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Saturday, September 30

For All You Old Guys

I'm aging - and it ain't pretty - I live in the past - cuz I've spent way more time there - so here's a remix I just finished, of "Word Up", by Cameo - Larry Blackmon, guy in the middle, used to wear a red codpiece, and we could never figure out if he was or wasn't - anyways, here's towards a funky senility ::

Word Up (anti-lock breaks mix) [wma]

Don't send me cards; I'd rather you just take me for a walk.

Friday, September 22

Listen Up

Remember acid house? I do - in fact - I just kinda had a flashback - and so I made this track ::

Aceeed [wma]

Never close your eyes...

Tuesday, September 19


Loves It



Funky Fresh Bing Ji Ling. Try saying it quickly...

Friday, September 15


Music Is The Answer



To the question (beyond that - I can't help you). This is my second remix of my most-est favourite house track ever by Danny Tenaglia. You should really see him spin whenever you should, sometimes God is a DJ ::


Music Is The Answer (dirty chicago mix) [wma]

Thursday, September 14


And Why Not....



...leave her there while you're at it.

Tuesday, September 12


My Newest Oldest Crush



Jay Kay gets his freak on...in the kitchen section.

Saturday, September 2

Learn To Love To Live

A lil' bit 'o inspiration for y'all ::

Kathy Brown's "Don't Give Up" (sean-y's houshead hymn mix) [mp3]

Friday, September 1


Put Your White Shoes Away, Honey.


Here's more remixed attitude by Madison Avenue, with some extra bits by Madison Park thrown in, just to be extra clever :: 


Madison Ave vs Madison Park [wma]