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Saturday, October 28

First Things First

:: No, that is not me. Just you wait - I'm way scarier.
:: Deeelite, of course. Why, look at this - here's that remix I just finished - Deeelite's Good Beat (seany's accidental remix) [wma] - must be my left brain trying to take charge again!
:: Yeah, he is that hot. Just don't ask him about wife #2.
:: Yeah, I'll do coke - but only if I have to.
:: Nina Simone.

Now - if you don't mind - there's this lovely Chateau de Charmes cab/merlot (2002) calling my name...

Friday, October 13

Hey!!! Happy Friday The Thirte - - -

Ooops - my bad - shit - I've accidently summoned Satan - again. Anyways, here's a track I did, replete with vocals by Celeda & Adeva (that would be yer 'Diva Tofer'), for all your upcoming Dark Energy Events ::

The Underground (big fat party mix) [wma]

Er - boo.

Wednesday, October 11

Halloween Suggestions

:: Anna Nicole's Son (wear t-shirt with bits like "Momma's boy....dead", "Mommy rolled on me in bed", "I've got a secret", "Don't you want my body - no - I mean it?", etc., etc....)
:: Screech...uh, on second thought - no.
:: Pro-life Suicide Bomber.
:: Nicole Itchy (heroin will do that to ya)
:: Your Last Ex (...the other one)
:: The Steroid Fairy.
:: The Pap (female pope....duh)
:: A Giant Butt Plug (Tom Cruise....duh)
:: Dress As Street Trash, Leer At Any Guy In A Lexus, And Call Yourself "World Trade Centre III" (kidding).

Me? I'm just gonna shave my legs......