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Films Unknown Cult and Kool

Far from the Mainstream Cinema!

Brought to you by VIDEOMONKEY PRODUCTIONS your hosts Stan Hart and J**** L*** (and our PA and cameraman, Royce Berry) will be introducing you to films that you likely never heard of. Films that don't get get tossed in your face by Hollywood studios with multi million dollar advertising campaigns. Films that are made INDEPENDENT of these studio systems which spend millions of dollars rehashing and remaking. Films that played midnight runs or drive-in theatres or went straight to video, rather than playing every Cineplex in every city. Films that despite not having fast food or other product tie-ins, have a dedicated cult of fans. Films whose budgets are usually less than the craft-service budgets on these Hollywood films. Films that are often made by people just like you and me, people with a vision and something to say. Films that are 'Art' rather than 'product'. Films that are mostly Unknown, often Cult, and always Kool!!!



Watch original award winning VideoMonkey Productions films and cult and classic films both old and new. See programs like SLASHER DOUBLE FEATURE, RETRO LATE NIGHT MOVIE, CINEMA OBSCURA, ZOMBIE TIME THEATRE, PELICULAS DE TERROR MEXICANA LUCHA LIBRE (that's Mexican Horror Wrestling to us gringos) and a whole lot more streamed 24/7 on the Interwebs.

All the VideoMonkey Production films are also ON DEMAND.

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Bases on the latest VideoMonkey Production Film. Click the comic cover for a FREE digital download. Hard copy versions are available but you have to contact me for pricing.


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Looking for some independent short and feature films, series, documentaries , music videos or even vintage public-domain films which falls under the umbrella of horror/ thrillers, fantasy, space and science fiction, action, and martial arts or maybe edgy comedies and bizarre stuff that just cannot be categorized! Check out Black Flag TV:





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The Films Unknown Cult & Kool Channel

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And now from VideoMonkey Productions,the Producers of Films Unknown Cult & Kool, comes an exciting new Zombie music DVD!!!

Fugitive Underground's DVD of the DEAD

See the trailer and a music video from it on our streaming video channel and get yourself a copy for only $9.99 here and support independant films and music! Or look for it at Amazon.com or Fugitive Underground live performances or wherever cool shit might be sold.



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