(Descendants of James PYATT  Sr.)
My name is Gary Pyatt. I am the historian for our branch of the Pyatt family in Canada.

We are the descendants of James Pyatt b1830.

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I just heard, and must announce, that attendees at the 80th Pyatt picnic in 2012 voted to end the tradition.

My branch of the family worked very hard organizing the event since the late 1990's and even though attendance waned, the workload was the same. It was time, due to a change in our circumstances, to step down and let someone else take the leadership roles. We assumed wrongly that someone else, perhaps someone younger, cared enough about our family history and our ancestor's wishes to step up and take over. New generations have different priorities and I guess the reunion in London wasn't one of them.

My siblings and I will probably have a small picnic in Trenton on the second Saturday in July for ourselves to honour our ancestors wishes that the tradition continue.

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