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Saturday, March 31

Just Because

Here's a little gospel disco electro diva house track, complete with Martha Wash vocals ::

catch the flight [wma]

I mean - what else do ya need?

Wednesday, March 28

Spring Is Spun

Have you noticed? The big men with little dogs have re-appeared, most of the bathouses I frequent are currently getting makeovers (would love to know who their sub-contractors are), and friends are talking about going to rehab, instead of going on vacation. It's cheaper than Cuba, apparently. An ex of mine has reared his ugly head, but it's new shoes that tempt - and another season of pointless gay behaviour looms.

Can't wait.

Saturday, March 17

Mix It, Mary

Here's a mix for a contest I entered. It's for people like us. Don't think about that.

naughty (mary mix)

You can't vote for me - but you sure can crank it...

Saturday, March 10

My Friends Are So Cool

My dear, ever so patient friend Martin, Le Bunny Piaff wishes catholics and heathens alike are merry/mary easter.

He's also single.

Friday, March 9

I Know...

...life's supposed to be a circle - but I'd rather have a square. I like angles. Turning corners vs gliding ad infinitum. I also prefer a nice square beat - here's a new track with vocal bites extracted from Powerhouse's/Duane Harden's "What You Need" ::

someone [wma]

Tuesday, March 6

I Love You, Anne Coulter

Well, no, not at all, really - rather, I love the idea of you.....bitter, anorectic, blonde. Like most of my (gay) friends. We'd have so much to talk about - and afterwards, I'd hold back your hair whilst you purged. Though you gotta watch that vomit thing, make sure it doesn't get outta hand, it'll make your teeth go all black. Sorry - I meant to say 'fangs'....

Friday, March 2

Wouldn't You Like To Be Princess Superstar?

Looks waaay easier than pilates. Coked-out gymnasts - I love this video....

Thursday, March 1

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Soundbites

I actually think she's kidding - d'ya see the smirk?