wednesday, September 29/2004 -- 10:59 AM   
  • well, i think i've narrowed it down. either syncing to your palmpilot using thunderbird as your email client is COMPLETELY broken, OR there is no step by step faq that explains why it's not broken...

    google is great, but it can't pull up information that doesn't exist...

    and to answer the questions i'll inevitably get:

  • yes, i've searched the mozillzine forums
  • yes, i've installed the palmsync extension
  • yes, i've installed the sidebarcontacts extension
  • no, i don't have mozilla installed
  • none of this is the mozilla guy's fault, of course, why the palm desktop doesn't recognize thunderbird as an email client (like, which internet rock are they hiding under?) is beyond me.

  • Monday, September 27/2004 -- 07:32 AM   
  • i'm starting to read artciles on various web sites that complain about 'the apprentice' not being 'real' in the business world...

    oh come ON people. 'the apprentice' is real like 'survivor' is real: staged shots, edits, no 'real' danger ...anywhere. which is why you'll never see 'survivor: antartica'

    the difference that 'the apprentice' has over the other reality shows. it's interesting to watch AND nobody has to eat worms...

  • Thursday, September 16/2004 -- 03:34 PM   
  • i finally got enigmail installed with thunderbird 0.8. i even moved my mail directory which i've wanted to do for a while...

    in the process i completely trashed my thunderbird 0.7 setup...i'm slowly beginning to organize my email again...shouldn't have to do it again for awhile...the enigmail upgrade procedure needs serious work...
    while going through old email, i ran into one from a friend i'd known years ago and was recently able to re-contact...i asked him if he was on the various im's but he said no, they were "to easy to hack". he also mentioned that he was working on (and i assume using) bearshare...the irony of is it worth a chuckle

  • Wednesday, September 15/2004 -- 12:09 PM   
  • mozilla guys were busy...triple release of mozilla, firefox, and thunderbird...

    firefox was an easy upgrade...although i found the 'live bookmark' feature to be DOA. not really a problem as i installed sage. i like this enough that it will probably be my main rss reader...and of course tkblog works fine with it...

    the thunderbird install went ok, but this time around the enigmail extensions didn't install properly. well enigmail did, enigmime didn't...it's been a few releases since i had this problem in the mean time i'm not without encrypted mail . gpgshell takes care of that for me...

    and as with usual whenever there's a major release from mozilla, the extension pages get overloaded with people needing to update. the mozilla forums get overloaded also...although these usually crawl even between releases....

    it looks like someone over their got their thumb out and actually put together howto's for moving your thunderbird profile/mail directories...i've wanted to do this from the first time i installed thunderbird...

  • Tuesday, September 07/2004 -- 02:57 PM   
  • well...there you have it. in an eweek interview (for the may 31/2004 edtion) with gerald cohen, who apparently has his thumb on the industry pulse [snrk] says that 'open source is going nowhere'.

    so i guess that apache, firefox, thunderbird, and linux in general just aren't being used.

    more quotes from this genius: 'you can't have free software', and 'you're not going to get support'

    i'd rather not waste the time and provide all the links for support forums for the above mentioned software.

    gee, i'm just speculating here, but do you think he has some kind of lucrative deal with microsoft?

    the number one flaw in the argument of open software support is this: a good number of users/companies don't NEED support. i've been able to deploy AND upgrade the software i mentioned on a number of machines and didn't need any help whatsoever...

    just out of curiosity i wonder how much money this guy's company makes from supporting their own software...it's entirely possible the manual is so badly written that you have to call their tech support...

    mr. cohen, if you're reading this (unlikely if you're busy thinking up industry stunners like that last one). this blog was written with open source software. i've answered everyone's question who asked about it. there are several methods of support.

    actually this brings up another point. there are some industry people out there (analysts, columnists, c[fill in the blank]o's) who are sitting in behind their desk and are ABSOLUTELY END USER CLUELESS. ie. they have NO idea of what's going on at the end user level.

    i'll leave you with another beaut from this guy: 'linux, if it weren't for ibm, would be going nowhere'. there's a core group of us that were using linux when ibm was still fumbling the ball with os/2. let's not pretend that ibm throwing it's weight behind a product will make it successful. there are all kinds of people using linux because windows is making morons out of users, not because it' supported by ibm.

    shame on mr cohen for making an idiotic statement. double shame on eweek for printing it...

  • Friday, August 27/2004 -- 04:08 PM   
  • i won't blog anymore items happening on the vented spleen. a bulletin gets automatically displayed when you logon there...

  • Sunday, August 22/2004 -- 07:58 PM   
  • lord v2.50 is now registered and online at the vented spleen

  • Saturday, August 21/2004 -- 04:28 PM   
  • registered versions of Junkyard, Money Market, and Lemonade Stand are now online at the vented spleen

  • Wednesday, August 18/2004 -- 08:01 PM   
  • the feedback door on the vented spleen is now a message door.

  • Tuesday, August 17/2004 -- 02:19 PM   
  • there's now a feedback door up and running on the vented spleen

  • Monday, August 09/2004 -- 07:58 AM   
  • my flakey isp was out for a few hours last friday and saturday. two days later nobody knows what happened. good customer service...

    local fe game is now up and running at the vented spleen

    bre league 203 is up and running also.

    i'll be working on fe league 203 sometime today...

  • Thursday, August 05/2004 -- 10:52 AM   
  • two local games of BRE are up and running (i'll work on league before the week is out).

    Mines of Gorr is also up and running. i was surprised how addictive the game was.

    local and league FE games will be available soon.

    all games are registered, and i can fire up as many as people want. for those who want a pretty good online version of GEB then Galactic Overlord is for you.

  • Tuesday, August 03/2004 -- 03:22 PM   
  • for those of you who can't get enough Galactic Overlord or Global War and as soon as i configure it BRE then check out vented spleen

  • Monday, July 26/2004 -- 01:02 PM   
  • after i set up my gmail account i started looking for ways to make accessing it easier. i've found that these two firefox extensions are indespensible. GMailCompose and GMail Notifier. i found references to them at G-Mailto.

    there was a pop3 proxy similar to hotmail popper, but for win2k users it's a 100meg plus download. why so big you ask?

    it's a .net program.

    while i'm sure the author is talented (although i'd question the need for the .net api), there is no way a program like that should be much over 200k TOTAL.

  • Sunday, July 25/2004 -- 04:51 PM   
  • a kind soul just sent me a gmail invite (thanks, jason)

  • Thursday, July 22/2004 -- 03:44 PM   
  • i think it's ironic that i may have gotten a gmail invite, but of course anything sent to hotmail got filtered.

    i think that if microsoft really put their minds to it, they could bury gmail. all they really have to do is offer 1gb (of course) and actually have some kind of spam filter in place...

    i'm not holding my breath (for a gmail invite either)

  • Wednesday, July 21/2004 -- 12:18 PM   
  • i'm starting to see a lot of .net programs. most of the ones i've run into were RSS aggregators, but today i ran into a visual cron program.. with something that runs all the time i'm usually concerned with how many resources it takes. not so much on disk but in ram. visual cron, by it's very nature of being a .net program immediatly takes over 100meg on disk on a win2k system. unacceptable.

    the cron i use takes less than 40k on disk, and less than 2meg of ram while running. and works pretty much like the cron used on most linux distros.

    i suppose .net programs aren't that noticeable on a bloated os like xp.

  • Thursday, July 15/2004 -- 02:54 PM   
  • i was taken for two rides today.

    neither one of them invovled a car or was particularly pleasant.

    on the first one my BS meter started to wiggle after 10 minutes, and around the half hour mark, it registered FULL LOAD. i believe i remained polite (but probably less talkative) in the face of some obvious dishonesty, but that's all part of growing up kids. you can get screwed over even when you're an adult.

    the second one involved a series of obtuse emails about upgrading software i run (the tools section has been updated).

    eventually it came down to 'we want more of your money' and if a new version of windows comes out, i'm sure they'll want even more of it. sorry. i was born in the wee hours of the morning but not THIS morning :/

  • Monday, July 12/2004 -- 09:29 PM   
  • another code editor not ready for prime time is jedit. this one has folding, i sure couldn't figure it out but i'll bet it's real powerful [snrk]

    one of the many RSS feeds i read on a regular basis is sourceforge. i think there should be a slightly higher standard and/or submission policy. sometimes i look for specific software on sourceforge and see the dreaded 'this project has not released any files'. you shouldn't be able to submit a project without SOMETHING for a user to download. and not just a single source file to and editor that has one include and the comment ' i need help '. i see a lot of those comments also.

    one of the dumbest projects i've ever seen on sourceforge (but would have been VERY cool had it ever gotten off the ground); someone wanted to create a mud world using tad williams OTHERLAND books series. great idea. and if the particular mud software he wanted to use had about 100 experienced world builders working 24/7 to even come close. i'd say after 4 or 5 years there'd be something playable in the spirit of the series. after 10 years it would be the most famous mud of all time.

  • Monday, July 12/2004 -- 09:01 PM   
  • even though i'm happy with my current editors of choice (boxer and vim) i like to check out some other ones from time to time.

    through the various mailing lists i'm on and the newsgroups i frequent i've been reading a few things about eclipse. so i downloaded, and installed. the first thing it told me when i tried to fire it up was that my version of java is too old, so i updated to 1.4.2. my last version was 1.3.0, but guess what, java is still slow.

    i'm assuming that eclipse is great for java development. i wouldn't know, because i don't do java BECAUSE IT'S SLOW. anyway, after fiddling with eclipse for 15 minutes i can make these observations.

  • it's not intuitive
  • you can't change the syntax colour of the syntax highlighting
  • no code folding
  • i spent a few minutes just trying to load a perl source file, you can't even do that easily. i'm guessing you have to create a project, create resources for files, etc.

    so my venting comes down to this: some software is not ready for prime time.

    eclipse is at v3.0 but there's no File-> Open menu command. i don't care how powerful it is, or how powerful the plugin api is. if you can't open a file simply with a code editor you don't deserve a 0.01 allpha release designation, let alone v3.0

  • Saturday, July 10/2004 -- 03:38 PM   
  • i just helped another tkblog get online.

  • Monday, July 05/2004 -- 03:03 PM   
  • could be not everyone is getting on the dot net boat. microsoft has released free 'express' versions of their visual .net compiler for vb.net, c#, vc++, and sql server.. you need 3 gig to install it (that's AFTER the 100 meg .net install [snrk]).

    i haven't bought into the dot net thing yet...mainly because i don't really believe in a 100 meg "hello world" program.

  • Monday, July 05/2004 -- 02:40 PM   
  • if you don't know a programming language backwards and forwards, then you WILL eventually need to RTFM. i learned a valuage lesson today...

  • Wednesday, June 30/2004 -- 10:49 AM   
  • i can only assume from the amount of blank email i'm getting on my hotmail account that somebody has found yet another hole in a microsoft product.

    let me quote some microsoft ads running in various computer papers:

    "windows is more secure than linux"

    <giggle>   <snrk>

  • Monday, June 28/2004 -- 11:35 PM   
  • as i type this it looks like there will be a minority liberal government in canada. that means we slapped the hand of the current prime minister (we scared him with the boogieman, harper)

    in canada that generally means that the party leaders have to work together to get anything done...or more likely the minority government can't get anything done...

    the saddest thing that happened in this election, is that some stupid dumb feep canadians gave the the conservatives a voice, and NOW harper is going to think he's a legitimate political entity. he's not. NOBODY can be who wants to take away some of your basic rights.

    i only agreed with one item on his platform, (capital punishement) and he'd have never floated it successfully anyway, 'cause the majority of canadians much prefer that some rapists and child molesters to go free on what we like to to call 'mandatory release'.

  • Monday, June 28/2004 -- 09:09 AM   
  • let me give you an idea, just how scary this guy running for prime minister is:

    a number of years ago, a party formed out west called Reform. it's policies didn't seem to be that far off from nazi socialism...their leader (check out the german word for that) ended up losing an internal election (i can only assume i didn't really follow their antics). and a new leader emerged. the new guy was a religious nutbar and the party was renamed to Alliance.

    meanwhile back in the real world one of the parties that had been doing poorly (the conservatives, but back to this in a bit) lost a lot of seats in our federal government, and they haven't been much more than a footnote in federal politics for the last 10 years. in a move i can only describe as 'oh oh' they 'joined' with the alliance, but now have ANOTHER new leader. very clever that. people may think they'll be voting for 'the conservatives' today, but they'll really be voting for 'the reform' and all that implies.

    it turns out that this new leader, oh hell, let's give the nazi a name: stephen harper, has an advisor. this 'advisor' has two significant facts you can attribute to him:

  • he added extra taxes to diapers and milk for kids, and he taxed books
  • is the subject of a 500+ page book called 'on the take'
  • and harper is the guy who's going to stop government corruption? he's also the guy who's going to take away some basic charter of canada rights.

    of the last 3 conservative prime ministers, one had to 'leave' after screwing up so badly. the second one (the 'advisor'). took 9 years to bring canada to it's knees. we're STILL paying for that one. the third one, almost destroyed the conservative party as a political entity. having the fourth one take away some of your rights would be a nice capper wouldn't it.

    you deserve the government you vote for.

  • Sunday, June 27/2004 -- 07:47 PM   
  • canadian election for prime minister tomorrow. one guy, the really scary one, thinks that if he's elected he's going to stop government corruption. on that basis alone he should be booted out of politics.

  • Friday, June 25/2004 -- 02:49 PM   
  • tkblog v2.50 beta 1 can be downloaded for testing. the file name is: tkblog250b1.zip

  • Friday, June 25/2004 -- 02:31 PM   
  • when i first watched michael moore's ROGER AND ME i saw a few scenes where i had to say 'hey, wait a sec'. what he'd shown wasn't exactly what corresponded with what he was saying. i noticed it in BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE also. making a biased point is one thing. selective editing and setting up a scene for the camera is another thing entirely.

    and i'm apparently not the only one that thinks so. lately i've been reading moorewatch.com.

    here's some more watch sites:

  • BowlingforTruth.com

  • MooreLies.com

  • MooreExposed.com

  • warning. if you're a michael moore fan, you won't like these sites. but if you're a fan you SHOULD be reading them.

  • Friday, June 18/2004 -- 07:04 PM   
  • well. i don't get it...with all the l33t 'murican hackers proclaiming their 'l33tness none of them are unable to take out terrorist web sites...

    i guess it's much more interesting programming in microsoft macro languages <snrk>

  • Thursday, June 10/2004 -- 01:17 PM   
  • oj sure has a lot of nerve

    instead of being on tv doing interviews,he should be spending his time (you know, when he's not on the golf course) at the command centre co-ordinating the search for ron and nicole's killer.

    i can't believe he hasn't made any progress unless...of course he's GUILTY<snrk>

  • Tuesday, June 01/2004 -- 08:11 AM   
  • i've noticed a disturbing trend i first mentioned here. webattack, now with the new snappy <snrk> name of 'snapfiles' has posted yet another trialware program and called it 'freeware'.

    ok, i'm not suprised. this is from the people unable to get tkblog running.

    slashdot comment warning....sometimes the comments posted by readers are not 100% accurate. i'm referring to the latest diatribe by bruce sterling (who lately seems to be on a global-warming-it's-so-obvious-arghh-we're-all-going-to-die-of-global-warming kick). some of the comments were made by people who clearly have done zero research and are just making a typical comment that was only half accurate if made 30 years ago.

    i know this is probably not a new observation to most of you but: some people on the internet are idiots.

    possibly with a little help from google, or preferably using google to find the appropriately good books to read, they'll work their way up to just stupid.

  • Wednesday, May 26/2004 -- 04:09 PM   
  • so the new techtv owners, in their quest to become real tv execs, replaced a show called 'call for help' which was actually informative, with a show that features a people playing video games <snrk>

  • Tuesday, May 25/2004 -- 05:06 PM   
  • i'm trying something exprimental.

    for the time being you can get live tkblog support/discussion on irc channel #tkblog

  • Tuesday, May 25/2004 -- 08:11 AM   
  • i've been reading microsoft watch for a while now (via the rss feed) and it USED to look like mary jo was keeping a watchful eye on microsoft....now it reads like once product and 'innovation' announcement after another...

    it's no longer 'look at the evil thing ms did today' but 'look at this great new technology ms is revealing today'

    highly suspect

  • Tuesday, May 18/2004 -- 11:27 AM   
  • i think my flakey isp has decided to re-write their dns config files by hand based on their memory :/

  • Thursday, May 13/2004 -- 04:11 PM   
  • i've started using a few new utilities so i updated the tools section...

  • Monday, May 10/2004 -- 07:41 AM   
  • so comcast owns a tv station...and it appears they want to act like REAL tv executives. well the only way to do that is to make a stupid tv exec type decision...in this case they fired all the techtv staff...

    i stopped watching techtv, so it doesn't really affect me. kudos to comcast, a few weeks ago you couldn't even spell 'tv exec' now you are one.<snrk>

  • Monday, April 26/2004 -- 01:29 PM   
  • just ran into something funny and stupid at the same time. it was a web page to buy a forth ide/compiler for windows at only $395. gets funnier...that was the standard version. the 'pro' version was $1495.

    sorry guys, i'm sure the 5 or 6 forth programmers out there can't afford it...or already use free tools.

    i remember looking at forth once...on my commodore 64, and the compiler for THAT machine was too expensive also...

  • Thursday, April 22/2004 -- 01:24 PM   
  • i've decided that there is only one way i'm ever going to run a .net program: i'm given a machine that has .net already installed on it AND is fast enough to actually run .net programs without chugging. big clue here, the 3gig machines can't do it.

    i'd say there's a pretty good probability that i'm never going to run .net programs, or have a .net enabled operating system.

  • Sunday, April 18/2004 -- 10:33 PM   
  • so yesterday my flakey isp decides to bounce around 100 legitimate email to me. turns out they decided to go with some untested/untrained spam filtering service

    well, guess what guys. it don't work.

    now i know the reason why people decide to go with third party email services.

    if you're in the same situation check out burntmail

  • Friday, April 16/2004 -- 12:43 PM   
  • they made it seem like it was neck and neck between kwame and bill:

  • omarossa lost jessica simspon
  • omarossa lied about losing jessica simpson
  • omarossa scurried her off when trump was coming to meet her
  • kwame didn't fire omarossa
  • kwami was standing around doing nothing when trump wondered where omarossa OR JS was
  • frost delay for the gulf  tournament was unavoidable
  • bill did some dumpster diving and found the sign himself
  • before he did that, he met with the company guys. he didn't try to avoid them
  • he was on top of EVERYTHING
  • none of that sounds neck and neck to me...

  • Monday, April 05/2004 -- 03:59 PM   
  • ok here's some 7-eleven logic/math for you: ($1,618,200 - $21,924,000) < $0

    i managed to glean that from the 'getthefacts' link <snrk>

  • Wednesday, March 31/2004 -- 12:27 PM   
  • yesterday i was reading my backlog of various computer magazines. there was a microsoft ad in eweek that said running windows server 2003 on two 900 mhz pc's was cheaper than running two copies of linux on a mainframe.

    yes, and running microsoft office is MUCH easier than writing and debugging your own full blown office suite in lisp <snrk>

    and today, there's more ms fud. i can't believe anyone typed that up with a straight face. today is marh 31 NOT april 1.

