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Friday, May 25

Short Circuit Party

Here's a Gay Shame remix....vocals by Who Da Funk, the rest by me ::

shiny disco balls (launch pad mix) [wma]

(disco balls are what you get when -....nevermind...)

Thursday, May 24

Penis Envy

Funny how they call it a "reversal".

Monday, May 21


I think there are holes - swisscheese type holes - larding my brain. I just bought a pair of pricey italo-designer shorts - and when I read the care instructions at home, they indicated that "the indigo dyes used in this garment should not be exposed to direct sunlight"...shorts? no sun? have I missed something? Anyways - this is a new track - with acid/glowstick overtones - go figure ::

rub n tug [wma]


Tuesday, May 1

Just Beat It

More 4 on the floor ::

right now right [mp3]

I like crawling.