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Saturday, July 25

Totally Totie

Before Joan, there was Totie Fields::

Totie on Ed Sillivan

Tuesday, July 21

Television Oh My God

After a fairly long hiatus from regular boob tube viewing, I went out & bought a new tv. It is so wide I'm beginning to think that the earth is, indeed, flat. I'm confused by High Def...(what you yell to the hearing impaired)... uh, what's the point - every pore, cupcake and tear (ecce, my viewing habits) looks macro-gross. Having been absent for a while, here's what I've noticed about tv 2day ::

:: Know why there's an 'obesity epidemic'? I tell ya why... cuz, on tv, there's too much freakin' food. The Food Network should be called The Pig Network.

:: There's an awful lot of homoerotic fighting, i.e, UFC, WWE, Kill Kill Kill, whatever. As in glistening men with porn bodies in man-ties grappling/hurting each other, very fetishy - and very well lit. No. girls. what. so. ever. Hmmm. What's that all about? It's a little disturbing.

:: The BBC is a step-up. I want to live in England. The talk shows are amazing - they drink, Grace Jones shows up, people have articulate hissy fits.

:: Best moment so far - Paris Hilton, on her searching-for-human-pets show, crying in front of contestants over her photo-shopped vagina. I nearly fell off my gurney.

God bless you, Andy Warhol

Sunday, July 12

Brand New Boy George

No, seriously - his new song is called "Brand New". It's quite beautiful ::

Boy George "Brand New"

Friday, July 10

So Cool It Hurts

Yoko Oh No ::

Death Of Samantha (via Porcupine Tree)