  • Saturday, March 27/2004 -- 01:40 PM   
  • i've got an old 200 mhz pentium, with a 500meg hd and 64meg of ram. the cd rom on it is one of those soundblaster based ones (ie. plugs into the sound card not an ide card...)

    it's proving to be an interesting challenge to get an os other than dos on it. the closest i got was suse 8.2, but the cd's i got from linuxcd.org had problems. figures.i've tried, knoppix, suse, os/2 v2.1 (i figured os/2 might test with the sbpcd driver...it didn't

    the bios doesn't see the cdrom drive, but an os will. i'm in a catch-22 situation. think i'll try zipslack next...the various one/two floppy linux distros work ok, but not one of them will give you a net connection via the lan card...

  • Wednesday, March 17/2004 -- 03:55 PM   
  • somebody should take a look at what activestate is doing. they're taking a free programming language, updating it a bit and then sell it for $300 (in them 'murcan dollars). i think it's disgusting what they did to expect

    up here in the great white north, that would cost us over $400 CAN...

    OR we can use the free version that does what most expect programmers will want anyway...

  • Thursday, March 11/2004 -- 12:53 PM   
  • give or take, i've probably read somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5000 computer magazines in the last 20 years.

    just today i read my second reference to a programming language called PL/M. it was mainly used for an os called 'rmx'.

    the impression i got in college was from at least one of my computer teachers that rmx and/or pl/m was the future of computing. i knew it was that little ibm at sitting in the corner.

    another one of my computer teachers thought that basic wasn't very powerful or wouldn't amount to much...7 versions of visual basic, several commercial compilers, several free compilers later, i was right again.

    there. that feels a lot better...

  • Tuesday, March 09/2004 -- 04:21 PM   
  • webattack has undergone a name change. i'm assuming that it underwent a policy change also. trialware is now being classified as freeware. used to be that sofware listed under 'freeware' was not expireware/trialware/shareware...

    i suppose it's entirely possible that the invidiual that started that policy was the same person that couldn't install tkblog <snrk>

    as it is i have to uninstall the 'free trialware' now that i downloaded in good faith and i just KNOW it's going to leave stuff behind...

  • Sunday, March 07/2004 -- 07:06 PM   
  • i think if the morphOS guys are even halfway serious about their os they'll seriously think about adding an x86 version. if not they can split up the 10% slice that the mac has on the industry. i'm sure they can convince somebody who's paying through the nose for mac hardware and software to buy copy.

    my prediction is that they won't cut into mac os sales at all. 132 years from now they'll be a curious blip on the os screen....and i'm being generous with the blip.<snrk>

  • Friday, March 05/2004 -- 04:05 PM   
  • managed to get firefox working the way i want. i still don't think it's a step forward for the browser. more of a step sideways...

    last night i watched my final episode of the screensavers on techtv. techtv has slowly killed all the shows i used to watch. first they dumped 'silicon spin'. too bad, john c dvorak could have had a field day with the sco stupidity. and then they made tss too formula.

  • leo babble
  • 3 news items from sarah
  • first caller
  • etc
  • check on tech live
  • etc.
  • i can no longer watch any leo segments.

    the good news is that i replaced it with Court TV

  • Tuesday, March 02/2004 -- 11:01 AM   
  • well firefox v0.8 is a bit of a step backwards. for some reason it won't show me a downloading window. i'm not too worried. if i never have to upgrade from firebird v.07 i'll still be a happy camper

  • Wednesday, February 25/2004 -- 03:35 PM   
  • bill gates gives the keynote speech at a security conference.

    nah, not gonna bother...too easy

  • Wednesday, February 18/2004 -- 12:08 PM   
  • licensing stupdity has hit the linux world...again. this time it's with the new version of Xfree86.

    tkblog is free. the source is free. back in the dos days we called it 'freeware' we didn't need any fancy legal mumbo jumbo about when you could use it (third day of the quarter moon, as long as you were renting from major video) (that's an in-joke). that was the spirit tkblog was written in, and that's the 'license' i use.

  • Sunday, February 15/2004 -- 01:24 PM   
  • looks like the WB network wants to play like the big boy networks...cancelling popular shows because they are clueless about tv programming in general...how Angel got cancelled before that tripe they're calling 'smallville' is beyond me.

    execs (in any profession) who make stupid descisions should have their fingers broken so they can't sign any more papers.

  • Friday, February 06/2004 -- 08:40 AM   
  • my vote for the dumbest computer term ever 'invented' by microsoft: agile

    who's the braintrust that came up with that one...don't tell me it was the 'chief software architect'.

    i can imagine the name of the new product ms agile X<snrk>

  • Friday, February 06/2004 -- 08:36 AM   
  • i should know better, but i've been sparring with a few people on our local forsale newsgroups, on the price of a particular model of radio scanner.

    eventually one of them will actually look up what the scanner is worth and then STFU...

    'course this is the internet, and like fidonet, that just ain't gonna happen<snrk>

  • Friday, January 30/2004 -- 10:05 AM   
  • every now and then i check out language translation software, and every time i check i'm disappointed. one called babylon-pro seemd to do half a dozen languages. another was over $700. i'm sorry, if you're charging that much for your language translation software, it better be able to translate munchkin, goa'uld, and puppish (for the 6 of us that get that reference) :/

  • Saturday, January 17/2004 -- 12:41 PM   
  • there was an article on slashdot today about bsd vs. linux 'philosphies'. after reading the article it just sounded like sour grapes from another bsd user who can't figure out why more people aren't using a version of bsd.

    note to bsd users: bsd ain't gonna happen no matter how many times you click your ruby reds together. for now linux is the 'in' alternative os. deal with it.

  • Thursday, January 01/2004 -- 03:01 PM   
  • i wonder how many of vh1's 100 most shocking moments in rock and roll would be whittled down if you removed all the loser drug 'moments'

    vh1's most yawning junkie moments....yawn...

  • Thursday, January 01/2004 -- 12:10 PM   
  • i'm starting off the new year right with a head cold. it's not bad now, but it's gonna be :/

  • Tuesday, December 23/2003 -- 11:37 AM   
  • a few of you may have noticed that i shutdown the geb mailing list on yahoo. rest assured that i still support the program and will fix any bugs you might have come across. i'm still considering giving the source to anyone who wants to work on it. the beta linux/windows version is still beta :)

  • Tuesday, December 23/2003 -- 10:39 AM   
  • i'm starting to feel sorry for SCO. i really think they thought they had a case. i pictured darl rubbing his hands together at the prospect of a buy out or cashing in a $3 billion cheque.

    and to show the tech world that they really DID have some substance to their claims, they leaked bits of information, in an attempt to seed worry for open source/linux users, all leading up to the big bombshell they were going to drop...

    that might have made a good strategy, but each time they've released information a bit of history comes out that proves they are wrong.

    ok here comes the feeling sorry part: they've dug their hole so deep now that in order to save face they have to continue. each time they do that they dig a little deeper.

    lawyer jokes aside, they should be ashamed of themselves for leading SCO execs to believe they still have a case. but if money is the bottom line (as SCO detractors seem to harp on) then it's really the SCO lawyers who are going to be cashing in, so i guess it's worth it for them to perpetuate the stupidity...

  • Friday, December 19/2003 -- 11:56 AM   
  • with all the fuss about rss, you'd think there would be more polished rss feed readers out there.

    i think at this point i've gone through them all:

  • no two work alike
  • none of them work completely
  • the ones in java seem to work the best, but like all java programs are SLOOOOOOW
  • all the above applies to linux, with the addition of most of them sucking
  • come on guys, do i have to write THAT utility for everyone also?

  • Monday, December 15/2003 -- 09:50 PM   
  • for security reasons, msg area is gone. those who want to talk about tkblog can request an altme account.

  • Friday, December 12/2003 -- 05:52 PM   
  • today the 21st prime minister of canada was sworn in. here in kingston, which was the first capital our local paper is called the whig standard. what did it show on the front page? well, a couple of guys caught a big fish, eh...

  • Thursday, December 11/2003 -- 03:16 PM   
  • another IE vulneralbility. big <snrk>

  • Sunday, December 07/2003 -- 06:20 PM   
  • i keep hearing various computer magazine columnists, and industry people in general complaining about spam.

    it's painfully obvious they aren't using popfile.

  • Sunday, December 07/2003 -- 06:16 PM   
  • i see that blogshare went belly up.

    and THAT'S the reason tkblog was written. there's just you (using tkblog) and your web page...no need to rely on anybody that can't keep a web page up or a business for that matter...

  • Friday, December 05/2003 -- 04:53 PM   
  • my flakey isp was at it again...and what do you get when you phone customer service 'there are no outages in your area' <snrk>

  • Thursday, December 04/2003 -- 02:24 PM   
  • i decided to let my object desktop subscription expire. it became obvious that win2k was going to be left behind in favour of xp. getting updated odnt components with new features that i couldn't use wasn't worth the money. there was that, and the fact that i didn't see any new components coming out in the last year (odnt subscribers get those for free. )

    this reminds me that i really have to update the tools page. there's a lot of programs i've changed, dropped or added since i last worked on that page...

  • Monday, November 24/2003 -- 11:38 AM   
  • i haven't been watching too much of the michael jackson circus. as a freakshow the news is still 'same old, same old'. one thing i did notice is that only the really flakey celebrities are in support. i don't think i'd want uri (the fake spoon bender) gellar on my side as opposed to liz taylor...

    maybe now that he's officially arrested, they have the option of getting a psych evaluation...i'll bet that will be an eye opener...

  • Saturday, November 15/2003 -- 01:17 PM   
  • if the open source people weren't completely on board with the anti-sco movement, i'd say a few more of them joined the ranks when sco decided to drag linus into the fray. could be HIS laywer will tell sco to put up or shut up?

    if sco was hoping that they would be bought out to solve the problem maybe it's not such a bad idea...but do it the microsoft way. buy sco, and just shut down the company.

    and a twist could be added. fire all sco employees and make ALL of it's current software open source...

  • Tuesday, November 11/2003 -- 12:36 PM   
  • today's the day in canada where we pause and thank members of our military who fought and died for our rights and freedoms...

    and this is how we thank them locally

    we TAKE AWAY some of those rights and freedoms. not just in general, but directed specifically at our veterans...

    this happened in our local city council, and the voters thanked THEM by voting a good number of them out last night...

  • Friday, November 07/2003 -- 12:52 PM   
  • looks like i have trillblog and tkblog working interchangably at the blog data level

  • Friday, November 07/2003 -- 12:41 PM   
  • we had the newly elected premiere of ontario come to town and tell us he can't do pretty much what we (at least locally) elected him to do...

    that's ok though. given the reaming we got from the last provincial government i imagine it will take some time to set things right...

  • Wednesday, November 05/2003 -- 04:43 PM   
  • first blog with trillian via trillblog, a trillperl plugin...

  • Wednesday, November 05/2003 -- 11:15 AM   
  • still here...just busy...blogging took a backseat to programming the last couple of weeks...

  • Monday, October 27/2003 -- 02:30 PM   
  • i finally had to give up on jeremiah . saw the first ep of the 2nd season. just too friggin' boring...and i was pretty sure that 'god' thing that frodo's buddy was going on about was just going to annoy me...

    too bad too. jms really can crank out better stuff than that.

    and carnivale is beginning the drain spin also. although i should compliment hbo for the first sepia toned series. i guess i'm too jaded. at least 'dead like me' has some humour in it...

  • Saturday, October 25/2003 -- 01:16 PM   
  • gah, too busy to blog...that's not good...all my programming projects have slowed way down....

  • Wednesday, October 15/2003 -- 01:53 PM   
  • obviously more people are using firebird and/or thunderbird than the various computer magazines would have you believe. firebird v0.7 and thunderbird v0.3 were both released today.

    not only are the respective sites SLOW but the forums are offline. they'll be interesting reading once they're back up and running...

  • Tuesday, October 14/2003 -- 01:38 PM   
  • i'm not sure exactly how i did it, but i managed to get it so that outlook express wouldn't run on my windows 2000 machine...that's a good thing :)

  • Wednesday, October 08/2003 -- 11:23 PM   
  • well i SHOULD be putting out the maintenance release of tkblog v2.41, i've been working feverishly on another program in collaboration with a colleague from my fidonet days.

    i'll make an announcement when it's actually on the web site...

  • Thursday, October 02/2003 -- 11:00 PM   
  • "not this time ernie, not this time"

  • Tuesday, September 30/2003 -- 03:52 PM   
  • everyone should use my isp...where it takes TWO clicks to get to a web page

    you reading this feepers? it's now been a week.

    some of you may say, 'did you phone tech support' and you'll find that the my isp's customers don't generally phone anymore. 'reboot windows' and 'power cycle the cable modem' are the typical responses from tech support. and, of course rebooting MY computer won't fix THEIR servers.

  • Friday, September 26/2003 -- 11:33 AM   
  • open blog to microsoft, yahoo, others considering the same im policy of stupidty:

    i can probably speak for a few people here. we aren't going to use your 'official' instant messengers. if gaim, or trillian will no longer work with your im service, i will go to altme and invite my contacts.

    to everyone who uses the official msn or yahoo im clients: you deserve everything that software is going to do to your machine. haven't you heard? it's the new millenium, security and privacy are the new normal.

  • Friday, September 26/2003 -- 09:51 AM   
  • between my flakey isp, and and even flakier windows, i was unable to do complete testing on tkblog and the installer so the mini-maintenance release is delayed.

    open comment to microsoft: your os really does bite.

  • Tuesday, September 23/2003 -- 11:40 AM   
  • my flakey isp is at it again.

    every url i clicked on yesterday required a minimum of TWO clicks to get to the web page....some required anywhere between 2 and 10...

    today it's worse, one of the regular pages i visit still won't resolve...

    as of this morning two people reported that they sent email to me that i didn't get...

    hey guys if you're wandering around your servers reading this or generally violating my privacy FIX YOUR FEEPING SERVERS

  • Tuesday, September 23/2003 -- 11:30 AM   
  • it looks like there will be a new release of tkblog this week. a wee bit of an rss tweak, and i'll try to squeeze at least one feature into it...

  • Tuesday, September 23/2003 -- 12:15 AM   
  • wow, here's some things pissing me off.

    one of the reasons i watch stuff on the the movie network (we get the hbo and showtime series via those channels) is that you get to see the movies and series the way the directors intended....

    so what did they do to tonight's episode of dead like me ? they CENSORED a few words from one of the characters lines. my jaw literally dropped open....wtf is THAT about?

    now you'll notice the link for that show isn't the official link to the series. showtime has the official web page. if you're in the states, you'll see that without any problem...but if you're up here in the Great White North you get a bullsh*t message that says:

    "We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States."

    and wtdf is THAT about?

    first they censor the show, then they censor canadians. well, hopefully they don't make any really clever hacker irate and s/he takes their site offline...

  • Monday, September 22/2003 -- 11:56 PM   
  • ok, this shouldn't be that hard to do...

    i tried for about 3 hours to order a wireless compact flash card via the web. i found a few sites in canada, but they didn't have the card. a number of places in the states had what i wanted but they wouldn't ship to canada.

    ecommerce is a nice idea, but it's got a LONG way to go.

  • Monday, September 22/2003 -- 02:16 PM   
  • six feet under just couldn't catch a break on last night's emmy show. curb your enthusiasm didn't do all that well either....at least friends was mostly ignored.

    but the network executives should probably wake up and look at the nomination list...how many HBO shows were nominated?

  • Wednesday, September 17/2003 -- 02:42 PM   
  • i was at staples a few hours ago, and made an on the spot impulse purchase. 5 mini cd-r's (verbatim brand). as i was picking them up off the shelf wandering what i would do with them when i was flooded with ideas...

    first up was a 'mini installs' cd. this would be software i can't live without and would want to get up and running right away, in case i had to reinstall my os. i've already created a 650meg 'installs' disk which i update on a cd-rw. but i thought a permanent 185meg install might be fun...i can already tell that these won't be the last mini cd-r's i buy

    next up is going to be a programming environment, one for perl, one for tcl/tk, and once for bcx. they'll probably all fit on the same disk...

  • Monday, September 15/2003 -- 06:08 PM   
  • finally got around to installing gpg and enigmail for thunderbird...my old pgp key is history (it had the wrong email address anyway) so my this is my new pgp key

  • Friday, September 12/2003 -- 01:03 PM   
  • ok anybody who read this knows i was off by six months...what can i say they must have been busy with movies...i expect that the huge business that giggly did at the boxoffice and all that attention they got, it , "<sniff> just got to be too much we HAD to cancel" <snrk>

  • Friday, September 12/2003 -- 11:52 AM   
  • ah, i see lame-o's denials are starting already...his lawyer(s) probably told him to admit to just enough to stay out of prison...

    i wonder how many hits a 'jail-lame-o.org' site would get?

  • Thursday, September 11/2003 -- 11:31 AM   
  • today we are reminded that peace and freedom just pisses off some countries over there :/

  • Wednesday, September 10/2003 -- 11:47 AM   
  • mitnick's girlfriend (lame-o, you should get one too) decides to put up a 'free lame-o' site...to help pay his legal defense...

    of course everyone is entitiled to a legal defense but WE DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR HIS. unless your stupid enough to want to.

    did anybody else catch his contradiction when talking to kevin rose?

    oh, and his parents put up their house as collateral for his bond....you know why? because some oober-hacker used is REAL NAME <snrk>

  • Sunday, September 07/2003 -- 03:09 PM   
  • open blog to lame-o: so you pooped in your own sandbox and got caught at it.

    ok, everyone raise your hand if your an oober-hacker and use your real name...you know, so the FBI can stake out your parent's house...yeah, that's what i thought.

    ok, it's not bad enough that you pooped in your own sandbox so that when you get caught you probably won't be able to play in it again, but you stunk it up for the rest of us.

    i take it you're smart enough to get a real job. so why don't you have one? because you bought into your own existential hacker-mindset bullsh*t that you appropriated from a real hacker...

    and i'm not an expert on US law, but isn't the 'safe and secure' place you're staying actually owned by people harbouring a fugitive?

    and are hackers not allowed to learn from other hackers? if so what did you learn from kevin mitnick's ordeal? i can answer that: nothing. didn't fit in with your 'freedom to hack' moronic code...or some equally stupid motto...

    some of us real computer users have words for guys like you: loser and idiot come to mind right away...

  • Saturday, September 06/2003 -- 11:53 AM   
  • this is funny. the FBI finally charged that adrian lamo hacker k-rad d00d...wonder if that will wipe the smirk off his face. i think they were trying to turn him into some kind of tech folk hero on the screensavers. listening to him talk was like listening to one of our local hackers here (back in the bbs days).

    and where are these guys now...from what i can tell neither one of them have jobs. and now only one of them is 'free to do his own thing'.

    maybe lamo can try his superior social engineering skills to get out of a friendly encounter with bubba and his two cell mates....<snrk>

    well, i can dream can't i?

  • Friday, September 05/2003 -- 03:08 PM   
  • another thing the various computer trade magazines like to bring up: 'linux winning the desktop race' or 'capturing the desktop'.

    linux doesn't need to 'win'. it doesn't need to to anything...well, sure it would be nice for the commercial linux vendors like redhat if linux became the dominating desktop os but it's ONLY the commercial companies that need it to win.

    the various columnists seem to forget that a number of those who chose to use linux did so before win95 was even released. some chose it because they were tired of the windows problems. some of those people were amgia and os/2 users so rock solid underdog os's appeal to them anyway...

    i think there's enough developers out there that linux isn't going to go away anytime soon, so new and updated applications aren't going to be a problem...

    and every virus, worm, security udpate from microsoft puts another notch on the linux harddrive...

    i notice that a lot of the columnists are starting to quote 'free' when referring to linux....here's one for them: windows is very 'secure' <snrk>

  • Friday, September 05/2003 -- 02:05 PM   
  • the various trade magazines are starting another round of articles about how linux might not be cheaper than windows...

    it's obvious by reading the various columns that NOT ONE of the columnists has a calculator...

    sure they talk about 'migration costs' and 'training costs' when it comes to adopting linux...but they ALWAYS to fail to mention the 'upgrade costs' and 'licensing costs' when it comes to maintaining windows.

    well, i've made the switch on my main machine. cost of linux: zero dollars. cost of linux licensing: zero dollars. cost of linux training: $25 (ok it was a book i had to read). that was almost ten years ago.

    there IS no training needed for linux today. it's a windowed interface, just like windows. and from my experience people who have trouble with the gui desktop of linux have the same problems with windows.

