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Saturday, September 22

Feels Good

Actually, I'm totally hungover, my head feels like a weather balloon, I've become quite a raging alcoholic in a short space of time. It's those smokey fucking Spanish reds - one bottle, and I'm Eva Gabor. TMI? Yeah - ok. Anyways, here's a new track, with vocals from Bassment Jaxx ("Oh My Gosh"), and Gorillaz ("Feel Good")....everything else is my fault ::

Jaxx and Gorillaz [wma]

Send - carbs - now...

Wednesday, September 12

Back Track

A remix of an old track by Formula 1 Beverly Hills hit'n run artist, Brandy ::

what about us (day in court mix) [wma]

Look both ways.

Monday, September 10

What I Need

What do I need? I can't, honestly, answer this anymore (a drink? a pill? A prayer?). The ever-growing 10,000 lb gorilla in my room is middle age, and the required appropriate behaviour thereof. It sure as hell doesn't feel like Miller time.

Here's a new track, vocals by Duane Harden/Powerhouse, noises by me ::

what you need (as if i know mix)[wma]

Thursday, September 6

Powerbottoms Rejoice

Kiss my happy-face ass.