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Sunday, April 20

I'd Sign Ya

I love hopeless - and his new track. He's on his knees for chrissakes.

Cuz I like to keep it real.

Thursday, April 17

It's A Dead Thing

Dog Done Died.

I'd send flowers - except, this is Martha Stewart we're talking here.

Saturday, April 12

Happy Happy Joy Joy Die Die

Whoa.......mood swing. I found myself in this situation last weekend and, although we're all friends here, in actual fact..we're not - so I'm not gonna say anything - except that - please know - you're never too old to go crazy. As if incontinence weren't enough. Anyways - here's a new track, vocal samples swiped & mutilated from the amazing Harrison Crump (real name)::

ongoin' on [wma]

Wednesday, April 2

Let Me Tell Ya Something About Selling A House

1. It's now called "staging". Which means your realtor tells you to take everything out - because she can't see the walls.
2. You're no longer allowed to smoke in your own home.
3. You gotta hide the booze.
4. The Y.U.T's (young upwardlymobile twats) want central vac and an 'ensuite' for every bedroom. This house is 125 years old - go to a fucking subdivision.
5. If I hear "but it's so cute" one more time, I'm burning it down for the insurance money.
6. "Take off your shoes, please" means, like, in this house, in this hemisphere.
7. I've never been to the crawl space beneath the house because it's a crawl space, ok?

Here's a new track I made, basically to cheer myself up. Vocal samples swiped from Crystal Waters ::

it's so all right [wma]