  • Thursday, September 04/2003 -- 01:58 PM   
  • i should be working on the next version of tkblog...i have a few tweaks i want to do for v2.45, and i think there will be one or two major features for v3.00. i know that i want to rewrite one of the routines and there maybe an interface change/addition.

    in order to keep some semblance of regular updates, i need to add fewer features for each release...

  • Sunday, August 31/2003 -- 11:30 PM   
  • well, knoppix is ok for an emergency boot cd or a default installation. but any heavy duty customization will kill it. apt-get is a major bottle neck for any debian install...

    my knoppix hd install will no longer fire up the moziilla mail client...i wish i'd done something to cause it, but i was just doing some mindless surfing...decided to fire up mozilla mail and nothing....

    i have my suse 8.2 cd's now, so i'll give that a whirl after i backup my current suse 6.4 setup....

  • Tuesday, August 26/2003 -- 10:04 AM   
  • it's been a while since i've downloaded an burnt the knoppix 3.1 cd.. the real technical feat of that particular distro is the hardware detection...puts the commercial distributions to shame...

    there's an option to save all your .*rc files to floppy so they are available on the next reboot. with all the customization i was doing it didn't take too long before the compressed file was too large for the floppy.

    the obvious next step is to install it to the hard drive. knoppix makes this easy with an install script. if you already have a swap file and a ready to format partition, installation is simplicity itself. it's just a matter of picking options as they come up on the install screen.. it probably took 30 minutes before i had the full debian based knoppix installed.

    as debian users know (and proselytize) about the wonders of the apt-get package management system. i had made that system useless inside of ten minutes. kilt it all up (voice of dub taylor or strother martin).

    i wasn't the first though and there was a fix that was half-easily found...but anytime i see a debian user yelling 'rpm hell', i'll yell back with 'dynamic mmap ran out of memory'.

    first thing i did once installed to the hd was dump that bloated boat anchor they called kde. i prefer to use once called vtwm. and i have it configured to looks like this. it's small, light, fast, etc. i don't like a cluttered desktop (i have NO icons on my windows desktop). i have a bit more customization to do before i'm happen with the setup...

  • Thursday, August 21/2003 -- 08:35 AM   
  • it really bugs me when i hit a news type of site (whether it's computer related or not) and there is no option for an rss feed...specifically i'm complaing about the pc mag site. i'd rather not click half a dozen times to read john c dvorak's column or his inside track.

    my best guess is that they do it just to generate hits on their web page...

    free clue to those sites that do that: nobody is impressed by the number of hits anymore. people are more impressed with the ease of navigating a site and getting information on it.

    cnn's rss feed seems to have disappeared also...

  • Thursday, August 21/2003 -- 03:39 AM   
  • today should be the last day of potential rolling blackouts. we didn't have any yesterday but i wasn't going to take any chances...

    i had knoppix up and running for over 10 hours yesterday...i was suprised how how much i DIDN'T miss windows...i guess i'm going to have to break down and upgrade my suse 6.4 with 8.2 and just dump that windows piece of garbage altogether...

  • Tuesday, August 19/2003 -- 03:00 PM   
  • decided to run an emgercency knoppix (3.1) so i wouldn't lose anything on a power failure...with a bit of wangling i moved what i needed of my tkblog setup so i could post this...

  • Monday, August 18/2003 -- 12:29 PM   
  • vented spleen is still being affected by rolling blackouts...

  • Sunday, August 17/2003 -- 01:53 PM   
  • i started a view polls to get some installation feedback on tkblog installation...feel free to leave any other kind of feedback also...

  • Sunday, August 17/2003 -- 01:27 PM   
  • i think north america got a wake up call for 'free' with the blackout. and now we see the politicians are starting to bicker...hopefully they won't bicker too long and actually initiate some kind of fix...

    nobody has said it yet (on tv) but a major portion of the internet was taken out too. this leads me to question the myth that the internet was 'built to survive a nuclear war'...uh, no it wasn't...

  • Saturday, August 16/2003 -- 01:03 PM   
  • ok, looks like you won't see tkblog on webattack. the reasons given were 'poorly documented' i guess the three different versions of of the docs provided were too much to read. or they missed the Quickstart <snrk> ; the other reason was 'too many errors'. generally that happens when the DOCS AREN'T READ.

    so, i can only conclude that tkblog isn't really for newbies OR for people who can't find the Quicktart section of the docs...

    that comes as a bit of a relief , that usually means i don't need to support windows users...those who use it, were able to set it up (even with the odd config issue) and generally like the program...
    rather than fix the 'problems' the editors/reviewers on webattack or tucows had, i'll keep submitting updates to the other 60 or 70 sites that took it <snrk>

    oh, one other thing. NONE of the sites i submitted to had an appropriate category to submit to...i generally picked 'internet/misc.' when it was available.

  • Friday, August 15/2003 -- 10:10 AM   
  • i guess it goes without saying that if the msgboard or my entire page is gone...you know what's going on :)

  • Friday, August 15/2003 -- 10:06 AM   
  • raise your hand if you think the power infrastructure is ok in north america...yeah, that's what i thought...

  • Friday, August 15/2003 -- 10:03 AM   
  • Thursday, 14 August, 2003 -- 05:45 PM

    Turns out this is a big one..

  • Friday, August 15/2003 -- 10:02 AM   
  • Thursday, 14 August, 2003 -- 05:45 PM

    As i scribble this on my pocketpc the power has gone out city wide. And at least in one of the next towns over. I think i know how they feel in california now.

  • Wednesday, August 13/2003 -- 09:27 PM   
  • and the three dog night 'one' award for dumbest sign up procedure for a free email account goes to....hotpop.com...i'd be less interested in how many accounts they actually have, than i'm interested in how many people COULDN'T sign up for them. the idea was probably clever when they came up with it, but poor implementation made them useless...

  • Wednesday, August 13/2003 -- 02:08 PM   
  • MSBlast....kinda gives new meaning to the phrase 'windows sucks'.

  • Monday, August 11/2003 -- 02:41 PM   
  • here's an important hint for those companies that run software submission sites: you may be missing out on a lot of good freeware/shareware software. the reason i s simple. some of you won't allow free email addresses to be used for registration or contact information. my guess is that you have some affiliation with the various spammers.

  • Saturday, August 09/2003 -- 12:50 PM   
  • finally released tkblog v2.40. more details in docs or here.

    it will start showing up on freshmeat and nonags among other places, but because of that mysterious 'readme.1st' file and the tucows 'reviewers' (and/or) windows inability to handle that file, you will NOT see it on tucows...that's a badge of honour for me :)

  • Thursday, August 07/2003 -- 02:48 PM   
  • not that it was a suprise but i think i learned a valuable lesson today. not all rss feed readers are the same. some have bugs, some are just plain broken.

    i started out with feedreader, but i didn't really like the interface. then i moved to amphetadesk. it wasn't reading my own feed very well (although it looks like i may have screwed something up now that i look closer at the blog data. i tried a python one called 'effnews' but it was crap AND slow. now i'm trying out one called awasu and it's not bad...as i typed this i fired up my browser to get the url's and i noticed that feedreader has been heavily upgraded so i'll probably take another look at that...

  • Thursday, August 07/2003 -- 12:54 PM   
  • first test of tkblog v2.40 that i'll probably release today...

  • Thursday, August 07/2003 -- 10:19 AM   
  • last night i did a google search for tkblog. i do it semi regularly to see who's linking in, number of hits, etc. imagine my suprise when i found www.tkblog.com as the first link that google showed :) a few few links down i find tk.modblog.com. i've had an email exchange with them and we're all able to play nice in the internet sandbox. i've made a mention of the other sites on the tkblog page. so nobody ends up here without a route there...

  • Wednesday, August 06/2003 -- 07:55 PM   
  • you'll notice a new graphic in the frame at the left. i added my site to blogscanada.ca. check it out...

  • Wednesday, August 06/2003 -- 07:49 PM   
  • i've been a fan of bill maher since i first saw him on the tonight show with johnny carson. his movie 'cannibal women in the avacado jungle of death' wasn't the appearance that swayed me :) . i can't figure out why i never searched for it sooner but just a few minutes ago, i discovered his blog. i generally agree with about 90% of his opinions...he's just wrong about the other 10% :)

  • Wednesday, August 06/2003 -- 02:03 PM   
  • cbc up here is running the spielberg mini-series Taken. some 'doctor' wrote in to TV Guide complaining that some of the events weren't real and the mini-series was presenting them as if they were.

    well, two things he might be interested in:

  • it IS a TV mini-series. some stuff on tv isn't real. <snrk>

  • to paraphrase george carlin, 'doctor there's a few buttons on your tv. one to switch the channels, one to turn it off.' VAGUELY important.
  • Monday, August 04/2003 -- 04:01 PM   
  • tkblog v2.40 will definitely be released this week. i'm going to use it for the next day or so to make sure there aren't any surprises,...

  • Wednesday, July 30/2003 -- 06:53 PM   
  • kudos to muchmusic, they still aren't showing any of the actual sars concert, but they HAVE gone almost 7 hours without playing any rap...<snrk>

  • Wednesday, July 30/2003 -- 03:16 PM   
  • up here in the GWN, the 'music station' (ok, it mostly plays rap, just like mtv does) is called 'muchmusic'.

    they're covering the 'sars concert'. you know the one with 14 different bands playing but you only hear about the rolling stones <snrk>

    from what i gather the whole thing started around noon. as i type this it's been running for about 3 hours...and as far as i can tell muchmusic has shown just over 2 minutes of actual live music...as a matter of fact, they've had more commercial time advertising the concert than they have actual concert...

    but hey, they're playing videos from all the bands that are live, so that's something. double <snrk>

    oh, and justin timberlake (if that's your REAL name). maybe you could cut your set short, turn around and watch a few bands play some real music...

  • Tuesday, July 29/2003 -- 11:02 AM   
  • we have a new tkblog user . check out except when you get a chance.

    speaking of tkblog, a release is imiminent. a few things on the todo list have been finished, and it least one major feature will have been added...

  • Monday, July 28/2003 -- 11:32 AM   
  • the author of XPB Basic packed it in. no url's to point you to as he took the web site down. from what he told the members of the forum he ran, it was the piracy and the growing lack of enjoyment in the development process of the compiler.

    while xpb had a few bugs they were constantly being fixed along with new features being added as the compiler progressed. the only way to get the capability now that xpb had is with bcx, and the full development install of bcx is over 80 meg. xpb was just under 1 meg.

    so the piraters win again. instead of cracking a program so everyone could use it illegally, they've stopped the development so that nobody could use it. kudos to feepers that pulled that one off. <snrk>

  • Thursday, July 24/2003 -- 11:44 AM   
  • ah, it's nice to hear about a windows 2003 server exploit. so it turns out w2k3 ISN'T the most secure version of windows after all <snrk> 'course this one isn't specific to that version, but from win98 onwards.

    a windows security flaw. really. who'da thunk it.

  • Wednesday, July 23/2003 -- 02:37 PM   
  • up here in the great white north, we get to see junkyard wars on a channel called 'tlc' (the learning channel).

    it seems like they lowered themselves a bit when they aired 'facelifts from hell'. a wee bit too sensationalistic for that channel...although they did sink a bit when they had judd nelson offering jaw droppingly stupid explanations for crop circles, ufo's, the pyramids, etc. judd must have needed to pay his rent that day <snrk>

  • Sunday, July 13/2003 -- 09:20 PM   
  • you know you're spending too much time programming when you don't get to blog for a week...

    i've been fiddling with the porting of tkblog to perl/tk...i SHOULD finish v2.40 and release it...

  • Monday, July 07/2003 -- 07:45 AM   
  • so the mozilla guys are cranking out a free browser. probably one of the best you can currently use. and they give it away for free..AND THEN they give you the source code...

    so what's the point of the ddos attack guys?

    i've said it before, it just looks like you enjoy sitting in your own poop...

  • Saturday, July 05/2003 -- 09:30 AM   
  • i was working on a friends xp system the other day. he's running it on one of IBM's 'newer' machines (new within the last year or so). unfortunately IBM (and they aren't the only company) tied that particular model heavily to the OS (xp in this case).

    here's how bad the situation is: when xp locks up (and folks, it DO lockup, IBM (obviously thinking like microsoft) failed to include a reset switch. 'simple' you say, just toggle the power. yes that would work...except, like i said the machine is heavily tied to the OS. so xp controls most of that. hitting the on/off switch does nothing (because xp is frozen solid)

    you know how i rebooted? i pulled the fricken' plug, and plugged it back in.

    i remember when win98 SE came out. everybody was saying (you can google around to find it) that it was one of the more stable versions of windows around. and we know now that it was NOT. then when windows ME came out, people were claiming it was rock solid (go ahead, google it, not hard to find). of course, now we know that it was one of the biggest pieces of crap ever cranked out by microsoft and being called an os at that same time.

    now we have xp. and what are the flock saying: 'most stable and secure versions of windows ever' (well actually they're saying it about server 2003 now). but you know what.? xp really IS crap..

    i can lock up any xp system in half an hour just doing 'regular windows stuff' (i SHOULD say regular OS stuff, but you can't do regular OS stuff with xp.

    one of my machines has win2k on it. and it's usually stable for about 3 weeks before it's obvious it needs a reboot. anyway, when i eventually upgrade to a newer machine i will make the clean break and just use linux exclusively. i really need to make the break from microsoft's stranglehold, and that's probably a good time to do it...

    so, my point is. XP sucks, those of you who don't believe it does just don't want to admit you flushed $400 down the drain.

  • Saturday, July 05/2003 -- 09:06 AM   
  • my cell phone beeps at me when i have a voice or text message waiting for me. if my phone is on and it does that, it usually means that my cell service is sending me a text message (usually about upgrading the features on my phone). last night it beeped, so that's what i figured....

    turns out i got two spam text messages. that's a first for me. but i have a guaranteed foolproof method for NOT getting spam on my cell phone.

    i'm one of those people who thinks text messaging is major dumbness. i don't use it. it's a phone if i need to tell something to somebody i will phone them. neat, eh? so my plan is to let my inbox fill up with it. when it's full, no more spam. simple concept. HAPPENS to work.

  • Thursday, July 03/2003 -- 09:02 PM   
  • windows xp sucks.

  • Thursday, June 26/2003 -- 09:50 AM   
  • we're 3 days into a 'heatwave' here. you know that means...the funky wiring my isp uses could cut in and out...if you're not reading this, that's what happened <snrk>

  • Sunday, June 22/2003 -- 11:04 PM   
  • i register a lot of shareware. sometimes i grumble about the price. in canada, after you make the exchange it's no longer a $25.00 affordable bargain. right now its not bad at $35.37, but it USED to be $41.85. we really take a hit on that exchange rate. but this is just insane. ok, the nt versions are probably worth it but MY cost for a dos program (yes that's DOS as in BEFORE windows) is $98.96.... for a dos program..and that doesn't include the $10 shipping which is $13.10 for me.

    and that's just for one copy. look at the multi-license prices...funnier than microsoft license agreements..

  • Sunday, June 22/2003 -- 07:28 PM   
  • decided to go with gostats. quick setup good selection of counter styles. note to the counter guys: free stuff still works. see how many of those $17.95 accounts you get...

  • Sunday, June 22/2003 -- 07:19 PM   
  • the counter guys decided that free services suck, so i'm switching counters...

  • Tuesday, June 17/2003 -- 03:42 PM   
  • so when is someone going to tell SCO to put up or STFU?

  • Tuesday, June 10/2003 -- 11:59 PM   
  • i thought i would check out the new adobe acrobat reader v6. adobe site has two versions. a 'basic' version about 9 meg, and a 'full' version about 15 meg. i downloaded both just to see what the difference was.

    clicked on the 'basic' version. the first thing it does is 'recompose' itself. must be a new fangled technology that adobe invented. and then when it runs it downloads the installer...yep you read that right. apprently the 9 or 15 meg download is just the client to download the installer <snrk>.

    v6 wouldn't install on that pentium machine i mentioned earlier...needs sp2. microsoft should thank adobe for perpetuating the stupidty...

  • Tuesday, June 10/2003 -- 01:16 PM   
  • i have old pentiumm/266 that's running win98 se. win98 gave me a crippled install, but that was all i had to work with at the time. it's been limping along since then...yesterday it crashed. big time. so big it took files with it so that it wouldn't boot (not to safe mode, not to anything). installed win2k on it. to my suprise win2k runs fine in 64 meg (especiallly if you turn off unneeded services. not only that, but it's easily 3 times faster than win98 was on the same machine.

    i'll bet it's a toss up as to what's a bigger piece of crap win98 or winME. from what i've seen of xp, i'd add that to the contest too...

  • Monday, June 09/2003 -- 02:59 PM   
  • this is funny: Microsoft Licensing Agreement v6.0

  • Monday, June 09/2003 -- 12:26 PM   
  • i had a bad dream last night. i dreamed i still had a machine with os/2 on it. but that wasn't the worst part. i had the idea that i'd like to install it on my main machine. i woke up this morning thinking, 'what did i eat last night'.

  • Wednesday, June 04/2003 -- 03:40 PM   
  • i was just thinking about various movements and the blue-veiners who protest in them:

    not once have i had to make a bomb, shoot somebody, or throw rocks at the police for my beliefs.

    my favorite though, is probably the pro-lifers who kill people to, you know, save lives <snrk>

  • Monday, May 26/2003 -- 11:43 AM   
  • i keep hearing that microsoft is working to reduce the amount of spam being sent to hotmail customers. i can only assume that it's not quite working yet. if anything my spam has gone UP. <snrk>

  • Wednesday, May 21/2003 -- 11:56 AM   
  • so the war is officially over. here are some stats:

    number of blue-veiners helping out with the relief effort: 0

    turns out they didn't want peace, they just needed a war to protest.

  • Tuesday, May 20/2003 -- 12:20 PM   
  • someone trying to follow in the knoppix footsteps has tried a bootable slackware distribution. the author claims it only contains software HE thought was useful. the closest thing i can guess as to what he thought was useful is 'mp3 player'

    sure the iso is only 200 meg. but just looking at the list of packages it contains i can only conclude that it's not useful for power user or a newbie who wants to try out linux.

    for example. he includes ONE editor. emacs. that's a great programmer's editor, but it's NOT for a newbie or anywone who wants to edit something quick. and that's all you can use emacs for in that distro because it doesn't contain any language (unless you count bash scripting).

    pico, dude, THAT'S the editor you include. i figure he could shave off 50 meg or replace it with something more useful.

  • Thursday, May 15/2003 -- 08:23 PM   
  • i see the early reviewers of 'matrix reloaded' want to get on the 'it didn't impress me ' bandwagon.


    yeah, whatever.

    star wars fans shouldn't be allowed to watch the movie let alone review it. go home, jar-jar is calling you...

