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Saturday, April 21

1000 Braincells - And Counting...

Hi! How's your spring? That's great! Ok - you can stop now. Here's a (tweeky) remix of my last track ::

catch the flight (ecstazee mix)[wma]

Go ahead - do it again.

Tuesday, April 17

Just Thinkin'....

:: Guns don't kill people - crazy homicidal maniacs do.
:: I hope someone is telling the homeless not to eat wet pet food.
:: You can add a new diagnosis to your DSM-IVR - "An Anna Nicole Smith Complex is when your family & friends want to fuck you over equally".
:: The loathesome Mr. Imus' comments weren't simply racist - they were just plain mean.

Tuesday, April 3

Alanis Moreupset.

Jagged little girl, mad or sad, she's always seemed just kinda wierd. What an ugly bunch of pimps. (link via copycommaright)