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cranked on cinema reviews

Cranked on Cinema: Our sister site with plenty of text reviews of all sorts of Independant Films!

REVEMATIC: Our theme song is Bad Behaviour off their Cold Blooded Demon CD. Check the VideoJungle Store for a link to get yourself a copy!

CHIM CHIM the VideoMonkey's hopelessly outdated and unmaintained Underground Video and Cult Horror Film Page from back in the days of tape trading

The Internet Movie Database: The place to find all those facts about just about every movie or actor or ever released!! Even the Films Unknown Cult and Kool crew have listings: Stan Hart, Jamie Lisk and Royce Berry!

Stan's ZOMBIE NIGHT 2 website. Not the Official ZOMBIE NIGHT 2 Website (but it was at one point), but one I made based on the pics and video I shot while I worked on the set. Lots and lots of zombies!!!

Primal Films: When the production company is Primal Films, you can bet that Stan will be there somewhere doing make-up FX...and Jaime and Royce will be there as extras.

Nexus Canada: The SPFX company that Stan occasionally does contracted Make-Up FX for and did all the physical FX on REEL ZOMBIES.

Horrorfind Banner Exchange


Troma Entertainment is the oldest continually operating fully independent movie studio in the world. Lloyd Kaufman is an inspiration to us all!

video graveyard

Hundreds of reviews of all sorts of Horror Movies and more!!


Insane-o-Rama Productions! Makers of STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN AT SUNDOWN, see Webisode 5 for details!

mr creepo

The Website of the enigmatic MR. CREEPO aka Tim Beckley, the mastermind behind BARELY LEGAL LESBIAN VAMPIRES: THE CURSE OF ED WOOD, see Webisode 2.

dark gothic

Dark Gothic - Dark life of the gothic subculture, gothic fashion, gothic poems, and gothic people. Perfect for all you fans of Gothic Vampire flicks who would like to do more than just watch it on DVD..

indy mogul

The Koolest site for the ultra low budget film maker. Tips and tricks and how-to for cheap and the home of Backyard FX.

Andrew Kramer will teach you how to do more cool stuff with Adobe AFTER EFFECTS than you ever thought possible. And they have some awesome products that will make your movies cooler than you could ever imagine. 

Based in the heart of Scotland, we sell Gothic and Punk Clothing,
Lingerie, Decor, Accessories, Spooky Dolls and Rock Merchandise. Petite
to Plus Size. Free Shipping and gift with every order.

A way cool totally free Online TV station that plays Independent Horror Cinema 24/7. How groovy is that?



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