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Sunday, December 20

I'm In Love

Meet Fred

Saturday, December 19

Things To Do.

God I hate this time of year. Who cares about the birth of Gandhi? This is my task list ::

:: I still have to cut down a turkey and decorate it. Why are you all staring at me?
:: Buy something for my Insignificant Other. This month, that would be my therapist.
:: Call my sponsor. For some reason - lonely? - she says to call her whenever I think I'm gonna drink. Duh, I know I'm gonna drink.
:: Release the Romanian orphans from my garage. What a baaaad investment.
:: Scrape all the shit off my stove. Huh? No, hotknives, stupid...
:: Plan my Easter Gala weekend - love how it kinda bookends December, coming just a week after xmas. So glad I'm not goyim.
:: Not name-dropping or anything, but me and Valerie Bertinelli are, like, tight, and we always catch-up and commiserate this time of year...I can hear the convo right now...she's gonna be all about getting fat and thin and, thus, rich - and I'm gonna tell her about getting committed/electroshocked/shaved blahblahblah. Good times, LOL, good times.

Yeah. Cuz 'Noel' rhymes with 'Hell'.