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Monday, August 25

Beware The Devil Cat


Wednesday, August 13

K Wed

My darling sister Kendra was married this weekend, during a Great Lakes monsoon, in tents strung along the waterfront aerie behind our houses where we live, 3 lots apart.

Positively lovely.

Monday, August 4

Marrakesh, Mon Amour

So....how's your summer been? Really? Great! I'm so glad, so ineffably happy for you, I don't think words can actually....look - I might even explode, k? Right. My turn. This summer has SUCKED. It's been like February with heat. Here's why - -

:: House drama. I so hate buying/selling/moving (houses, I'm talking). Realtors talk. Lawyers talk & bill. Contractors talk, bill, destroy, are late, leave a mess, re-bill and disavow responsibility. Uh, I really hate that.

:: I haven't gone out - like, to have fun, as opposed to, say, spree killing - in 2 months. What's happening out there? Can I get in? Do you still like me?

:: Aging. Oh.....god. It's sooo un-pretty.

:: Money. I don't own subprime anything - but I'm so broke?

Message? Buy my house, take me out, de-sag me, give a line of swiss bank-style credit, uh, just show up on time...and hey - I'm all yours.