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There is a variety of programs available to aid railway modelers in creating and operating their layouts. This page is a compendium of many of these utilities. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Waybill and Switchlist Generators

Free Commercial Products

Train Scheduling

Many timetable operators use stringline graphs to schedule their trains. These can be constructed using a spreadsheet such as Excel. A template (Strngline.xls) that is used by many operators sits in the Ops-Ind File Area of the Ry-ops-industrialSIG e-mail list [yahoo free membership.required]. To understand how the template works search the list messages using the key phrase spreadsheet timetable.

Control Systems

Control systems control engines, switches, signals, sounds and other accessories. They have evolved from mechanically switched systems through switching relays to direct control via radio (eg. North West Short Lines [radio-link]) or trackwork. Digital command control (DCC) is a standardized electronic protocol that allows multivendor solutions. DCC Curriculum explains more about the protocol.

Most control systems use a mix of hardware and software to detect track occupancy, operate signals, align switches and control trains. The software uses either DCC, commercial bus protocols [eg. CAN, GrapeVine, Loconet, XpressNET] or homebrew designs. Hardware only solutions are also available.

Do-It-Yourself Commercial Products

DCC Devices

There are many devices and applications that can be added to a DCC control system.

  1. Sound: Loksound, Phoenix, QSI, Soundtraxx, Digitrax
  2. Decoders: DccDevices, DccDIY, MERG club, Uhlenbrock
  3. WiFi Throttles: EngineDriver, RocRail, TouchCab, WiThrottle
  4. Interfaces: XnTCP
  5. Programmers: Sprog II DCC programmer
  6. Vendors:. Atlas, Bachmann, CVP EasyDCC, Digitrax, Lenz, Model Rectifier Corp, NanoX, North Coast Engineering, Zimo)

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Layouts can be designed, drawn and simulated using CAD software. Resulting plans can be shared.

Electronic schematics can be drawn and printed circuit boards laid out using specialized CAD software such as: KiCad, FreePCB, ExpressPCB and Eagle Cad.

Simulation Programs

Virtual train modeling can overcome space, finances and time constraints.


I have written a few interesting tools including a couple for model railroaders as part of my experiments in JavaScript. You can download and adapt these tools for your own site if you wish. To download, use File - Save As and then modify the html form. Also be sure to download the JavaScript code. Please provide feedback on usefulness and extra features wanted.

Scale Speed Calculator is a JavaScript utility that calculates scale miles per hour for the most commonly modeled scales by entering time and actual distance traveled.

Scale Speed Calculator

Track Gauge Calculator is a JavaScript utility that calculates the prototype gauge for the most commonly modeled scales of engine and tracks. It helps to choose correct scales when narrow gauge lines are being modeled.

Track Gauge Calculator
Engine ScaleTrack ScalePrototype



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