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Saturday, February 23


This is more hysterical ::

Sandra Bernhard & Tom Jones

Thursday, February 21

Desperately Seeking Attention

This is hysterical ::

Sharon Stone drags an 8-year old (hers?) threw a throng (thong?) of paparazzi, because, well, she got nothing to do.

Shouldn't that kid be in bed? How many 8 year olds even like sushi? Doesn't she look great?

Saturday, February 16

House Music Is Your Friend

New track ::


Thursday, February 14

Cold Heart

I hate Valentine's day - but this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm single, gay & bitter. It's because it's in the middle of the coldest & most depressing fucking month (global warming? I'm waiting...), when everyone typically feels and looks like desperate shit. Bad dating mojo. Of course, for some people this seems to happen all the time......

...don't look into her eyes for very long