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Sunday, February 25

"You're Never Too Young To Be Bitter"

That would look great, slogan-ized, pec level, on a t shirt. Anyways - here's new track, all hot & bothered like ::

DJ's in my hair [wma]

Saturday, February 17


"My economic theory is that money was made round to go round. Money was made to encircle man so that he would blossom with many flowers. The whole trouble is, the center is money. All the heads of people thinking about money. All the hands of people reaching out for money. All their poor little bodies working for money. They are running in all directions for money."

Really really crazy, really really rich.

Monday, February 12

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Here's a new party track, with vocal samples mangled from High Calibur ( - what a name - ) and Pamela Hernandez ::

Let's Play House [wma]

(just....not at my house)

Thursday, February 8

Holy Shit

When I changed my wallpaper yesterday, I had no idea....

Poor, poor thing.

Wednesday, February 7

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebook...

This tune has vocals from Adonis' cheezy/funky track "h.o.u.s.e." on top of the heavily tarted up instrumentals from my track "What U Feel"::

adonis vs me [wma]

(what is the world coming to...I just sampled myself)

Friday, February 2

Oh Man, Nan.

Girl could shop. That's right - they've put the contents of the late Nan Kempner's Kansas-sized wardrobe in a museum. Get a feel for Couture Compulsive Disorder.

Hey - I've got a lot of shoes, but I'm not dead yet - can I still please get the write-off?