In true Viking style my life is not just limited to folk music and booze... armour is an important part of day to day life...  So I dabble in chainmaille....  Mostly jewellery for now, but I have finished My Own Coif And Hauberk 

Dial-Up Warning: The Hauberk Page is IMAGE HEAVY!

Should you be interested in acquiring a piece of my maille jewellery please feel free to
email me
and we'll work out the details....

I currently work mostly in these main patterns

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From left to right they are

18 gauge, BIrdcage
18 gauge 4 on 1
18 gauge Kings Braid
16 gauge 4 on 1 open
16 gauge 4 on 1 closed
16 gauge Birdcage
16 gauge Boxed

Detail Pics

18G Birdcage

18g 4 on 1

18g Kings Braid

16g 4 on 1 open

16g 4 on 1 closed

16g birdcage

16g boxed


Some Pics of pieces I've made... Can be found  HERE!

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