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Wednesday, April 28


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Friday, April 9

Uh - deep.

Tuesday, March 2

The House of No

No fun, no sun, no shoes, no gun. Maybe it's just seasonal affective disorder, on an annual basis. Reading (The Kindly Ones - whoa) and drinking (Bouchard Pere & Fils Vigne de L'Enfant Jesus - luscious burgundy, double triple whoa) certainly help - but I can't quit this creeping revelation that everything - and I mean everything - is basically boring. So much for 'angst'.

Try this on for size ::

Druggy house music next time....

Saturday, January 9

Hello, Fool.

So far, this year, Little Chola is rockin' my world. And that's about it. Here, she shares the secrets to her total chola look and her thoughts on the apocalypse ::

Hair & Makeup

Rapture vs Apocalypse

Wait for the 'reverse topsie' moment in the 1st video, @ the 9 minute mark...wow

Sunday, December 20

I'm In Love

Meet Fred

Saturday, December 19

Things To Do.

God I hate this time of year. Who cares about the birth of Gandhi? This is my task list ::

:: I still have to cut down a turkey and decorate it. Why are you all staring at me?
:: Buy something for my Insignificant Other. This month, that would be my therapist.
:: Call my sponsor. For some reason - lonely? - she says to call her whenever I think I'm gonna drink. Duh, I know I'm gonna drink.
:: Release the Romanian orphans from my garage. What a baaaad investment.
:: Scrape all the shit off my stove. Huh? No, hotknives, stupid...
:: Plan my Easter Gala weekend - love how it kinda bookends December, coming just a week after xmas. So glad I'm not goyim.
:: Not name-dropping or anything, but me and Valerie Bertinelli are, like, tight, and we always catch-up and commiserate this time of year...I can hear the convo right now...she's gonna be all about getting fat and thin and, thus, rich - and I'm gonna tell her about getting committed/electroshocked/shaved blahblahblah. Good times, LOL, good times.

Yeah. Cuz 'Noel' rhymes with 'Hell'.

Saturday, November 28

Wired Hangers

Eyebrows say alot about a girl...check this out - via
Boy George ::

The Joans - Mad At The Dirt

Tuesday, November 17

10 Things I Hate

No, it's not just you, dear ::

1. The movie Synedoche, New York. Which, as far as I can tell, is about the futility of everything. Which includes acting. Duh.

2. Parking tickets. Thousands of dollars of parking tickets.

3. Tweakers who pose as computer service technicians.... "uh, hold on, i have to find it first - no, i said call me back tomorrow if i don't call today if i remember"

4. EcoGreenHouseEmission snobs. Like they never fart.

5. People who use sex to get money from you. As in, like, friends.

6. The term "hot bod".

7. That creepy show on TLC about a boring dwarf family that has a few tall kids..."Small Legs, Big Heads", "It's A Small World - But Only For Some", "Supersize Me - Please.." - something like that. I think it's nasty and coy and disingenuous, nothing more than a freak show, which armors itself with cable-network political correctness (you know, the really dumb kind).

8. How people get sooo angry at me whenever I drive. Who doesn't get distracted?

9. Lady GagGag.

10. Mario Lopez.

Saturday, October 31


...will blow your mind.

Monday, October 12


Everyone's worst nightmare...fire at the spa.. To make matters worse, it was co-ed, and, um, in Winnipeg.

Just stay home.