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ffThe People Responsible

Stan Hart

stan aka chim chim the videomonkey

Stan has been watching B-movie, Independant and Alternate Cinema since he first got eyes. He has dabbled in Special Make-Up FX since he picked up Alan Ormsby's MOVIE MONSTERS from the Arrow Book Club in grade 3. He is also WebMaster of this site and as his Internet alter ego Chim Chim the VideoMonkey, runs several other Websites including his popular (but now defunct thanks to Yahoo closing Geocities) Underground Video and Cult Film Site. He is also a contributor to CrankedOnCinema.com. Got a movie project going Quinte Area? Let him know, he works cheap... Stan has worked as a make-up artist on such projects as "Zombie Night 2: Awakening" and "Reel Zombies" and "Summer School Zombies". He also appeared in all three films. Stan has also worked as a webmaster on Tony Watt's Twisted Sinema Magazine". In the winter of 2007, Stan worked as a make-up artist on "Monster Mash", a film shot in Montreal. In 2008, Stan worked on his first feature length film "Serpent Mound", a project that has since been shelved. Stan with his VideoMonkey Productions production company recently worked with the band FUGITIVE UNDERGROUND on a zombie music video and DVD which is now availible here:


or at Amazon.com



Jaime Lisk

Jamie currently works as a writer for John Dalton's MicrocinemaScene.com. In 2006, he co-wrote "WildCat" with legendary indie filmmaker John Polonia. The film starred Rebecca Ferratti of "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" fame and ex-WWE wrestler Leslie Culton. Jamie also appeared in "Zombie Night 2: Awakening" and "Reel Zombies". He also received a special thanks credit for Dave Wascavage's "Zombies By Design". Over the years, he's been credited on boxcovers and in print. In 2008, he went into production on his first feature length film "Bigfoot vs The Wendigo".

Royce Berry

Royce is the webmaster of Cranked On Cinema. When he's not working on the website, he's watching movies. In the summer of 2007, Royce also worked for the first time on a movie as an extra in David J. Francis' "Reel Zombies". He worked as a zombie and as a member of the crew.


Formed in 2000, Revmatic was manifested by two close friends, Nathan Yetter (vocals/guitar) and Keith Daigle (bass) who have been playing in bands together since high school. Rob Baker (drums) joined the band in August 2001. In May 2007, Ron Berry left the band opening the door for Jay "Hopps" Hopkins (Guitars), who completed the final line-up in June 2007. His unique guitar style has brought a whole new element to Revmatic's sound. Revmatic is pure raw energy right in your ears. They are a ferocious monster, beating you with a mess of high-end-heavy crunch, grind and utter grunge that blasts right through you. Revmatic has a thunderous sound that brings to mind bands like Kiss, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Guns N Roses mixed with hard breakdowns and old school thunder.




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