  • Monday, May 12/2003 -- 12:37 PM   
  • i just read that hp is going to put expiry times on their inkjet cartridges. assuming they don't 'tm' it, and other printer companies (and printer cartridge companies for that matter) decide to follow their lead, i have the perfect advertisement for the competition who's really never been noticed in printer reviews:

    'our cartridges don't expire'

    i've been trying to come up with an analogy of just how bad a business practice that would be, but i can't think of anyting that doesn't sound stupid. probably because the idea IS stupid. microsoft is starting to take it in the pants for their licencing practises (how many times have they had to back peddle on that?) maybe hp needs a wakeup call too...

    i don't have an hp printer, and now i have TWO reasons not to buy one.

  • Friday, May 09/2003 -- 04:14 PM   
  • if you like rap you should not be allowed to review non-rap music. let me clarify some terms:

    by 'rap' i mean rap, hip hop, or whatever new name they come up with this year to disguise the fact that it's just rap.

    by 'like' i mean, out of all the thousands of rap 'tunes' available, if you like more than 6 seconds of any of it: you are a fan...

    and that all means you are completely unqualifed to review anything but rap. you've been tainted, no deep purple, jetrhro tull , or T.REX fan will ever believe any review you write...although a fan of rush's 'roll the bones' might.

  • Friday, May 09/2003 -- 01:16 AM   
  • i think it's entirely possible that the firebird database people made a big stink about nothing. i suppose they could fight for the name and maybe even win it, but here it is guys, a ticket for your very own ride on the clue train: nobody uses interbase, why do you think it's open source now?

  • Tuesday, May 06/2003 -- 09:52 PM   
  • i've spent the last week installing/testing/uninstalling software. i've decided i'm making a permanent change of my email client to thunderbird and my web browser to firebird.

    it hasn't been ALL work of course...i've sunk a lot of hours into galactic civilizations :)

  • Monday, April 28/2003 -- 07:58 PM   
  • open blog to 'mike the spammer' who just called techtv's screensavers show: i will never see any of your spam...oh, and you are an idiot. hopefully that grand a day you claim to make, will pay for your legal bills if you get sued...

    folks, eleminate ALL your spam get popfile

  • Friday, April 25/2003 -- 11:58 AM   
  • too bad rob zombie caved and listened to the mpaa...i guess i'll just wait for his movie to hit dvd, i'm sure it will be the full version and not that watered down, saccharin crap the mpaa would have us watch...clue for those guys. some of us movie goers are older than 12. i know you guys are in your nineties (hi jack) but you really need to get yourself firmly established into the '60's

  • Wednesday, April 16/2003 -- 12:20 AM   
  • i got an offer on one of the eweek newsletters i get...it was for an electronic version of the magazine (i already have a subscription to the paper version). i thought i would check it out, it's through a web site called 'zinio.com'. first attempt with opera6: got an error message saying the browser wasn't supported. apparently they only support internet explorer and a view versions of netscape

    i closed opera and fired up mozilla v1.3...no go.

    with extreme reluctance i fired up internet explorer...lit up my firewall like a christmas tree. decided to cancel it all, and do a virus check.

    conclusion: i'm not going to bother with electronic magazines through that web site. i shouldn't have to jump through hoops to download a specialized reader.

    free clue for the zineo guys: opera or mozilla. check'em out, there IS a world beyond microsoft...

  • Sunday, April 13/2003 -- 09:35 PM   
  • looks like the anti-war protesters suffered a big blow to their cause today. the pow's got rescued, and i just know some of you blue-veiner's were hoping they'd be killed....<snrk>

  • Wednesday, April 09/2003 -- 03:17 PM   
  • the number one faq question for tkblog seems to be 'where the heck is v2.40'. answer: you can email me for the latest beta. i'm working on the docs (in between a hundred other projects).

  • Sunday, April 06/2003 -- 10:19 PM   
  • way to go mathers you illiterate idiot...at least you didn't need a comma <snrk>

  • Thursday, April 03/2003 -- 04:11 PM   
  • jk rowling has a lot of nerve...(AND money) for suing the russian writer over 'tanya grotter'. ms. rowling needs to check out wizard's hall by jane yolen. unless jane yolen is already being compensated heavily by rowling for re-writing her works...that particular bit of news seems to have gotten buried...

  • Tuesday, April 01/2003 -- 08:58 PM   
  • well, that's funny. guys in [-programming-] on msn chat who think their ubercool. (uber and msn chat just do NOT go together <snrk> )

  • Tuesday, April 01/2003 -- 02:29 PM   
  • i've set up a world via safeworlds called 'vented spleen' there is a tkblog support area and a geb support area. it's by invite only so you have to email me for a username password. it's free, private, and secure. spleenboard is still going to run though...

  • Monday, March 31/2003 -- 10:34 AM   
  • how do you know when anti-war protesters are feeling frustrated? they start doing stupid things. they throw rocks and bottles at the police, they make public statements hoping more troops get killed, they give treasoness information to iraqi media. i'm not saying all protesters are breaking the law. but those excersizing the right to 'peaceful assembly' aren't getting on tv to blue-vein their hypocrasy , now are they? <snrk>

  • Friday, March 28/2003 -- 11:02 AM   
  • as expected the filthy critic, hasn't seen alien, or dreamcatcher (the movie he supposedly reviewed, here's a hint: proof read). or he hasn't read dreamcatcher. and i'd hazard a guess he's not seen any other movie based on a stephen king book (although he's probably reviewed them <snrk>) i suspect he's fallen into trap i've seen other reviewers fall into: not seeing the movie, and proving it by a review where they makes it painfully obvious.

    he said the movie didn't make sense to him....i believe him (two snrks)

  • Thursday, March 27/2003 -- 12:59 PM   
  • i seem to be getting flack from some protesters. their main complaint of course, is that i'm calling them hypocrits. rather than explaining in detail why i think they are, i'd extend the opportunity to have them tell me why they aren't. hint: the following arguments won't work:

  • war is bad

  • bush is wrong

  • i don't think i have to explain why those two arguments border on silly.

    and let's be clear that i'm not against their right to protest. i'm sure everyone is aware of the people who died fighting to keep that right alive.

  • Monday, March 24/2003 -- 12:06 AM   
  • you know what one of the two hardest things in the world to do are?

    win an an academy award AND look like an idiot in front of a billion people at the same time.

    so mikey, i take it you WERE expecting the boo's... right?

  • Sunday, March 23/2003 -- 03:31 PM   
  • you had to wonder why there was so much resistance from france, germany, and russia that they didn't want to help out against the iraqi regime....well now we know what russia has been up to. poutine <snrk> gets added to the bag of hammers...

  • Sunday, March 23/2003 -- 03:27 PM   
  • something i forgot to add in my how to list:

  • make sure you sign up for the diplomatic corps. in your country. your obvious brilliance in diplomacy is probably superior to the hundreds of politicians and diplomats who couldn't solve the problem
  • Saturday, March 22/2003 -- 11:40 PM   
  • i was thinking of calling this 'the vented spleen anti-war protester's kit' but instead i think a better name is 'how to be an anti-war protester':

  • make sure you don't have anything above a grade 3 education reason: from about grade 4 onwards you start learning about geography and history.

  • make sure your sign is clever. you can do this by mispelling words, peace signs, etc.

  • when you're screaming your obscenities (you know, in between your anti-war statements) you have at least one vein pulsing on your forehead

  • make sure, if your a mommy and daddy, you drag junior out there holding a sign he can't read. that way there'll be 3 of you out there that are clueless

  • make sure that the equivalent of all the time and effort you spend in protesting is NOT spent on the humanitarian part
  • Friday, March 21/2003 -- 11:18 AM   
  • somebody in the US patent office needs to check the outside world for a minute or so. they're granting patents for ideas. i was under the impression you couldn't do that.

    what's wrong with this CNN headline: "anti-war protests turn violent". CNN should probably stop reporting the obvious. protesters are hypocrits...they give proof of that everytime they blue-face with their sign. what is it about being under 21 that makes some people dumb feeping stupid?

    at least when the 'war' is over the hypocrits can go home and be stupid where we can't see them...

  • Wednesday, March 19/2003 -- 01:25 PM   
  • you'll notice i toned down the background colours again...adding a stylesheet has made the process a lot easier. i should have done it ages ago...

  • Wednesday, March 19/2003 -- 01:10 PM   
  • i've been watching CNN when i really should be updating tkblog...

  • Wednesday, March 19/2003 -- 10:32 AM   
  • i wish CNN would STFU with their "chicken little" routine. they did the same thing the first time around before the gulf war. for those who've fallen for it:

  • the jets will NOT drop out of the sky because of the distance
  • the troops will NOT die of starvation
  • the troops are NOT psychologically disturbed from the wait
  • i get the feeling that everyone will be suprised at the ferocity of the attack if/when it happens...

  • Wednesday, March 19/2003 -- 10:16 AM   
  • i see the hit counter passed the 10k mark...the first 3 or 4 thousand of those were initially due to the release of geb...the rest have been since tkblog was released.

    the blog format is going to change, and that's why the release has been delayed. those of you using the beta's already know this...

    and it was pointed out to me twice about the dumb stupid bug tkblog has, which is going to be fixed and tested before the next release. the release has enough significant changes that i don't think a version number of 2.40 is justified. i may have to go to v3.00...

  • Monday, March 17/2003 -- 12:39 PM   
  • looks like my isp's wires are really wet today <snrk> i just had a 45 minute outage :/

  • Friday, March 14/2003 -- 12:36 PM   
  • mozilla v1.3 just got released and i already found a bug in it...i can't believe it wasn't tested before it was released...

  • Thursday, March 13/2003 -- 11:04 PM   
  • Why is ANYBODY from CNN talking to ANYBODY from vanity fair? Or, for that matter, why was ANY french leader talking to anybody from the music industry? And who really GAF what jessica lange has to say about foreign U.S. Policy?

  • Tuesday, March 11/2003 -- 11:18 AM   
  • larry wall has released more information on perl6. he's doing this as a series of documents he's calling 'apocalypse'. when they get released they are usually slashdotted....and then....and then folks we get the usual round of stupidity from the regular slashdot posters. probably clueless python programmers...

  • Friday, March 07/2003 -- 02:32 PM   
  • i just realized that most people viewing this web page probably don't have their brightness turned down like i do. i'm using an lcd monitor and to avoid major retina burnout i have to really crank down the brighness...the hex code for the background colour is #008080 but crt users would get a better idea of what i wanted the page to look like if they could see it at #005050...

  • Friday, March 07/2003 -- 12:38 PM   
  • i'm in the process of creating a treepad help file for tkblog. i can see that in the process it's going to make the regular text documentation better...

  • Wednesday, March 05/2003 -- 02:26 PM   
  • michael jackson in the news again...the voodoo stuff is clearly an attempt to take the focus away from that freakshow he's using for a head.

  • Monday, March 03/2003 -- 02:02 PM   
  • i don't know who should be more to blame here, CNN or rolling stone...yesterday some cnn 'journalist' was interviewing some rolling stone 'journalist' about avril lavigne...

    they said she was from napanee (which is true) and that napanee was 'just outside of toronto' which is 'geographically' WRONG. that's like saying washington DC is 'just outside of' buffalo ny'

    as a canadian living in ontario that was funny enough, but then they turned it into a relgious town 'the whole town goes to church on sunday'. this may have been an attempt at a colloquial generalization . there are all kinds of people in napanee that don't go to church on sunday or ANY day for that matter...

    all i kept thinking was 'don't you guys have atlases down there?'

  • Friday, February 28/2003 -- 06:26 PM   
  • i'm glad bono could meet with the french leader's to help solve the world's problems...i was gettin' kinda worried there<snrk>

  • Wednesday, February 26/2003 -- 07:40 PM   
  • i think tonight is going to be the first night that i'm going to miss the west wing on purpose...i hate to say it, but it's just not the same without rob lowe. i'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with the history-ignorant actor who plays the president...

  • Monday, February 24/2003 -- 12:07 PM   
  • looks like some knob using cogeco (my isp) has decided to get every one of us banned from lockergnome...smooth move exlax...

  • Friday, February 21/2003 -- 12:44 PM   
  • so the UN inspectors got sent home...i wonder if the tv networks will still run the celebrity infested 'inspections work' ads. <snrk>

  • Friday, February 21/2003 -- 12:42 PM   
  • Geez, if i keep it up i'll have to rename this site STFU...because the list of people who need to do it is growing and i have no qualms about telling them

  • Friday, February 21/2003 -- 12:41 PM   
  • Just watched that smarmy knob's diatribe ending with 'body bags'. He looked pretty pleased with his inflammatory comment.

    And then the other guy's rebuttal was cut short. it's not 'talkback live' it's 'soundbyte live'

  • Wednesday, February 19/2003 -- 08:09 PM   
  • this happened a while ago but it's ironic. while complaining about the attitide and rudeness of members in the python newsgroup somebody called me a f***ing ***hole :) i think the post is still available through google groups.

    anyway, i assume his point was that they weren't rude and didn't have an attitude <snrk>

  • Wednesday, February 19/2003 -- 08:03 PM   
  • Let's break down the stupity of those 'public service' ads shall we:

    phrase: "inspections work"
    fact: no it doesn't
    proof: the current deception and inaction
    solution for peaceniks: need to watch more news.

    phrase: "war doesn't"
    fact: yes it does
    proof: saddam invades kuwait. he is removed by military force.
    solution for peaceniks: watch more tv...world affairs are obviously beyond your understanding but they don't have to pass you by. But it's not a suprise if your a ' survivor' or 'american idol' fan and think it's real

  • Wednesday, February 19/2003 -- 04:22 PM   
  • well, what can you say about that idiot kid in michigan that had his t-shirt banned? he needs to read a few history text books, get about ten more years of life experience...and read some history...THEN he can wear his t-shirt. he'll still be an idiot, but at least he'll have some facts...

    and this 'virtual protest' the celebrities are advocating...i don't think too many of them are at the right end of the bell curve and it shows. using your status to promote your ignorance is typical...

    in case i haven't made my point: if you are protesting the new gulf war II show on cnn you are a hypocrit...

  • Tuesday, February 18/2003 -- 11:15 AM   
  • the google-whine (oops,sorry 'watch') site is at it again. somewhere along the line he got a bug up his ass about google and he can't get it out. until another search engine can pull up consistently GOOD searches i'm not switching. google detractors should probably swtich now and then STFU

  • Monday, February 17/2003 -- 06:49 PM   
  • i was going to give the sharpest knife in the drawer award to that guy selling an airline operations manual on ebay...but i think the award MUST go to the 'human shield ' group over in iraq...congradulations, you are too stupid to live...and you're doing just the right thing to accept the award...

  • Monday, February 17/2003 -- 04:09 PM   
  • upgraded spleenboard to the latest released elog...someday when i get really energetic i'll sit down and commment the css file so the colours aren't a half hour trial and error session to configure...

  • Monday, February 17/2003 -- 11:45 AM   
  • if you're reading this and you're a misguided peacnik: isn't it nice to live in a country where you can actually take to the streets and scream injustice till you're blue in the face? make you feel good? so good that you can go home and watch the news about countries whose citizens CAN'T do that?

    i hope so you fricken' hypocrit.

  • Monday, February 17/2003 -- 11:40 AM   
  • here's a comment i made on wil wheaton's blog about all the 'world wide' protests about iraq's impending doom:

    you know, it's really groovy to be a peacenik and all that, but what *i* want to know is: what the hell is it about freedom that pisses off those countries over there? i noticed that the peaceniks kept their cakehole shut after sept 11...it's sad to think that a few thousand people have to die before someone clue's in to the bigger picture...


  • Sunday, February 16/2003 -- 06:19 PM   
  • 'the michael jackson freakshow review' is touring all week on tv...ok maybe only two nights, but three hours is about 3 hours longer than the media should be spending on that nutbar...

  • Friday, February 14/2003 -- 02:01 PM   
  • here's an example of online shopping failing horribly:

    i went to amazon looking for a few books to complete a collection. i found every book i was looking for. i COULD have bought them new, but decided to buy used copies to save money. i was able to find each book for $0.50 or less (and one was suspiciously being sold for $0.01). anyway, i clicked on the various used books to buy them, and the total price was less than $5.00....and then i looked at what the shipping total came to: $39 and change. that broke down to almost $10 shipping and handling for each book.

    this is all in US currency. that $10 equates to $15 in canadian funds and i know for a fact that it does not cost $15 canadian to ship a paperback to the states...i think both parties are getting ripped off here...

  • Thursday, February 13/2003 -- 08:34 PM   
  • i see the author of the language , which should be called ostrich, is out flogging it again...

    dude, nobody is writing command line programs anymore...and ostrich (you know it as python) is just klunky when it comes to writing gui code....

    i could probably port tkblog to python, but there's no point in doubling the amount of code <snrk>

  • Thursday, February 13/2003 -- 12:01 PM   
  • paypal has a new license agreement they want you to agree to...some mumbo jumbo of giving you 60 days and then you get to agree to it anyway <snrk>

    so i went to the site to just agree to it and get it over with...about 25 clicks later i found a page that actually lets you to agree to it...they SHOULD have had a direct link to it...but i guess the web guys and the legal guys are in different rooms...

  • Wednesday, February 12/2003 -- 10:47 AM   
  • another blogging program is available. this one is written in ruby. it's not standalone, but for those who don't want to fiddle around with php it's an option.

    and another one has been written in python (that makes two so far). somebody on leoville wrote a standalone, cross-platform one in java that looks pretty good. as far as i can tell tkblog was the first standalone, cross-platform blogging tool. so far it's the only written in tcl/tk :)

  • Tuesday, February 11/2003 -- 12:17 AM   
  • dude you're not getting a doob...

    anybody think that's the end of his career with dell?

  • Sunday, February 09/2003 -- 06:29 PM   
  • i'd mention that michael jackson interview, but i think my last comment pretty much says it all.

    i'm going to make the tkblog installtion a little cleaner...all the sample templates will go into a 'sample ' directory. current ones will be in the main directory. i'm also going to have a plain default template and config file...tkblog should fire up even if it hasn't been properly configured...

  • Monday, February 03/2003 -- 06:46 PM   
  • spleen is about to be hit by some bad weather...it's entirely possible my flakey isp will get REALLY wet wires, and we'll be offline for a bit...maybe not, but i'm going by the past track record...

  • Sunday, February 02/2003 -- 04:29 PM   
  • to the stupid people putting up columbia items on ebay (real or not): you are an idiot.

  • Friday, January 31/2003 -- 03:54 PM   
  • the real beta 5 is there now...i'll be adding a few small things before the final release, but 2.40 is pretty much where i want it now...

  • Friday, January 31/2003 -- 11:55 AM   
  • as i posted in the tkblog msg area, i uploaded the tkblog beta 5 archive...

    of course if you look at the files you'lll see that everything screams 'beta 4'

    that's because it still is...but the template syncing tool is included and that's what counts.

    i'll have a proper beta 5 sometime this weekend, with an extra feature or two...

  • Thursday, January 30/2003 -- 11:05 AM   
  • you'll notice that the blog archives now all look like current template.   that means my template syncing tool is working, and i will be putting the new beta up sometime later today.   blogs written with v2.40 won't have a problem with syncing...all blogs written with a previous version need the blogtext tags around the blog entry in blog.dat file.

    yes, it's a pain to do, i have over 300 i had to add to, but you don't need to do it all at once.   i haven't actually tested what happens if you don't conver them all, but i think they'll be written to the blog.dat file as they are...

