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Friday, December 29

One More For The Road

Vocal bits by Kristine W ::

what u feel.wma

Increase your joy - act better - and have a great new year.

Thursday, December 28


"This too shall pass" - and it did, it actually did! What a horrible fucking year. Time to party. With a vengeance. Here are 2 dumb diva (well, no - the ladies themselves - Kathy Brown, Michelle Weeks - seem bright enough, it's a more a genre thing...ok - whatever) tracks I did just for that purpose ::

'tis better to give.wma
'tis better to give (tribal sermon mix).wma

Sending a virtual sub-mistletoe kiss to one & all...

Friday, December 22


"And I find bras restricting."

Martha? Shhhh....

Wednesday, December 20

These Are Your Orders

Royal Command 1.3g2 - open with QuickTime
Royal Command 2.3g2 - blah blah blah

Tuesday, December 19

A Queen's Message

Xmas Message [3g2 - cell phone movie - open with QuickTime]

(Q = What's the first thing a queen does after she gets a colostomy? A = Dyes her bag to match her shoes.)

Sunday, December 17

Pamela Paris Britney Nicole Lindsay

Just imagine the hits. Anyways - here's another version (cuz New York still counts) of the song I posted Thursday ::

detroit saved my life - but n.y.'s still ok.wma

My pussy ain't your party.

Thursday, December 14

Party Cuz You Have To.

When I was younger and more gun-friendly, we actually used to party schlep our way down to Detroit, the sound of which being what this next track I just did is supposed to conjure. Because Detroit House rocked. Mutilated vocals based on a-you'll-recognize-the-tune by In Deep ::

detroit saved my life.wma

(Some of those border guards were hot...)

Monday, December 11

Party Cuz You Want To.

So much snow, so little time ::

die young be happy.wma

(Q : why don't cannibals lick clowns? A : cuz they taste funny.)

Sunday, December 10

Baby Needs Beats

Here's a remix entry I, as my alter-roman-ego 'vespesian', recently did for this outfit. I'm going for the toaster oven ::

cycleburner's existence - sean-y's johnny come lately mix.mp3

Thursday, December 7

She Works Hard For The Money

This a remix I did of 8mm's "stunning", which is an entry in a contest hosted by acidplanet (my nom de fume on that site, btw, is 'vespesian', which you can search in case you wanna hear further examples of how I occupy my, uh, more sober moments) ::

stunning (sean-y's totally stunned mix).wma

I also do gay weddings, bar mitzvahs & funerals.