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Tuesday, August 14

Merv Made Me Gay

This is what I watched as a child

Whitney Houston's debut
Anne Miller's hair
Vanity's 7th heaven
Jon-Erik's whatever

and, of course,

Ethel Mermaid

Quel Surprise.

Friday, August 10

Busy Boy

Here are 3 new mixes of showing-my-age classics by Deelite, Danny Tenaglia & Diana Ross and Her Inferiors that I did recently, just for phun ::

good beat (willsomeonefindmea mix)[wma]

music is the answer (what's the question mix)[wma]

you keep me hangin' on (don't cross ross mix)[wma]

Along with some totally unforseen binge behaviour, my days have been full. Or maybe it's just the binging, making me think that my days have been full, when, in fact, they've been nothing of the kind, more focussed, in a fashion, on waiting for others to make things happen. Cuz one gets tired of being....in charge.

But isn't that always the way?