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Monday, November 27

You're Supposed To Book For Soundbites, Silly.

Not a bitch - just really busy...

Sunday, November 26

Fun Things To Do While Stoned.

Go here.

Thursday, November 23

And Then They're Gone

Bye, Andy.

Monday, November 13

Inquiring Minds

Several friends have recently come to this site in hopes of finding out what I've been up to. A party here, a bench warrant there..honestly - it's all been a bit of a blur. I'm kinda sore, truth be told. However - you should see what some of my friends have been up to ...

Hi, Martin.

Friday, November 3

Some More Get Down

deep thing (divasmackdowndub) [wma]

Thursday, November 2

Some Get Down

Another wailin' Diva groove ::

deep one [wma]