  • Thursday, January 30/2003 -- 10:56 AM   
  • i'm a registered user of opera 5.   opera 6 was a free upgrade.   i just found out very indirectly that opera 7 has been released.   i received no email about an upgrade.  

    so i installed it right over top my opera 6 installation (i'm kinda dangerous that way :) and plugged in my registration code.   nothing.  i thought i would figure it out later, so i worked on getting it working with my opera 6 bookmarks, configuration/look, etc..   i didn't like the fact that some of the config files were a different format, so i restored the opera 6 installation, and installed 7 in a different directory.    then i find out that i'll have to pay $15 US to upgrade.   that's over $20 CAN which , because i registered opera during a sale, effectively doubles my cost for the program.   uh huh, i don't think so.

    after working with it for a bit, i found the only new feature i really like is the 'wand' feature.   and all that really does is enter my password with one click, instead of the two i need now.

    i decided that i'm not being nickel and dimed by opera even if it IS the best browser out there.

  • Monday, January 27/2003 -- 09:20 PM   
  • tkblog v2.40 beta 4 is in the downloads area...more info in the tkblog msg area....

  • Monday, January 27/2003 -- 02:09 PM   
  • from what i can tell, my flakey isp has caused me to miss at least 53 email.   in case you're wondering THAT'S why you need more than one email address.

  • Monday, January 27/2003 -- 12:15 PM   
  • i've really got to finish the new beta of tkblog and make it available...the biggest new feature is blog syncing (ie. making all your blogs, including archive) looking like the latest enabled template.

    when i've finished the code i can clean up some of the regular tkblog code.   unfortunately it means that anybody with a lot of bog entries using version prior to 2.40 (me for example) have a bit of work to do if they want the new feature to work with old blogs...not difficult work, just tedious. i was going to write a conversion tool, but there's no way it would ever work 100% so it's not woth putting the effort into.

    i'm taking out the palmpilot support (which was a kludge at best) and i'm removing the eudora support, for now at least...i'm concentrating on some features that were requested by users.   they were easier and quicker to implement.

  • Sunday, January 26/2003 -- 02:21 PM   
  • are you tired of the negative feedback you get on ebay?   be a wee bit more accurate in your descriptions...oh, and make sure that if you take a particular payment method, you actually take that payment method without a list of conditions...

  • Sunday, January 26/2003 -- 12:13 AM   
  • a politician that represents our local area has a great idea for the location of federal offices, which are currently spread all over the city.   he's been turned down by our city council.   it seems our city council (who really cares what kind of turn-around they get, the philosophies haven't changed) wants to keep the stone age status quo we're being saddled with.

    we have a local joke here and it's called 'block D'.    it's property that has had numerous developers interested in putting money into but they always get stalled or refused by our city council.   as far as i can tell it's been going on for 50 years or so....THAT'S what this policitian is up against...

  • Friday, January 24/2003 -- 11:48 AM   
  • 'call for help' has an article on the 'bloggies' weblog awards.   going to the site and i found pretty much what i expected...blogs that have been associated with techtv at some point or other.

    i don't conisider 'slashdot' a blog.   and obviously those in the tech reporting industry, still consider third party hosting as the only way to blog.

    it's not.

  • Thursday, January 23/2003 -- 08:05 PM   
  • clownaid is claiming how many clones?   why don't they just say it's, oh, i don't, 1053...no proof of that many is the exact same as no proof for one.

    eventually the serious media will get tired of being taken for a ride, but for now it's a 'story' <snrk>

  • Thursday, January 23/2003 -- 05:44 PM   
  • clownaid...sorry, 'clonaid' <snrk> say they did it again...and the 'president' of clownaid is apparently barring the various media that print 'bad things' about what's going on...that's ok...eventually only the enquirer and their colleagues will be covering clownaid stupidity.

    and i have a question...just what grade did that clownaid and the cult it's invovled in get to? because i'm pretty sure that i learned real early on in my school experience that you can't make outlandish claims AND have people believe you if you don't offer a shred of evidence.

    i'd say something about the will power of people invovled in cults, but they've got their own problems...

  • Wednesday, January 22/2003 -- 01:16 PM   
  • this site lists free isp's .   when you read through the listing, you'll see that there's really no free isp's.   the ones that use to be free, were pretty much useless...i remember connnecting successfully once to netzero when i was looking for a back up to my flakey isp.

    i guess i can remove that link from my opera hotlist <snrk>

  • Tuesday, January 21/2003 -- 08:50 PM   
  • it's not the first time, but the screensavers made it sound like kevin mitnick knew nothing about modern computers or the internet...it was technology he wasn't allowed to touch, not books...

  • Tuesday, January 21/2003 -- 02:50 PM   
  • i've been using gaim for my multi-im client.  i WAS using trillian, but i found it buggy as hell and dropped it.  the current version of gaim is still alpha and doesn't support file transfers...i thought i would check out some of the free multi-im clients on webattack...

    every one of the clients had problems connecting to the various im services.    i suppose if my isp wasn't so flakey (wet wires or whatever) my testing might have gone better.   as it stands now. gaim gets disconnected (due to the isp) but it doesn't crash and it connects to the all the services fine...

  • Tuesday, January 21/2003 -- 10:13 AM   
  • guess which product this is:

    ingredients: aqua/water, cyclopentasiloxane, alcohol denat., isononyl isononanoate, octyldodecanol, c30-45 alkyk dimethicone, silica, ammonium polyacryloydimethyl taurate, olea europaea fruit oil, stearyl alcohol, glycerin, hydrogenated myristyl olive esters, panthenol, olea europaea leaf extract, triticum vulgare germ extract, totopheryl acetate, ceramide 3, vitreoscilla ferment, capryloyl salicylic acid, biosaccharide gum-1, guanosine, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, tocopherol, glycine soja oil, peg-20 stearate, peg-100 stearate, clyceryl stearate, polyglyceryl-2 distearate, peg-8 stearage, disodium stearoyl glutamate, polyacrylamide, c13-14 isoparaffin, laureth-7, bht, tetrasodium edta, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, cl 19140/yello 5, ci 42090/blue 1

    it's entirely possible i made a spelling mistake <snrk>   i'm sure a chemical engineer can correct me...

  • Tuesday, January 21/2003 -- 09:55 AM   
  • ok. new continuing rant: the google "clueless slashdot" count as of the timestamp on this blog it's: 6.

    i hate to admit it because i actually like the 'nerd news' aspect of slashdot, but lately the cluelessness seems to be increasing...slashdot is coming across as very 'american'.    the posters are entitled to their opinions but it needs to come from some kind of legitimate foundation not a knee-jerk reaction...

  • Tuesday, January 21/2003 -- 09:42 AM   
  • san francisco wants to ban the wheel...but only the wheels THEY choose...if i were dean i'd pull out all financial/tech intertest from the city.   maybe other innovators will follow suit and that city will be just left with fire...until they ban that too <snrk>

  • Monday, January 20/2003 -- 06:44 PM   
  • so i'm watching the local news and there's a segment on public protests about a looming war in iraq...the protests (by a bunch of hypocrits as most protests are) wouldn't have bugged me except for a few things:
  • some kid giving a speech had blue hair
  • he clearly new squat about the world in general
  • he was too young to have any life experience whatsoever
  • did i mention he had blue hair?
  • i'll concede that you might have an important message about various global topics, but it is completely and totally lost when you scream about injustice AND you have blue hair.

    i'm sorry, at that point you are a clown and i will give you the attention a clown deserves.   laughter.

  • Monday, January 20/2003 -- 04:04 PM   
  • decided to take a look at the spleen using the various browsers.   it renders ok in opera, and ie, but mozilla shows the comment under the date...i'm using an earlier build of mozilla so that could be it.

  • Monday, January 20/2003 -- 03:28 PM   
  • new beta of tkblog in the downloads area.  more details on the tkblog forum.

  • Monday, January 20/2003 -- 02:17 PM   
  • i watched the 'golden globe' awards last night...well it was more like background noise for my programming but it seemed to me that not too many celebrities took the whole thing very seriously

    the fake gushing was embarrasing after the first 15 minutes.   and i think meryl streep was more than a bit tipsy...

    i noticed mr decaprio didn't go home with any awards.   i hope he's not too disappointed.   that particular award show is his best bet for an 'acting' award <snrk>

  • Monday, January 20/2003 -- 01:33 PM   
  • new template again...another round of colour changes...

  • Friday, January 17/2003 -- 08:14 PM   
  • went to see LOTR: the two towers today. there's a movie that defines the word 'epic'. i thought it was better than the first.

  • Wednesday, January 15/2003 -- 01:51 PM   
  • seems to be a lot of noise generated from the hacktivismo camp...so i mosied on over to their website...and it looks like they have a radical user license for vapourware. not only that but it's only two pieces of vapourware <snrk>

  • Tuesday, January 14/2003 -- 03:34 PM   
  • new version of tkblog v2.40 beta in the downloads section. more information on the tkblog msg area...

  • Saturday, January 11/2003 -- 05:58 PM   
  • just had a quick visit the the fark web site...as i expected i'm unimpressed. i'm not sure i get what all the fuss is about. could be i missed their point...

  • Saturday, January 11/2003 -- 02:32 PM   
  • i'm really torn between keeping this template for my blog for a little while, or using the same style (maybe even colours) as the blog i mentioned for codesnob. i'm also working on a template to blog syncing program...

  • Friday, January 10/2003 -- 10:44 PM   
  • just sitting here watching john doe doesn't seem quite as interesting as it did when the series first started. i think it's one i can cross off my have-to-see list.

  • Friday, January 10/2003 -- 02:56 PM   
  • beta version of tkblog v2.40 is available in the downloads section. more details in on the tkblog msg area.

  • Friday, January 10/2003 -- 10:33 AM   
  • had to take the car in this morning to be 'e-tested'. that's an emissions test that the ontario provincial government is forcing on us to help clean up the air, eh? :)

    i wonder if the costs for this will go through the roof like the gun registry problem they're having...'course that's a general federal government problem...although now i hear they're going to fix it by spending more money to find out why it's costing so much <snrk>

  • Wednesday, January 08/2003 -- 02:57 PM   
  • my isp is being flakey again today...it's not snowing out, so i know the wires can be wet <snrk>

  • Wednesday, January 08/2003 -- 11:28 AM   
  • my isp has been flakey for the last 15 hours...i think it's ok now...the internet was created to withstand a nuclear war...we had a bit of wet snow last night and that's pretty much all it takes for my isp to have problems <snrk>

  • Tuesday, January 07/2003 -- 12:32 PM   
  • we have another tkblog user. check out code snob . nice layout too.

  • Tuesday, January 07/2003 -- 11:52 AM   
  • saddam: portrait of a guy who doesn't get it...but maybe he will...

  • Saturday, January 04/2003 -- 05:34 PM   
  • i've added a msg area for tkblog. haven't really decided if i should create a mailing list or not...when i announce new versions, i'll leave a more detailed description there.

  • Friday, January 03/2003 -- 09:22 PM   
  • just watched the trailer of the new Daredevil movie...on my pocketpc...the only real problem....ben affleck. sorry folks, he's not daredevil.

  • Monday, December 30/2002 -- 01:51 PM   
  • as i type this slashdot seems to be down...could be they're trying for a clever cowboy neal poll before they put it back up...<snrk>

  • Monday, December 30/2002 -- 02:06 AM   
  • as it turns out i did NOT re-install ez cd creator. i'm getting used to nero and of course they've now got the 'express' interface you can toggle on or off. i was really impressed with burning the 700meg knoppix iso in less than 6 minutes.

    i'm not really sure i want to add up the cost of software i've bought or registered and no longer use. :)

  • Monday, December 30/2002 -- 01:54 AM   
  • it's now been over two months since i announced tkblog v2.40...you'll notice i haven't released it yet. the only thing it had was crude palmpilot support. i wanted to add a few more features before macking an actual v2.40 release...all kinds of real life stuff got in the way...and i'll admit i'm spending more than my fair share of time on my pocketpc.

  • Sunday, December 29/2002 -- 04:51 PM   
  • i'm giving the spleen a new look...if you keep refreshing and it's changing, that's what's happening :)

  • Sunday, December 29/2002 -- 01:49 AM   
  • i just found harlan ellison's EDGEWORKS (all three volumes) at a second hand bookstore. his stuff is hard enough to find (mainly because it always seems to be out of print) that i buy the books whenever i find them.

    Lately i've started to pick up frederik pohl's novels, and asimov's non-fiction as well.

  • Monday, December 23/2002 -- 12:24 PM   
  • i see that most people hitting this web site are using internet explorer and by a large percentage too...i can only assume there are no power users in that crowd. power users would be using mozilla or opera...

  • Wednesday, December 18/2002 -- 06:09 PM   
  • i've been playing around with knoppix for the last few hours. i was impressed that it found all my hardware on bootup. i was even more impressed with the goodies that are included. as far as i'm concerned it completely dispels the myth that linux is hard to install. knoppix installation: put cd-rom into bootable drive. installed.

  • Wednesday, December 18/2002 -- 01:32 PM   
  • a quick hello to the members of blogboard who drop by...

  • Tuesday, December 17/2002 -- 04:34 PM   
  • i had to replace an 4 or 5 year old 2x cdrw drive the other day. the new drive came with nero v5 burning software. i was interested in trying it out..burnt a few cd's with it, but frankly i don't see what all the fuss was about. the interface sucks on it. it's not all that intuitive and more than a bit clunky. i also think it's interfering with a few other things. i'll probably re-install the last software i was using (ez cd creator).

  • Tuesday, December 10/2002 -- 01:41 PM   
  • ok, i can live with the ads in the sponsered version of eudora (although qualcomm would make a quicker sale at half price), but the ads are for clicking...which is dumb if the link doesn't actually work...

  • Tuesday, December 10/2002 -- 11:15 AM   
  • been busy lately...

    does spam free hotmail going to eudora sound good to you? then check out popfile and hotmail popper . i'll be gving more detail on the tools section when i get around to updating it...

  • Tuesday, December 03/2002 -- 01:43 PM   
  • my favorite editor boxer was just released. a number of features were added. the macro language being everyone's favorite if i had to guess...i've been using boxer (for dos and os/2) since '89 or so...well not for os/2 anymore, 'cause it's dead...but i still use the dos version almost daily on the dialup bbs

  • Tuesday, December 03/2002 -- 11:24 AM   
  • another microsoft funded idc 'survey' was released. saying that win2k had a cheaper total cost of ownership than linux. anybody with a calculator, a pencil and a piece of paper an figure out that linux is cheaper in the long run...even when you include the training angle..microsoft sure knows the right people to pay for their 'surveys'. they got caught with the mindcraft survey though...

  • Monday, December 02/2002 -- 01:36 PM   
  • looking at the filthy critics archives i see there's a wack of movies i need to correct him on...don't really feel like doing that now, but i'm making a list. a general observation though...he ALSO doesn't seem to get subtle or black comedy. or pretends to not get it. i'm not sure which is worse...anyway i'll be pointing these out in future blogs as i get to them...

  • Wednesday, November 27/2002 -- 10:54 PM   
  • i think i have the solution to animal testing. test on members of peta or shac. problem solved.

  • Tuesday, November 26/2002 -- 02:03 PM   
  • it's not so much that hotmail hasn't got very good spam filters...it's that their not even trying AT ALL. as far as i know .qwzxcvwq is not a valid top level domain, but hotmail lets it through...

  • Tuesday, November 26/2002 -- 01:57 PM   
  • it's official...the filthy critic doesn't get james bond movies either. if i had to take a guess, i'd say die another day is the first bond movie he's seen, he's just heard of the others...almost like the band paul mccartney had before the wings <snrk>

  • Monday, November 25/2002 -- 02:48 PM   
  • i think it's funny everytime someone on the the screensavers asks (usually a celebrity) 'pc or mac'. mac's grew till they had 10% or 11% of the market...and then they stayed there. if anybody thinks that an open architecture (or opensource for that matter) doesn't work, just look at the mac numbers. billion dollar proof.

  • Monday, November 25/2002 -- 02:46 PM   
  • i've been making my way through the post-OJ trial books...anybody who still thinks oj is innocent is an idiot.

  • Thursday, November 21/2002 -- 12:15 AM   
  • it's not a new thing, but every now and then when i'm searching for blog things, i run into somebody who's a tech columnist complaining that blogs are boring, a fad and on their way out, etc. i guess if the numbers showed that it were remotely true i'd give them a wee bit of credit for 'foreseeing' it. they're wrong of course, but even if they were right, i imagine there'd be quite a few people that will continue to blog anyway...i know i will be. i've been doing it on paper long enough i can't see any reason to stop online...

  • Wednesday, November 20/2002 -- 11:13 AM   
  • just went to read the filthy critic's 'review' of hannibal. and this time i agree with what he says about the movie. the part that bugs me is that he said all the right things, for the wrong reasons. the main reason the movie is so bad is because the book is gawdawful. it ranks as one of the worse books i've ever read (i've unintentionaly read a few stinkers). i'm convinced that the reason the book stunk was because the author forgot who his main characters were. somewhere between the second and third book hannibal lector became the master of all trades, and clarice became a screwup with no will power...i'm pretty sure parts of the book were ghost written also....anyway, try to make a movie out of all the crap, and you end up with the movie that made it to the box office <snrk>

  • Tuesday, November 19/2002 -- 11:35 AM   
  • like i needed any more proof that win98 was a piece of garbage (sorry it's NOT an os, no matter how many times you click your ruby slippers together and wish it were). i was printing all morning on a win98 machine. and then suddenly windows brought up a dialog that said i needed to set the default printer. i checked, and of course my printer WAS the default printer, i had other printer drivers installed, so i removed them so windows wouldn't get confused. no go. even though my printer was the ONLY printer installed AND set as the default. windows still popped up the dialog. rebooted, everything was back to 'normal' <snrk>

    a few years ago, i had a win98 machine where i had to reinstall the twain driver each time i wanted to use the flatbed scanner. on that machine i actually needed to do some work, so i dumped windows.

  • Friday, November 15/2002 -- 12:03 AM   
  • i see michael jackson is making the news again. i can only think of one word to describe his latest appearance...FREAKSHOW

  • Wednesday, November 13/2002 -- 01:13 PM   
  • well i'm not sure that the filthy critic saw '8 mile' either, but his 'review' was entertaining. i'm always entertained by anything that makes rap, rap movies, or rap artists look like the non-talents they are. he forgot one point though, the title of the movie gets the 'three dog night' award for stupid titles.

  • Monday, November 11/2002 -- 03:29 PM   
  • almost 10 years ago i got heavily into shortwave. probably a natural progression from being a scanner enthusiast (that's radio scanner. you probably know them as 'police' scanners <snrk>) anyway, i use to listen to johnny lightning on radio new york international. at first i thought i'd run into a pirate station...i also used to listen to glen hauser's world of radio . through a random conversation and a google search follow up i ran into WBCQ and i was pretty happy to find both of those again...now i have to get one of those 10-hour recorders for the longer shows when i'm not at home.

  • Monday, November 11/2002 -- 12:34 AM   
  • a local peta group here wanted to canvas the university with their don't-drink-milk campaign. their slogan? Got beer? like i needed any more proof that they were a bunch of fanatical idiots.

  • Thursday, November 07/2002 -- 12:48 AM   
  • i know i'm being kind here, but i'm giving the jennifer lopez/ben affleck thing about six months

  • Tuesday, November 05/2002 -- 12:06 AM   
  • i wonder how many 'outside' sources disney 'borrowed' for their new movie treasure planet. i can see at least two just from the trailer. maybe disney will just sue the original author's so they can own the ideas 'legally'.

  • Sunday, November 03/2002 -- 03:47 PM   
  • if you needed any more proof that 'the filthy critic' probably doesn't watch more than a few minutes of a movie he 'reviews' (or more than the trailer for that matter) read his review of 'from hell'. it also shows that he doesn't read much either. if he did then 'writing reviews for dummies' (if it existed) wouldn't do him much good. and i think a good portion of real history as escaped his ears also. he spouts off his facts like they were actually real. he 'reviews' (i'm using the word here loosely folks) movies well outside his experience, education, and genre (which i assume is 'adam sandler' related).

    and i take it, that except for adam sandlers movies, the point of a movie pretty much goes over his head.

