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Saturday, March 15

Happiness Is...

...a bottle of Lacoste Borie (bourdeaux, Paulliac, look it up, fabulous, the finish is forever, pricey, but your boyfriend never did shit for you, so splurge, way less messy than heroin), a filet (slightly) grilled, Dunhills with a new lighter (red), and solitude (love them - but, sometimes, it's so nice to be alone). Oh look - a new track - on the same theme - vocals by Cuba Gooding Sr., (from an original track by Bini & Martini), the rest by a (pleasantly) inebriated me ::

happiness is just around the bend (get down way down mix) [wma]

Tuesday, March 4

Every 6 Years

I move, without fail, every 6 years. I don't plan it that way - it's just kinda happened my entire life. Which explains why the offer we put in (Sunday) on this house we just saw (Saturday) got accepted (Monday). Weren't even looking (consciously), but from the listing (Friday), it seemed kindawaytoogoodtobetrue (old, brick, wood, almost an acre, 'english' garden, several staricases, OCD clean). And it's been six years. Understand that I hate moving almost as much as I hate Rush Limbaugh. Anyways - here's a new track, based on vocals from Akabu's track, called (ironically enough), "Phuture Bound" ::

phuture bound (oh no shoes mix) [wma]

(What does this mean to you? Well, it could mean something - since we need to sell this charmer of house. Write me...)