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Friday, June 22

Get Yer Gay On

Have a good pride. Whatever that entails. It helps to have an agenda...you know, a gay agenda - you just have to be discreet about it. And so I made a track - just for you ::

speed bump [wma]

You know where I'll be.

Thursday, June 14

Reign Beau

"Gay Pride" means so many things to so many bitter - I mean different people, I thought we might want to consider a few variations of the same tired - I mean basic theme ::

Gay Bride - anything goes, except white gowns are prohibitted.
Gay Hyde - duh: leather.
Gay Hide - We're Queer - but We're Not Here.
Gay Tide - a pink tsunami.
Gay Died - parade dedicated to Charles Nelson Reilly.
Gay Fried - Me.
Gay Ride - Trying to cram 14 people on G into a cab.

Yeah - ok.

Anyway, here's a new track I made, all up & cheerful-like ::

you're done [wma]

(Let the preening begin...)