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Sunday, August 27

Queens On The Verge


What's with Fading Dowagers From Britain these days?........George-the-G-stands-for-something-else Michael, having sex al fresco, with Uncle Fester.....Boy (Barge?) George, on a chain gang, keeping our public spaces clean, in Harlem.....and now Elt-y wants to rap.

Yo oh no.

Thursday, August 24

That Time Of Month

Madison Avenue has always been one of my favourite club music outfits, mainly because their songs were so bloody bitchy. And I love bitchy. Here's my remix of Don't Call Me Baby, a song whose lyrics I've attempted to employ during the countless domestics I've found myself in over the past few years ::

Madison Avenue's "Don't Call Me Baby" (sean-y's Whatabitch mix) [wma]

Drama should be fun.

Tuesday, August 22

Cuz It's Hot

Here's a tune I recently made with a vocal which, for the life of me, I cannot place. She sounds like Martha Wash.....::

Sweat It Out [wma]

[Of course, if you eat enough e, everyone starts to sound like Martha Wash after a while.]

Saturday, August 19

Here's Grace.

She's the Liz Taylor of the underground, the uberdiva who's been known to physically attack her fans (if she shows up), who actually wears yamamoto & watunusabe, the woman who's said things like "you're not gay - you just don't want to fuck me" (to eddie murphy) and, to the paparazzi, "get off the fucking dress", who sings La Vie en Rose with a conviction that'll make you do coke - and, believe me child, I could go on....and she's here, in a clip of some tribute to Trevor Horn, in a live performance, @ 2 years ago ::

Positively astounding.

Thank god for YouTube.

Thursday, August 17

As Canadian As....


So cute, so funky.

Friday, August 11

Even New York?

I remember that The City used to be cool. Alas - the cult of celebrity rears it's ugly head.

Wednesday, August 9

It's The Inside That Counts

Bottoms up ::

Loleatta's Having A Party [wma]

Friday, August 4

What Whitney Needs Now

...is a spoon, some baking powder, a torch - and Eduardo's new phone #....kidding, so kidding - gotta be nice, since I just ripped her off ::

Whitney Houston, We Have A Problem [wma]

Have a really really nice weekend.