  • Saturday, November 02/2002 -- 01:38 AM   
  • pat buchanan doesn't seem to like the way the free world works. or he could be just trying to generate some interest in his political career. or he might simply be an idiot...

  • Thursday, October 31/2002 -- 12:03 AM   
  • tkblog release has been delayed...busy. i bought a pocketpc and have been playing around with that. after tkblog v2.40, there'll be another two releases (at least) with the latter having some kind of pocketpc support...

  • Monday, October 28/2002 -- 09:35 AM   
  • so this week the filthy critic decides to go see a movie that really tanks (and you can tell by the numbers, folks). and...he 'sorta' likes it. that's consistency for you. unless of course, adam sandler is an example of a good actor to him. adam sandler plays the same character in every single movie he's in. could be he missed that, you know, being a real critic and all <snrk>

  • Wednesday, October 23/2002 -- 07:56 PM   
  • right now i have NO mp3's on my system. My computer is NOT my stereo

  • Wednesday, October 23/2002 -- 01:51 PM   
  • just sitting here watching cnn as they talk about the ddos attack yesterday. If you figure it's the work of hackers, you also have to figure that none of them are the sharpest knife in the drawer. Kinda like pooping where you sleep...

  • Monday, October 21/2002 -- 06:02 PM   
  • the tucows 'reviewers' refused my submission of tkblog again. this time they're reason was that they got an error launching 'readme.1st'. apparently after several attempts to launch 'readme.1st' they gave up. tkblog would not run. i replied to their email that the readme.1st was a text file (the tkblog docs) and that it was not an executable file. i mentioned that it was ALSO not the tkblog executable file. the tkblog executable file has the filename of...wait for it....tkblog.exe. i'm starting to wonder about the competency of the tucows 'reviewers'. i refrained from going into a windows 'file associations' lesson . it's obvious that they need a lot of handholding just to get to the actual executable. this is the second time they've been unable to run the program. personally i don't what what they're gonna do if they're actually able to run tkblog.exe and find they'll have to create or edit a config file too. don't look for tkblog on tucows anytime soon.

    if i were the paranoid type, i'd say they really aren't interested. i've downloaded plenty of software from tucows that was a lot harder to get up and running than tkblog.

  • Monday, October 21/2002 -- 12:23 PM   
  • google is being sued. from another search engine that sucks. if you're not using google, you're not finding stuff on the internet.

  • Monday, October 21/2002 -- 12:10 PM   
  • the filthy critic. that guy sure likes to read himself swear doesn't he? he's not a movie fan. that's clear enough from his reviews. he's definitely not a good critic. and i'd take a guess that he doesn't 'get' a lot of movies. not even the simple stuff. he sure doesn't know anything about movies. that's the worst quaility anybody reviewing movies can have. total ignorance is NOT clever. if you took the potty words out of his review you'd have...well nothing really. it's like he saw one bad movie, wrote about it (potty words included) and decided he was a movie critic. have i seen The Ring? no, but i have the sneaking suspicion that he didn't either.

  • Sunday, October 20/2002 -- 01:05 PM   
  • slashdot poll 'creator' outdid himself today. double whammy. he was not only consistent with the usual stupid polls (unclever, ignorant, steeped in major dumbness) -- that's pretty much a given -- he showed he knew nothing about tools, screwdrivers in particular). it's painfully obvious to ANYBODY who's ever had serious work that needed a screwdriver that a robertson is the best tip you can work with.. a screw fitted with the proper size screwdriver is impossible to strip. figures that a canadian invented that...

  • Friday, October 18/2002 -- 11:09 AM   
  • so george is complaining about the death of movies via dvd. i wonder if he just paraphrased valenti's speech about vcr's. i think he really wanted to complain that his new movie was making the hardisk rounds before it ever hit the theaters...maybe he could stop making star wars movies? that'd be good.

  • Tuesday, October 15/2002 -- 08:38 PM   
  • eminem in a movie? hope the academy is watching <snrk>

  • Tuesday, October 15/2002 -- 11:56 AM   
  • so the filthy critic just reviewed 'rules of attraction'. and he was a potty mouth...ooh, that's clever.

  • Sunday, October 13/2002 -- 01:26 PM   
  • i took my time getting over there, but i decided to check out the movie review web site that slashdot is always hawking. the filthy critic . critics who hate everything are cliche. it's been done. you weren't the first. get over it. having said that, it doesn't bother that a movie critic doesn't like a movie. it doesn't bother me that a movie critic doesn't get a particular movie. it DOES bother me when a movie critic just gets some things wrong. and now that i've been there, i now have to blog their dumb posts like i do slashdot's.

  • Friday, October 11/2002 -- 01:01 AM   
  • as it turns out tucows DIDN'T have an old version of the tkblog archive. they just had a zip file. AND they had the current one. so by their phrase 'unable to find an executable' i can only assume they didn't know how to open the archive. i updated it with the installer version. see how that goes.

  • Friday, October 11/2002 -- 12:31 AM   
  • i saw session 9 last night. i thought the director might be doing a david lynch kind of thing. if he was he fell way short of it. if the ending was supposed to be obvious, it wasn't. i think it was a good idea in need of a better script...

  • Friday, October 11/2002 -- 12:23 AM   
  • i mentioned here that i submited tkblog to tucows. i got a generic message today that says the reviewer was unable to find an executable to run. i'd like to make a smartass comment that s/he didn't look in the archive very hard. as it turns out that's probably the case. anybody grabbing the zip file of an older version will see what i mean. i'd resubmit it, but the same problem will occur. and i'd rather not jump through the hoops tucows makes you go through just to get another form email. looks like tkblog will never make it to tucows because their 'reviewers' can't click on a link. not really a problem as tucows made it too hard to actually find the software you want anyway...think i'll check out webattacks 'submission guidelines'...

  • Friday, October 11/2002 -- 12:16 AM   
  • it occurs to me that i'm in the habit of blogging slashdot. yeah, whatever. when they stop allowing (or stop doing it themselves) mind-numbing stupidity, then i won't have much to type about them. i don't see that happening anytime soon...

  • Tuesday, October 08/2002 -- 12:46 PM   
  • yup. i read the suse 8.1 'review' that slashdot mentioned. sounds like a whiney windows user who can't figure out distro installs. to me the bottom line is 'did you get it installed?' yes? then stfu about it or go back to windows.

  • Tuesday, October 08/2002 -- 12:42 PM   
  • so the 'clever' person creating the stupid slashdot polls doesn't like 'blog' as a word. that's perfect. gives me a reason to keep at it. as far as i can tell the slashdot people have NOT figured out that they aren't the be-all-end-all of computer news, information, or general opinion. mostly they are elitest *nix snobs with maybe just a little too much interest in star wars (trek would be ok though :)

  • Monday, October 07/2002 -- 02:57 PM   
  • i see that lycos is invading the banner ads on sponsered eudora....lycos should give it up, they became a useless search engine a long time ago.

  • Friday, October 04/2002 -- 02:23 PM   
  • good news for linux people: the source code for maximus and squish have just been released.

  • Friday, October 04/2002 -- 10:39 AM   
  • don't you think it's interesting that hotmail does NOT have a 'report spam' option like yahoomail does? and that you can't block email from the msn.com domain?

  • Friday, October 04/2002 -- 01:24 AM   
  • here's a clue for that guy suing people talking about his stupid lawsuit: PEOPLE ARE STARVING! doesn't he have anything better to do than filing a "he's looking at me" lawsuit? maybe his stupidity will directly affect his business and he'll just fade away into obscurity. being accidentally kicked in the head 14 or 15 times is probably too much to ask for...

  • Monday, September 30/2002 -- 12:37 PM   
  • i mentioned here what i thought about the #linux ops on efnet. but the general population of #ostrich (you know it as #python) are the rudest feepers.

  • Saturday, September 28/2002 -- 02:01 AM   
  • i just submitted tkBlog to tucows . part of the submission form asks what category (which is par for the course for the 50 or 60 sites i've submitted to). NONE of them have a 'blog' section under the internet category. most have an 'internet-misc' to cover software that doesn't fit anywhere else, but the closest category on tucows was 'internet - notes and messages'. i guess that will work.

  • Saturday, September 28/2002 -- 12:43 AM   
  • mitnick and woz on the screensavers . i guess reading that teleprompter isn't the easiest thing in the world. it was almost too painful to watch. oh and that hacker going on about life, the universe , and everything was typical hacker diatribe. he was 21. 'nuff said.

  • Friday, September 27/2002 -- 06:39 PM   
  • gah. my kingdom for an html 2 rss generator that works.

  • Friday, September 27/2002 -- 04:10 PM   
  • so dr. phil has his own show . i wonder if he has a quota of how many people he has to make cry in the course of a week. <snrk>

  • Friday, September 27/2002 -- 11:31 AM   
  • i've provided an rss file for those who want an xml/rss feed. it's availabe via the 'rss' link on the left.

  • Thursday, September 26/2002 -- 08:26 PM   
  • so of course, everytime one of the techtv guys has an instant messenger running so that you can see the account name, some idiot just has to fire off a message to them and disrupt the segment. there's a special computer term for people like that...MORON.

  • Wednesday, September 25/2002 -- 12:45 PM   
  • and i just had to re-edit that blog, so i'm gonna fix it today...

  • Wednesday, September 25/2002 -- 12:43 PM   
  • ran into someone (hi, dude ) from my early fidonet (and you'll notice i don't have a link to that dying beast (that's for you, carl <snrk>) days. turns out he's using tkblog for the same reason i wrote it: braindead blogger.com. you can read his blog here . he also reminded me of a problem i've been putting off dealing with, but i'm finally going to have to. :)

  • Tuesday, September 24/2002 -- 01:16 PM   
  • new version of tkBlog 2.25 has been released.

  • Tuesday, September 24/2002 -- 12:26 PM   
  • i'm still working on palmpilot support for tkblog. i keep getting sidetracked.

  • Monday, September 23/2002 -- 12:13 PM   
  • i really like google news. now someobody needs to crank out a desktop client for it. one that actually works with the site.

  • Sunday, September 22/2002 -- 04:42 PM   
  • i'm now working my way through the necropscope series, again. i keep getting side tracked by other novels. i'm currently reading deadspeak

  • Sunday, September 22/2002 -- 04:23 PM   
  • just finished reading the touch by f. paul wilson. not quite sure how it fits into the 'adversary cycle', but it was a good read.

  • Saturday, September 21/2002 -- 02:12 PM   
  • the 'canadian firearms centre' , is the organization the canadian justice department has directed to issue stickers for firearms. there are several problems with this. first off, the criminals don't have to do ANYTHING legal when it comes to firearms. and that probably includes taking the sticker off. <snrk> that's something the peaceniks forget on a daily basis. second, the 'canadian firearms centre' is so far behind in their paperwork from the LAST round of stupidity, starting a new round is just...well, stupid. and thirdly, they are complaining that all those with firearms licences haven't registered all their firearms. while there's always going to be people lagging behind in all that paperwork, a few dissenters who just aren't going to do it, there's a few (and i'm one of them) who have a firearm's licence and...wait for it...HAVE NO FIREARMS. i can't speak for everyone, but one of the reasons i got one of the nice shiny, official government printed cards was that it's excellent ID. to give you an idea of how efficient they are, i had to read about this in the local paper. i received nothing in the mail.

  • Saturday, September 21/2002 -- 02:24 AM   
  • here's a little something for the next time the clue train passes by that google watch guy: get over yourself. google is a search engine. and a pretty good one too. looking at the google watch web site i can see the guy has an agenda. i think it's funny that i found the google watch web site via google. <snrk>

  • Wednesday, September 18/2002 -- 08:52 PM   
  • i give up. i've been sitting here wondering how 'mutant X' ever got renewed for tv. the show sucks. AND it's not very good <snrk>

  • Tuesday, September 17/2002 -- 10:25 PM   
  • a quick hello to the people from leoville who happen to pop in here :)

  • Tuesday, September 17/2002 -- 01:30 PM   
  • updated date2clip. it had a minor bug of not clearing the clipboard before putting the new date/time in. you can get it via the 'downloads' link on the menu.

  • Monday, September 16/2002 -- 10:58 PM   
  • so 'pyramids live'. yeah, i''ll believe that if a tv network says it's live. <snrk>

  • Monday, September 16/2002 -- 02:58 PM   
  • added a tkBlog section to the menu. should make it easier to find the program. :)

  • Sunday, September 15/2002 -- 01:28 PM   
  • i think i have some proof that hotmail is specifically working with spammers. clue for the hotmail webmasters: you guys are already a joke.

  • Saturday, September 14/2002 -- 01:43 PM   
  • gaim has been released for windows. i might be able to dump the buggy trillian if it works ok...

  • Friday, September 13/2002 -- 10:07 AM   
  • today i got some spam that said it wasn't spam because of some loop hole in a Bill passed in the US. we have a way of telling us what email is or isn't spam...common sense.

  • Wednesday, September 11/2002 -- 01:44 PM   
  • a year later. even though i wasn't personally affected, i'm still angry. i would like to change atlases world wide, by wiping a few countries off the map. at least the peaceniks are keeping their cakehole shut today...

  • Wednesday, September 11/2002 -- 12:39 AM   
  • the new version of trillian is out. it still has the runaway cpu problem. i keep hoping it gets fixed for new releases...

  • Tuesday, September 10/2002 -- 01:48 PM   
  • here you go. my vote for the dumbest sf concept? 'the force' . and of course any storyline(s) you build around it will be equally as dumb. although i have to admit, the upped the dumbness level with 'episode I' with the whole blood thing...can you tell i'm not even close to a 'star wars' fan <snrk>

  • Tuesday, September 10/2002 -- 11:37 AM   
  • o'reilly just released essential blogging . it was obvious that they were going to deal with the more popular blogging hosts like the braindead blogger.com, greymatter and the others, but i looking through the index, and i didn't see any mention of third party or standalone blogging tools. if the book was completed before april 15 of this year i could see why tkblog wasn't mentioned, but that other standalone blogging program should have been. i wonder how much research was actually done beyond the hosting sites? i could be mis-guessing here, but maybe there really isn't anybody interested in a standalone cross-platform blogging application.

  • Monday, September 09/2002 -- 06:49 PM   
  • i wrote a quick utility to copy the date/time to the clipboard . it's for pasting to an application that doesn't have date/time generation on it's own. it's called date2clip you can customize the date/time format...

  • Friday, September 06/2002 -- 04:01 PM   
  • just released tkblog v2.20. read the tkblog forum on spleenboard for more info...

  • Thursday, September 05/2002 -- 01:16 AM   
  • i was just sitting here listening to KISS on rockline . i still like their old stuff. i wasn't too suprised that i knew every note for the few tunes that they played. around '79 or '80 i discovered T.REX and never looked back.

  • Wednesday, September 04/2002 -- 06:47 PM   
  • if i were the paranoid type, i'd say that hotmail is SPECIFICALLY letting in spam from various domains. obviously hotmail.com and msn.com are allowed. but i'm seeing domains i block using the 'block sender' link 'disappearing' after a few days. we already know that for microsoft it's all about the bottom line, but would they stoop that low?

  • Tuesday, September 03/2002 -- 01:35 AM   
  • i think spammers who can't spell should have their domain name yanked. getting spam is bad enough, getting spam from a company trying make money but can't afford a dictionary is another thing entirely...

  • Sunday, September 01/2002 -- 01:04 AM   
  • a couple of months ago i was looking for some ebay software to keep track of my bids. i was looking for free software, but if i found something i really liked i didn't have any aversion to registering it. i found an excellent program called 'auction tamer'. it was supposed to be free. i usually bid on ebay items when i'm looking for something, so i can be a month or more before checking it out again. just the other day i fired up auction tamer to check on an old bid i had one. apparently the 'free' period was over. not only is the program NOT free, it's expireware, AND you have to subscribe to the program (apparently you can't just register it and own a copy) so that makes it 'subscribeware' also. i'll look around again, but if i don't find anything better, or anything i can't own, i'll stick with it. i'd send them a sarcastigram, but i'm sure it would be lost on them...

  • Saturday, August 31/2002 -- 02:26 PM   
  • a complany called 'clean flicks' just got slashdotted. they're suing for the right to rent edited (ie. censored) movies. slashdot is calling it a battle of copyright verses first amendment. i think they're mixing apples and oranges here. the line is pretty clear. even if the company 'cleans' up' a move like, oh, 'the excorcist' are you still going to let your kid watch it? the lawyers representing the company sound all high and mighty, but if i were the paranoid type [and to quote dale gribble: 'i am') i'd say there was more than a hint of some kind of religious backing to this. it's obvious that this silent entity is in constant fear that some people, somewhere are enjoying uncensored movies. and these guys just don't like that thought.

  • Thursday, August 29/2002 -- 04:34 PM   
  • tkblog v2.10 has been released. read the tkblog forum on spleenboard for more details...

  • Sunday, August 25/2002 -- 02:41 PM   
  • gkrellm has been released for windows. it's one of the best system monitoring tools for linux. with this release my windows desktop can look exactly like my linux desktop.

  • Saturday, August 24/2002 -- 11:21 PM   
  • one of the worse things that could happen with the linux community is being wishy washy. waffling back and forth on what they want. i'm reffering to the article about support for linux developers. sorry, don't buy the idea he puts forth. if developers want to be paid for the work, they should CHARGE for the their work. don't make it 'free' and then say 'pay'. to paraphrase a famous sf neon sign ' free linux software: $15'. if linux fails on the desktop because software developers went broke, what does that tell you about the open software model? linux is successful because a lot of people wrote a lot of software in their spare time and then gave it away. don't be whining now. that's just ammo the microsoft camp like to hear.

  • Wednesday, August 21/2002 -- 11:02 AM   
  • not a suprise that the 'vi improved -- vim' slashdot review sparked off another editor war. i've used vim. i've used emacs. emacs didn't do some things i wanted it to do. i had to extend it with a few functions written in lisp. had to learn lisp first. vim didn't so some of the things i wanted it to do. i had to extend it with a few functions written in...wait for it...THE LANGUAGE OF MY CHOICE. i could use vimscript, but i already know python, perl, tcl, and ruby. i got to pick one of those. and THAT is what emacs users don't get. lisp is dead. it started OFF dead. lisp will always be dead. how many times has lisp been slashdotted compared to perl? anybody who's a touch typist will appreciate vim. turns out i don't need my editor to be a mail/web/news client. i need it to be powerful with perl built in. and with tcl. and with python. and with ruby. why? because i CAN. maybe someobody will write a perl intrepreter for emacs...in lisp <snrk>

  • Monday, August 19/2002 -- 11:44 AM   
  • it looks like the perl journal is finally gone. two of my favorite magazines were the perl journal, and before that boardwatch. i'm not sure if it was jack (rickard) idea or not, but i think the magazine lost a lot of their audience when they assumed that bbs sysops would be isp owners. while i'm sure some did go that route, i'd say most went the telnet/web based bbs route. back in the bbs heyday, boardwatch was THE magazine to read.

  • Monday, August 19/2002 -- 11:40 AM   
  • the rc64 guys are at 85% and they still haven't found the key? hopefully there's nothing wrong with the client (i'll bet they're scrambling to find a bug there). if for some reason the key isn't found and a flaw in the client is found, i don't see people starting all over again.

  • Sunday, August 18/2002 -- 02:46 PM   
  • flakey weather here. even though the weather people are giving percentages for everything, so far they've been 90% wrong.

