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Monday, October 20

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Thursday, October 9

Hola Payola

Geeze. A few bad loans and the world is, uh, totally broke. What a joke. I've lived on the edge of financial ruin - mostly because of shoes - for the majority of my adulthood, and the only place it ever got a byline and bailout was here on this blog (a few years ago, a dear reader actually paypal'd me $$$ so I could buy some smokes after I kinda went on about being a little tight that month. All hail the internets.) Friends? Broker-er than me, they won't help, they think your money probs are funny. Family? Don't ever go there - they don't think those money probs are funny. At your age. By this time. A guy like you....ya. Anyways some thoughts on The New Cheap ::

:: Don't buy a new big old house, like I just did.
:: Don't make children (I never did that); my sister, a few relatives and some friends have - and, like, the spending never ends....shoes, ponies, ipods, stickers, wii's (sp?), Hanna Craptana... I applied for a consolidation loan just to cover my niece's birthday.
:: Trade your beige card (not, uh, quite gold) for a library card.
:: Costco. Which, due to the number of obscenely fat people waddling therein, will turn you off eating forever, thereby saving you a ton of money.
:: Party favours cost - and are kinda the opposite of investing in the future. If you know what I mean. Maybe befriend a gay chemist (...I dunno - craigslist?); Study; DIY; call me for testing.
:: Don't read Vanity Fair. Cuz Vanity Fair wants you to care that the hamptons real estate market is insane or that Princess von Twatt buys her emeralds in bulk, when really you shouldn't, because its bad karma.
:: Only drive your car when you have to (if you don't have a car - uh - I guess it sucks to be you). This is hard - I've got myself to "trips only" to buy/pay/extort smokes, lotto tickets, parking tickets, coffee and milk - oh, and my job.


(...never typed that before...)