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Saturday, January 20

Paris Hilton's Pad

Get your mind out of the gutter - I meant her house.

Monday, January 15

Her Daily Grind

Where to start? Almost unbelievably funny. Who, in this day & age, still molests the help?

Sunday, January 14

"There Are No Faux Pas"

Watch Linda get totally ignored, then give the TV guy full death stare, then - in the final 30 seconds - scramble to regain alpha-photo-supremacy via a series of classic Evangelistitudes.

They sure don't make'm like they used to....

Friday, January 12

Put Your Head On The Speaker And Testify

I like my gospel - without the god :

Boris D'lugosh's "Hold Your Head Up High (sean-y's hi mix) [wma]

[sorta OT : why didn't Whitney just use eBay?]

Wednesday, January 10


Naomi musta loved this shoot.


Saturday, January 6

Nikki Beach Lifestyle

If we're smart - I mean, really smart - we can work this global warming thing in such way that everyone will have a Nikki Beach Club of their very own, right next door. I mean, that, essentially, is what G.W is all about: the planet is becoming one...big...beach. Right? Are you with me on this? Good. Here's a new track ::

what u feel (what u want mix).wma