  • Wednesday, August 14/2002 -- 11:26 AM   
  • subdimension's email is down for days and when it comes back up, i have a spam waiting for me. the only two emails i've received on that account have been spam. this from a service that said they wouldn't give out email addresses (i think they said they were a bunch of hackers and wanted to provide a secure email service...something like that :/

  • Wednesday, August 14/2002 -- 12:23 AM   
  • seems like the eudora programmers spent a lot of time and effort to make sure you see the ads. crazy idea but i wonder if their sales would double if they halfed the price? opera sold me on their half price deal...maybe when eudora's bugs are all fixed i'd consider dropping close to $100 on it, but not at a version that's calling itself '5.1' in it's current state

  • Monday, August 12/2002 -- 11:02 PM   
  • just started reading the keep by f. paul wilson. i've been meaning to reading it for that last 15 years or so. it's only the cult thing starting with repairman jack that prompted me to start reading it.

  • Monday, August 12/2002 -- 09:30 AM   
  • well there you have it. dell execs have taken a leave of absence above the ears and caved to microsoft philosophy. i'm assuming that all business's and governments who are making the linux move will no longer consider getting a dell computer. so if i got my score card filled in right, this means microsoft is NOT a monopoly and can continue with this type of extortion.

  • Saturday, August 10/2002 -- 01:06 PM   
  • opera again. i'm not quite sure they've figured out just how bad a problem spam is. they seem to be taking a completely opposite approach to stopping it.

  • Friday, August 09/2002 -- 11:43 PM   
  • the new opera deal is pretty hard to pass up. still with opera being a distant third in the browser wars, charging for it will only keep it there. despite the fact that it's the best browser out there.

  • Friday, August 09/2002 -- 11:54 AM   
  • looks like it's time for the eudora staff responsible for the ads that show up in the sponsered version to look at an atlas. not everybody who uses eudora is in the good ole' yew ess of ay.

  • Friday, August 09/2002 -- 11:38 AM   
  • i've been on a number of windows xp systems. working with them. tweaking them. installing software, and hooking them up to networks. i don't need to work on them anymore. xp is sluggish and buggy. of course i'm only going by the machines i was working on. 1gig plus cpu's running xp and comparing them to my own machine: pII/350 on win2k. my system is faster and more stable. once again microsofts marketing triumphs over actualy technology. and windows users get to make bill rich. :/

  • Friday, August 09/2002 -- 11:10 AM   
  • the first batch of the spock's beard cd's i ordered came in a few days ago. if you like progressive rock, this is definitely a band to listen to. the band probably doesn't like the comparison but they DO sound quite a bit like yes .

  • Thursday, August 08/2002 -- 07:03 PM   
  • so saddam is at it again. i don't think he was believed the LAST time he made a threat how about how bad we was going to pound the U.S. the only pounding was the sound of feet making a retreat. and they weren't wearing boots, but sandals. AND they had their hands on their heads in surrender. elite republic guard...that was funny

  • Thursday, August 08/2002 -- 06:59 PM   
  • i think i'm going to switch blog templates for a while. this is one that will be in the next version (so far three will be included). i got this one from the author of dblog . who based some of the code for his shell blogging program on tkblog :)

  • Wednesday, August 07/2002 -- 11:21 AM   
  • windows xp again. yesterday i took a few hours to tweak a friends xp system. he's got a 1gig plus cpu, with 384 meg of ram. i turned off all animation, fading, sliding, etc. optimized the disk and vcache, and virtual memory. i still found it sluggish. as a matter of fact my pII/350 win2k system with the same amount of ram is faster than xp systems with three times the processor speed. my conculusion. 'upgrading' to xp isn't worth it. even on a faster system. it seems like microsoft wants to keep you at a constant speed. faster hardware is being hampered by their slower operating system.

  • Wednesday, August 07/2002 -- 10:52 AM   
  • i think the time is coming where the free web based email guys are going to have to cut down on the amount of ads, and popup ads they have. i'm using opera so i don't have to worry about popup ads. newsflash guys: they don't work. people are using your free web based email for their spam address. my hotmail account is just about useless, i'll be moving on to a new one soon enough.

  • Wednesday, August 07/2002 -- 12:31 AM   
  • just read a bad review of tkblog. well, in truth the bad review was with the installer. and apparently the person (who didn't leave any email address so he could be contacted, AND never contacted me so i could help him). so the guy couldn't 'recommend ' it. i can only assume he was a windows user, and if the install program failed he pretty much gave up the ghost. i've switched the install program three different times in the last three releases. so far i'm not happy with the installer. i'm plugging away at getting a real installshield version going. of course anyone who really wanted to try using it could just download the zip file and unzip it in the directory of their choice. tkblog, i recommend it. you don't need a server, you don't need perl/php/mysql. it's what i'm using right now. it's great. easily the best cross-platform blogging tool i've used, although i have the feeling that kaa is going to be there pretty soon.

  • Wednesday, August 07/2002 -- 12:22 AM   
  • if you were ever looking for an example that showed tv executives really didn't ride the clue train, here's one: letting rob lowe leave 'the west wing'. he isn't my favorite actor, but he IS excellent in this tv series. i sure hope the 'new' guy has the chemistry with the other actors that rob lowe seems to have.

  • Monday, August 05/2002 -- 10:48 PM   
  • it was just a matter of time. but it looks like somebody finally wrote a blogging tool in python. it's called kaa and it's an early alpha at this point. i've got tkblog pretty much where i want it, so i'm not likely to change, but it's good to see the number of cross-platform applications increasing. had i found this before i wrote mine, i would probably have just added what i needed to kaa.

  • Sunday, August 04/2002 -- 10:26 PM   
  • it looks like i have to write yet another utility that doesn't exist anywhere on the internet. i went looking for a utility to convert eudora's .mbx mailboxes to xml format. i expected to have to choose between some substandard freeware and maybe a few expensive shareware programs. there was a third possibility: nothing. i can't believe i'm the first person to need it.

  • Sunday, August 04/2002 -- 01:55 PM   
  • yahoo must be busy screwing over it's customer base. i got a 're-activate' message from them. i wasn't aware that it had been DE-activated.

  • Wednesday, July 31/2002 -- 02:03 PM   
  • last night's 'the screensavers' ep. i think i'd question the verson of the 'scientific method' that the 'doctor' (who was apparently an astronomer) used when it came to dismissing crop circles. yeah, yeah, there's a lot of hype because of the new movie coming out. but he chalked it up as two guys in england with some boards and a rope. that tlc ep hosted by judd nelson basically said the same thing. neither one of them mentioned the actual evidence for the circles that aren't hoaxed. why bother with the facts when you can spew your opinion instead?

  • Monday, July 29/2002 -- 01:50 AM   
  • here's an in-joke for Who fans (sing it in a low gruff voice) "boris the SNORTER" another rock junkie bites it. joinin' his buddy keith. i really wish there were an html tag for a yawn...

  • Thursday, July 25/2002 -- 08:29 PM   
  • how many times has a web site advertised a product that you can download to try as it's 'fully functional'. of course when you download it and look at the docs, you're probably going to find the word 'except' after those words. meaning of course that not only is the software limited to 30 days, it's also NOT fully functional. it's crippled. why not say the software is FREE? except charge $30 for it. i register a lot of programs, but if i can't fully evaulate it, i usually toss it and try a competing product.

  • Thursday, July 25/2002 -- 12:14 PM   
  • well it's been close to a year that a new version of pocketC has been released. i usually try to at least update GEB to the new release. and i've just gotten the NEXT new release of pocketC. so if nothing else i will definitely crank out geb compiled with the new version. but i'm still planning on cranking out a colour version. i have a new strategy idea that will make a big difference to the interface, but will increase the number of strategy options. anybody who wants to discuss the changes, etc. can do so in the forum on spleenboard...

  • Thursday, July 25/2002 -- 12:08 PM   
  • here's a good example of why somebody at microsoft isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer: their spam filters on hotmail are pretty much useless. they now have a size limit on the mail space you can have (they want you to pay for more drive space). why? so it can fill up with more spam? solution: create a new account. move over the addresses of anything important you might still be getting. if your account is like mine, the email address is pretty much useless. i think it's a sad state of affairs when you can no longer sift through your spam account for anything that might be legitimate because of too much spam :/

  • Tuesday, July 23/2002 -- 02:36 AM   
  • i think i have a new favorite program. it's called treepad . the free version is a great outliner, but the plus version is something i've been looking to find for a long time. i can think of a dozen uses for it right off the top of my head. as you can tell from the time, i'm still fiddling with the program :)

  • Monday, July 22/2002 -- 03:25 PM   
  • i think i've mentioned this before but i find it really annoying when a company or software author abandons their product and forgets to release the source code or make it freeware. my latest beef is with 'ecco'. you can't buy it, you can't get support, and the demo only lasts for 30 days.

  • Friday, July 19/2002 -- 11:21 AM   
  • to the jpeg patent owners, here's your very own clue to keep: the reason that jpeg is so popular is that the gif patent owners tried the same thing.

  • Friday, July 19/2002 -- 01:04 AM   
  • tkblog v2.01 has been released. it's in the downloads section. you'll want to read the readme.doc file

  • Thursday, July 18/2002 -- 04:14 PM   
  • tkblog v2.01 should be released later on tonight...i need to update the docs with the new features first...

  • Thursday, July 18/2002 -- 02:32 PM   
  • i think the the counter guys are down...i guess i have to search for another free web counter :/

  • Wednesday, July 17/2002 -- 12:52 PM   
  • looks like microsoft programmers are busy trying to break hotmail again.

  • Wednesday, July 17/2002 -- 12:51 PM   
  • i'm thinking that maybe slashdot should have a special 'dead links' page. that way, they can put all their dead links on that page, and those of us who wanted to actually go to the link, could avoid the disappointment. i can't believe that nobody at slashdot has a dead link checker :/

  • Saturday, July 13/2002 -- 01:59 PM   
  • the screensavers had an interview with kevin mitnick . it's too bad he's being made out to be a folk hero. sure he was 'curious' and 'exposing' security flaws, etc. (ad nauseum). they always forget to mention the credit card numbers he stole. sure the U.S. governement DID go overboard and tried to make an example out of him. i'm under the opinion that hacking isn't all that serious a crime if there's no malicious intent or damage. stealing credit card numbers is another matter.

  • Saturday, July 13/2002 -- 01:12 PM   
  • jeez, here we go, another slashdot article from somone (obviously a window's user) complaining that linux isn't easy to use. NEWSFLASH: it isn't. linux is not for window's users. window's users should NOT use linux. it's not 'easy' for them. they might have to read and learn. rather than go through all of his points, i'll just say that a good beginner's book will help....and maybe a google search.

  • Thursday, July 11/2002 -- 10:14 AM   
  • it's really annoying to read/hear pro-windows people complain about how much linux looks like the windows desktop. or when they mis-list archive extensions. i'm referring to the letter in the may 20th issue of eweek . it was clear he wasn't familiar with linux other than what he's read in windows magazines. he assumed that the linux desktop was kde. and he got a lot of the file extensions wrong. of course a google search would have corrected the problem.

  • Tuesday, July 09/2002 -- 07:54 PM   
  • my favorite cartoon character is bobby hill

  • Tuesday, July 09/2002 -- 10:32 AM   
  • the most interesting item slashdot l has posted in days (the coffepot computer) has a dead link. some should offer to write them a dead link checker...

  • Monday, July 08/2002 -- 06:57 PM   
  • i think i've settled on a msg board for the vented spleen...

  • Monday, July 08/2002 -- 01:50 PM   
  • possibly the dumbest thing i've seen online is people listing their mp3's. either what they have, or the winamp play list. who cares? anybody who's searching for mp3's or goes to your website is actually looking for the mp3. they don't care about your music tastes...

  • Tuesday, July 02/2002 -- 08:11 AM   
  • the slashdot poll was interesting. i can't figure out how the rolling stones didn't make the list of options but radiohead did. of course they managed to include the over-rated u2. and of course they completely missed T.REX

  • Sunday, June 30/2002 -- 06:26 PM   
  • just in case anyone is wondering. these blog's (other than the actual typing) take exactly two click to publish. one to fire up tkblog . and one click to publish.

  • Friday, June 28/2002 -- 11:05 AM   
  • i don't know why people are going on and on about emusic.com . if you are into that mp3 thing, then it's a good deal, but i just did 10 searches of stuff i would be interested in, and each one came up empty. i'm pretty sure i could do a few dozen more with the same result. maybe in a few years they'll be up to speed...

  • Wednesday, June 26/2002 -- 09:00 PM   
  • the g8 summit protesters on both sides of the border are hypocrits in so many ways it takes a few minutes to list. if they sat down and put any kind of thought into what they were doing, why they were doing it, and HOW they were doing it, any of those with a conscience at all would stay home. most fanatical groups are hypocrits so i'm not really suprised at this bunch

  • Wednesday, June 26/2002 -- 03:41 PM   
  • well that linux article on on msnbc wasn't too biased was it? hmmm, let's see MSnbc and linux...obviously the author was paid directly or indirecly by microsoft. as a 'senior producer' he should know better. the almight dollar speaks again. is that even real journalism? hey microsoft! linux is cutting into your profits, we get it. it's still a better os than anything you guys have produced so far.

  • Tuesday, June 25/2002 -- 07:58 PM   
  • so npr. what can you say about a company that has absolutely nobody working for it that has any common sense. well, STUPID comes to mind, just my opinion of course <snrk>

  • Tuesday, June 25/2002 -- 01:30 PM   
  • looks like hotmail programmers managed to break it for trillian again. opera of course, has had problems with the hotmail 'standard' for a while now.

  • Monday, June 24/2002 -- 03:26 PM   
  • jeez, the guys in leoville sure get cranky if you try to help them. although i suppose i'd get steamed too if i thought i was doing something efficiently and shown that my efforts were really taking the long way around. they're lettin' 'em on the that internet doohickie thing younger and younger :/

  • Sunday, June 23/2002 -- 06:15 PM   
  • i'm looking forward to getting up early and watching wimbledon this year. it's the only sport i watch :)

  • Sunday, June 23/2002 -- 12:41 PM   
  • i have to question the wisdom of the freshmeat staff allowing the posting of a linux virus writing howto. i think any potential linux virus writers should have to learn how to do it the hard way.

  • Thursday, June 20/2002 -- 04:32 PM   
  • just relased the windows installer for tkblog v1.30 . i was using installshield but the setup was unecessarily complicated. i may end up going back to it in the future. i was using installwizard by digtalweb, but the 'freeware' version is really too crippled to be useful. instead i used install wizard v3.0. fairly intuitive, not crippled in anyway

  • Thursday, June 20/2002 -- 12:03 AM   
  • i'm reading american gods by neil gaiman right now. great book. i've never read any of the sandman so this is my first real intro into his writing.

  • Tuesday, June 18/2002 -- 02:30 PM   
  • just released tkblog v1.30 on freshmeat. i haven't created the windows installer for this version yet, but you only need the executable from the zip file. i'm working on an more flexible archive setup. i'm open to ideas on that one.

  • Sunday, June 16/2002 -- 05:34 PM   
  • wow. i just read blogger unofficial FAQ. if i ever needed proof that blogger.com is becoming more braindead than it already is, that faq confirms it

  • Sunday, June 16/2002 -- 05:07 PM   
  • more blogging stupidity. the site 'blog domains' (gah, i really have to add cut and paste to tkblog) has five rules before you can list with them. brutal too. they elimate the average home user. yet the 'goal' of the site is to 'bring together the domains that that are only or mainly blogs'. so it's not really a blogging web ring, but a blogging DOMAIN web ring. subtle difference. one is useful, the other is restrictive to the point of stupidity...

  • Sunday, June 16/2002 -- 04:27 PM   
  • i've been surfing various blog pages for awhile. it really is frustrating to see how many blogging programs/sites have specific requirements out of the range of knowledge and/or ability of the average computer user. tkblog doesn't. all it requires is that you have ftp access to your web page from either linux or windows. that's it. no xml, no php, no perl, no mysql, no need to memorize a blogger api.

  • Sunday, June 16/2002 -- 04:02 PM   
  • having typed all that, i realize that tkblog v1.25 has no cut and paste feature. i'm not sure about cut, but it definitely needs a paste. i'm not quite happy with the installer either. i've also got a request to add an archive template. i've been holding off on the archive thing, but i guess it's time to do it right...

  • Sunday, June 16/2002 -- 04:00 PM   
  • maybe i'm slow, but i think i got lost six or seven clicks into the weblogs.com site about actually adding my blog to their site. i THINK i have to learn xml, and then follow a few dozen rules they have. and THEN maybe i'll get listed. i think...

  • Friday, June 14/2002 -- 06:43 PM   
  • my isp was down for 4 hours. i wonder if they use microsoft products for 'stability' :/

  • Thursday, June 13/2002 -- 09:51 AM   
  • they found yet ANOTHER bug in IIs? ms needs to adopt some serious code review policies. it's obvious they don't have any.

  • Wednesday, June 12/2002 -- 09:26 PM   
  • so did i read that right? a certain 'chief software architect' (i chuckle every time i read that title) basically says that the U.S. government will pretty much topple if he has to release source code? either somebody has gone completely insane, or he just gave the U.S. government (et al) a good reason to switch over to linux completely. maybe they need to have a few more ships dead in the water before they do that...

  • Wednesday, June 12/2002 -- 09:23 PM   
  • hopefully, when staroffice goes commercial (as i hear they're planning to for version 6.0) they get a wake up call when they lose their linux audience. i assume linux vendors AND users will drop the product. i don't use it myself, but it was nice to know there was a free alternative to ms office.

  • Tuesday, June 11/2002 -- 07:17 PM   
  • i think all the time spent on creating the 'clever' cowboy neal options in the slashdot polls over the course of a year, could be spent TAKING a 'cleverness 101' course.

  • Friday, June 07/2002 -- 10:15 PM   
  • tkblog v1.25 has been released. avialable via the downloads link on the left. but also on freshmeat. windows installer udpated.

  • Friday, June 07/2002 -- 02:48 PM   
  • i really don't think any research was done with that 'opensource is unsecure' article...

  • Friday, June 07/2002 -- 12:15 AM   
  • i've got a question. is it possible to have a movie soundtrack that DOESN'T include any rap tunes? just curious. at least with cd players you can program around the rap crap.

  • Thursday, June 06/2002 -- 12:23 PM   
  • heads up! another failed attempt at a clever slashdot poll....

  • Tuesday, June 04/2002 -- 12:52 PM   
  • slashdot had an interesting poll about who you thought was the best james bond. it's a given that they tainted the poll with the cowboy neal stupidity. i'd be willing to bet that most voters can't figure out why peter sellers is in the list, and i'd say that 99% of the voters didn't even know who george lazenby is.

  • Tuesday, June 04/2002 -- 01:51 AM   
  • the majority of microsoft's website is completely broken for opera users. hey guys, html isn't all that hard to learn, i think you even publish a book on it. check it out, you'll learn about standards and stuff <snrk>

  • Sunday, June 02/2002 -- 01:36 AM   
  • and somehow 'snowzone' was already taken as an alias. so the postings from 'zinc alloy' are from me. that's an nick i used on bbs's ages ago. one of my original nicks...

  • Saturday, June 01/2002 -- 03:20 AM   
  • the hotmail programmers must be hard at work making sure that it doesn't work with opera...seems like they've worked extra hard in the last two weeks so that trillian only half works with hotmail.

  • Thursday, May 30/2002 -- 08:41 PM   
  • so the winxpnews spam guys are at it again. another issue talking about spam. i guess i should mention that i clicked on their 'unsubscribe' link a week or so ago. i didn't actually expect it to work, but i thought i would give it a try.

  • Thursday, May 30/2002 -- 08:39 PM   
  • newsflash: if you stop using outlook express, you can stop the email macro viruses in their tracks. i can name half a dozen email clients that are better than outlook express so you can't use the 'it's a good email client argument. get rid of cscript.exe and wscript.exe, you don't need them, but the email macro viruses do. if you really want to script gui programs, use tcl/tk.

  • Monday, May 27/2002 -- 04:16 PM   
  • i think i have a new favorite linux program. it's called 'worker' and you can find it on freshmeat. it's a look/work alike of the amiga's directory opus. which not only happens to be a great file manager, but a good frontend to command line utilties. it's easily better than any file manager currently available for linux right now.

  • Saturday, May 25/2002 -- 02:50 PM   
  • i now have a response to my email about a 'certificate'. they want to see this web page. i was pretty sure that i already provided that information, but even if i didn't and i sent them a url, the email exchange could go back and forth a few more times. i think it's a few too many hoops to jump through just to get a 'certificate' for free software. they told me the software doesn't expire (that's nice for free software :/). could be just the mood i'm in but the email reply seemed rather 'rude'.

  • Saturday, May 25/2002 -- 03:20 AM   
  • tried to get a 'certificate' for the software i'm using for the spleenboard. you have to be non-commercial to use it. it's run on my own machine with free software. i was refused because my isp is commercial. i'm not sure there is ANY way to connect to the internet without going through some commercial provider. at the time i type this they haven't responded to my email outlining that particicular conundrum. if i were the paranoid type i'd say they just don't want to hand out any free 'certificates'. i WOULD be interested to know though, how one can have a web page that isn't hosted on a commercial server (ie. a company that wants to make money). most isp's, and geocities, et al let you have a free web page but you can't use it for commercial purposes. so the company in question has really elevated the 'catch-22' situation to new heights. joseph heller really coined a clever phrase. i like to think of it with one simple word...stupidity.

  • Friday, May 24/2002 -- 01:38 PM   
  • as i type this, doing a search of 'tkblog' pulls up three links on google. the third link is useless, but the first two links are from freshmeat. last night, no links came up.

  • Wednesday, May 22/2002 -- 03:01 PM   
  • ok. here's how stupid SOMEBODY at aol is: you can sign up for a screenname, so that you can use aim (aol's instant messaging attempt). you automatically get an email address. and your aim client will even check to see if you have email waiting. but you can't read your aol email. you need to be a member. that's not really a big deal, i can use it as my spam email address.

  • Tuesday, May 21/2002 -- 07:45 PM   
  • i just typed in "vented spleen" (with quotes) into google. this page is the sixth link. although i was disappointed to see another vented spleen web page. i think i've had the name online (first via bbs) since '93.

  • Tuesday, May 21/2002 -- 11:53 AM   
  • slashdot polls are usually dumb enough, but now they've added an extra twist of dumbness with the star wars theme. news flash people: star wars (the whole thing) isn't very good sf. if L. ron hubbard had written star wars it would get the proper attention it deserves.

  • Tuesday, May 21/2002 -- 01:20 AM   
  • the tv show, "politically incorrect" is being cancelled. if i were the paranoid type i'd say that someone in washington got to someone at abc. i think what's more likely due to some braindead tv exec at abc. and at least one guest tonight showed their ignorance when it came to north american geography. not to mention any names, but she was the loud mouthed one through most of the episode. if you saw it, you know who i mean.

  • Monday, May 20/2002 -- 12:55 AM   
  • so it was really the consipracy finale, and not an x-files finale. i thought it was a bit anti-climactic, but i guess they had to save something for the movie.

  • Saturday, May 18/2002 -- 02:48 PM   
  • 'attack of the clones' at the cannes film festival? i don't think so.

  • Friday, May 17/2002 -- 01:43 AM   
  • windows 2000 decided to help me today. it must have thought that i was spending way too much time on the computer, so it decided to run explorer.exe using 99% of the cpu. that way i couldn't get any work done. i thought that maybe the executable got corrupted, so i grabbed the original off the cd and replaced it. nope. must be something in the config. i kept my login barebones, nothing. i created a new user login. same thing. i finally reinstalled windows. windows (all versions) really are pieces of crap. if i could get pocketC to run under linux/wine, i would never boot to windows again.

  • Thursday, May 16/2002 -- 01:10 AM   
  • So when i submitted v1.13 of tkblog, i leaned a little heavily on a key and accidentaly deleted one of the config options. tkblog v1.14 is now available. And as i type this i realize that i forgot to update the readme.doc file. guess that will make it in the next release. i'm already receiving some email on the program. looks like others like a cross-platform, standalone blogging app...

  • Wednesday, May 15/2002 -- 01:33 AM   
  • yup, i submitted tkblog v1.12 to over 50 sites and it had the wrong executable in it. tkblog v1.13 fixed that, available via the 'downloads' link on the left. didn't get any email on it yet, so i assume bloggers prever the php/mysql way of doing it.

  • Tuesday, May 14/2002 -- 12:05 PM   
  • got another spam from the winxpnews guys again. in it they mention that they couldn't believe how bad the spam problem was. worth a laugh. if they scratched they're collective heads long enough, they'd figure out a way of reducing the spam by at least one

  • Saturday, May 11/2002 -- 02:41 PM   
  • surfing the web on a cell phone is useless, and borders on stupidty. it's just a money grab for the cell phone companies. for me the only comfortable 'portable' web surfing would be with a pc tablet.

  • Thursday, May 09/2002 -- 06:06 PM   
  • i think it's time for the eudora folks to add access to web based email accounts. hotmail comes to mind, but there are plenty of others out there. several third party pograms can do that already. they could even be added as a plug-in. other than a scripting language, that's about all eudora needs.

  • Wednesday, May 08/2002 -- 11:42 AM   
  • this is funny. i got a spam today on my hotmail account from a 'winxpnews' newsletter. the topic: 'dealing with spam'.

  • Tuesday, May 07/2002 -- 04:15 PM   
  • i had the opportunity to day to work with windows xp on a fairly high-end system. i can officially report that it's as flakey as any other version of windows. starting up windows explorer would fail, and sometimes for no obvious reasons, xp would just spontaneously reboot. so far the most stable version of windows i've used is windows 2000 professional.

  • Monday, May 06/2002 -- 07:09 PM   
  • this is probably not news, or suprising, but i seem to be unable to find ANY link on the microsoft site to register software. this make the microsoft site officially braindead. i shouldn't have to search for a 'register' link on a vendors web site. unless microsoft is in league with the post office and is forcing me to use a stamp to send the registration card.

  • Saturday, May 04/2002 -- 09:34 PM   
  • so it looks like techtv is butchering the ep's of the 'max headroom' tv series. i don't know what they're reasoning is, but it's probably money related. it's too bad that the almighty dollar is the bottom line for tv networks.

  • Thursday, May 02/2002 -- 07:36 PM   
  • could be techtv's chat is severly broken for opera users. not a big suprise as they seem to push ie most of the time. newsflash people: opera is faster, more secure, and more configurable than ms's effort.

  • Tuesday, April 30/2002 -- 11:50 AM   
  • it looks like the canadian 'space' channel and the 'sci-fi' channel in the U.S. completely missed the boat. techtv will be running the entire 'max headroom' tv series. that series needs to be on dvd.

  • Monday, April 29/2002 -- 06:19 PM   
  • i found a nasty bug in zonealarm a few weeks ago. but thanks to the help with the guys from the grc newsgroups, i was able to get around it.

  • Sunday, April 28/2002 -- 03:22 PM   
  • the yahoogroups 'edit my membership' option is so completely braindead i'm suprised it hasn't collapsed under the weight of it's own stupidity.

  • Sunday, April 28/2002 -- 02:10 PM   
  • i see that version 4 of the plan9 os was released. is anybody even using that os for anything? hopefully it comes with a ton of documentation because i don't see anything on the bookshelves covering it.

  • Sunday, April 28/2002 -- 02:39 AM   
  • it's interesting that there's still no cross-platform, standalone blogging application other than what i'm using right now. there must be a lot of people that like working with php and mysql, and/or blogging.com for their blogging. i didn't.

  • Friday, April 26/2002 -- 07:48 AM   
  • so juliette lewis doesn't think it's a cult doe she? obviously celebrity's get treated a lot different than us regular folk when it come to cult activities. i would have thought she could have gotten all that drug help from the betty ford center instead of that xenu guy

  • Friday, April 26/2002 -- 07:11 AM   
  • looks like slashdot actually tried to fix a dead link with an explanation for opera users. it didn't work, but a nice try on slashdot's part. time for web developers to see that opera really is the best of the browsers and start catering to it more than they have. writing html code following standards that have been already set would be a good start.

  • Thursday, April 25/2002 -- 12:20 PM   
  • hotmail is having severe problems today. over and above the usual: spam filters being useless, only half working for opera users. some options not working at all.

  • Tuesday, April 23/2002 -- 05:45 PM   
  • i can't decide whether it's genius or sheer stupidity on the part of tv network executives. i'm referring, of course, the the mtv show 'the osbournes'. i haven't seen the show, but i've seen enough interviews with ozzy to know that he's incablable of putting together a coherent sentence. watching half an hour of that is either going to be funny, or it's going go be very sad.

  • Tuesday, April 23/2002 -- 11:19 AM   
  • seems to me there's an awful lot of software on freshmeat that's pretty much useless as submitted. sourceforge has the same problem. some projects are looking for developers but will clearly never get off the ground. you can't wait form someone to help you with some projects. you'll get results faster if you just finish up the program yourself.

  • Monday, April 22/2002 -- 09:51 PM   
  • i've got the elog program configured as far as i can without actually changing the source. it's too bad it that it was vc++ source, i'd much rather use the standalone mingw32 compiler. i've already got that installed for compiling vim and patches when they come out.

  • Monday, April 22/2002 -- 06:08 PM   
  • hmm, i really like that elog program. if i hadn't already written the blog program i'm using to type this, i'd probably use elog. as it is it can works as a message board for those that can't configure a news reader

  • Monday, April 22/2002 -- 07:42 AM   
  • 'the lone gunmen' made slashdot...and as expected the usual round of stupid postings followed it, with the original posting not containing a spoiler. also, a half intelligent poll was ruined by 'cowboy neal' idiocy.

  • Monday, April 22/2002 -- 12:44 AM   
  • kudos to chris carter for killing off 'the lone gunmen'. great way to stick it to fox executives for their stupidy and narrow sightedness. if he really wanted to make his point he'd kill off mulder. then scully, then skinner, then take reyes and dogget out. all in one fell swoop. of course, for those who like to hang on to the hope that the lone gunmen aren't really dead should realize that unless you see the bodies (as the audience) writers can bring them back at any time.

  • Sunday, April 21/2002 -- 06:02 PM   
  • so i finally find 'livesite 2.0' and it requires a resigration key to use it for 'free' past 30 days. of course with the home page for this software a dead link, the software is pretty much useless. it reminds me why i don't use expireware even if i was going to register a program. i always need 31 days

  • Sunday, April 21/2002 -- 05:41 PM   
  • it looks like 'livesite 2.0' has disappeared from the web. i think it's time to keep track of useful software that's going the way of the dinosaur. a few weeks ago it was tuba (a debugger for tcl/tk) but i finally tracked down a copy of it and made it available for download (check the downloads link on the left. i've been clicking on links for half an hour now looking for livesite 2.0. the majority of the links point to the two dead links that were home pages at one time.

  • Sunday, April 21/2002 -- 05:36 PM   
  • tucows went from being a site where you could 'probably' find any windows shareware/freeware software you wanted to what it is now: a waste of web space. 'we couldn't find the software you were looking for, but check out these great titles'. i think the turning point was when you had to click half a dozen times just to get to a download site.

  • Sunday, April 21/2002 -- 01:15 PM   
  • it's come to my attention that some people don't even know what blogging is. OR that it's popular on the web.

  • Friday, April 19/2002 -- 12:31 PM   
  • just submitted tkblog101.zip to freshmeat. creating an account on freshmeat is a little bit of a pain if you're using opera, and you have to jump through a few hoops to submit an application.

  • Thursday, April 18/2002 -- 08:53 PM   
  • as i type this robert blake is being '"cnn'd". i imagine that over the next few hours, or days, you'll find out everything you ever wanted to know about robert blake and his late wife via cnn :/

  • Thursday, April 18/2002 -- 02:17 PM   
  • tkblog v1.01 is available for download. you can also use the 'download' link on the left.

  • Thursday, April 18/2002 -- 01:54 PM   
  • i wonder if anybody found any new IE bugs since my last blog :/

  • Thursday, April 18/2002 -- 10:36 AM   
  • i'm still typing up the docs for my blog program. i'll try to have it up before the end of the day.

  • Thursday, April 18/2002 -- 10:20 AM   
  • using the 'back button' in IEis dangerous. who would have thought there was yet ANOTHER bug in IE :/ best move i made was switching to opera

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:53 AM   
  • below i've reposted old blogs from two different blogging programs. now they are all in the new format...

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:48 AM   
  • more dead links on slashdot again today...i can't believe nobody over there is a programmer. probably a five minute programming job would fix it...

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:47 AM   
  • slashdot needs to check their links a little more closely. second time this week they've had a dead link. maybe one of the slashdot gurus could write a link checker program. that tests the links, and either remove the article or the dead link when finding one. did i mention that slashdot has one of the most useless account creation setups i've seen?

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:47 AM   
  • another day, and still no cross-platform blogging tool (other than my own 'proof of concept' one). could be you just CAN'T do it in python or java (the cross-platform wonder languages that they are) and it can only be done in tcl/tk...

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:46 AM   
  • with all the complaints about blogger.com stability. you'd think more standalone blogging tools would be available. looks like windows has one (blog v5.0) and linux still has none. there needs to be a cross-platform standalone blogging application. i guess if the python or java programmers can't do it, i'll rollup my sleeves and write it in tcl/tk.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:46 AM   
  • i think the slashdot poll really showed a good statistic sample of os/2 usage. most people, including myself, are in the 'i used it once' category. we're the people that left it after ibm dropped the ball on it. the 3% that are still using it can probably be lumped in with the amiga users. i owned both at one point. i used both at one point. and i really liked both. still do. i wish both would come back. i think i'm gonna have to stick to linux even though it doesn't have any decent standalone blog software.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:45 AM   
  • hmm, looks like there's no standalone (ie. server not required) blog program for linux. looks like windows is the leader here :/ i'd even take one written in python or java.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:44 AM   
  • my two favorite bots: 'son of whyachi' from 'battlebots' and 'razer' from 'robot wars'. sure would be interesting to see them pitted against each other...

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:44 AM   
  • just picked up a laser pointer at a local dollar store for $2.00 (canadian). it doesn't seem to work any different than the $70 models. came with the batteries also...

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:43 AM   
  • if slashdot needs clever poll option. 'cowboy neal' isn't it.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:42 AM   
  • i think yahoo groups setup is a bit braindead. i switched all of my groups to my yahoo address...and then stopped getting any mail from the groups.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:42 AM   
  • how to be a linux guru: man man.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:42 AM   
  • don't suggest a possible perl solution to a problem in #linuxhelp. various nicks who don't like perl will complain.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:41 AM   
  • i'm convinced that baggy pants make you stupid.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:41 AM   
  • i put a small functional toolbar for X in the downloads section you can see how to change/adds things easily. i can also add an executable for windows users.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:40 AM   
  • runbox decided to go pay. so out of the three 'free' internet/email services i've tried (netzero, netforward, and runbox) they all turned out to be duds. now i'm gonna get email from runbox for ages telling me about the costs.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:39 AM   
  • 'download for FREE' one of the dumbest phrases i've ever run across. it usually applies to shareware or 'free evaluation' software. and who actually charges for a download?

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:38 AM   
  • i think 'the west wing' should be at least 2 hours per episode.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:38 AM   
  • spamcop.net. great idea, and then they killed it with a few dozen rules. my choice between reading the 7 or 8 pages of rules and just adding to my email filter was was an easy one to make.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:36 AM   
  • python should be renamed to 'ostrich' for the obvious reason.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:36 AM   
  • #linux, where only the ops can have opinions.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:35 AM   
  • linux semantics: X, or xwindows, or X-windows, or x-windows or x Windows, or x-Windows, or x wInDows, or x WiNdOws. i'm a linux user, wgaf what it's called.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:35 AM   
  • irc.prison.net is useless for people with full time connections AND who like irc.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:34 AM   
  • once again slashdot posters don't get it. i'm referring to the US request for hackers. Message to hackers: get over yourself.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:33 AM   
  • it's interesting that even though you can specify categories for the ads in the sponsered version of opera, any kind of ad will come up anyway. waste of code on the developers' part if it's not used at all.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:32 AM   
  • sure wish i could find whoever it is that pisses on the cornflakes of the various ops on #linux. you know the ones i mean. rudest bunch of feepers i've ever encountered online.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:31 AM   
  • one of eminem's latest tunes is in bad need of a comma.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:31 AM   
  • who would have thought that nena's tune might be partially responsible for anything to do with the wtc attack. who's the bright light who came up with that one?

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:30 AM   
  • my pgp public key is available for anyone interested. left frame near the bottom.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:30 AM   
  • the 'cowboy neal' stuff got old on slashdot the second time they used it.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:27 AM   
  • the hugo's were beset by a literary travesty. 'calculating god' by robert j. sawyer should have won, imho.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:26 AM   
  • the guy who runs the grcsucks site, doesn't get it either.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:25 AM   
  • jeez, you'd think i had nothing to say...well, locally Critical Stupidity (you know them as Critical Mass, the bicycle hypocrits) have been strangely silent this summer.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:23 AM   
  • a lot of ranting against steve gibson. none of them with any facts that i've read yet. everything he's said so far has been right on the mark. his track record so far is better than his detractors .

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:22 AM   
  • turns out the critics were wrong. AGAIN. 'planet of the apes' pretty much blew away the competition.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:19 AM   
  • the music to the new hyundai elantra gt commercial is 'i love to boogie' by T.REX that makes two T.REX songs to make it to car commericals.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:17 AM   
  • i guess you can add the people at 'the register' to the list of those who don't get it. i'm talking about their problem with steve gibson.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:15 AM   
  • ben affleck in rehab? who would have guessed a celebrity ended up in rehab. too bad there were no html tags for a yawn. personally, i think celebrity junkies should just od and save all that print space and reading time.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:14 AM   
  • i guess stem cell research isn't going to cure any deseases in the united states any time soon is it?

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:11 AM   
  • as an addendum to below: there ARE movies with plots. they're called 'chick flicks'. i generally prefer to miss those.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:10 AM   
  • slashdot reviewed 'planet of the apes'. i don't think the reviewer 'got it'. like 'jurassic park' (and sequels) the move was about the sfx. anybody who thinks differently is going to be disappointed by these movies time and time again.

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:08 AM   
  • so who was that idiot that gave away the ending of the new 'planet of the apes movie'? i wonder if he's proud of himself for getting 'the scoop'?

  • Wednesday, April 17/2002 -- 11:07 AM   
  • i see that blogger is still broken, at least with opera. i think have two accounts on there now i can't edit.

  • Tuesday, April 16/2002 -- 05:05 PM   
  • the tentative name for my blogging program was 'blog' but i think i'm going to have to rename it to avoid confusion with the windows program of the same name. it's not fancy but it works fine. i will put it up for download once i write up some documentation.

  • Tuesday, April 16/2002 -- 05:00 PM   
  • this is the first post with the gui version of a cross-platform standalone blogging application.

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