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Friday, July 28

What The World Needs Now...

....is more diva house. Here's my contribution, with a little help from M.A.W. and Kathy Brown, in particular::

When Divas Duel [wma]
When Divas Duel - Househeads Only version [wma]

"Diva" = "decibel", so crank these wayyyy up.

Wednesday, July 26

Deep Thoughts

Hey Lance? FYI - you're not allowed to be gay if you haven't any lips.

Hey George? None of us really care. Maybe you should go home now and shave.

(Don't thank me - just payin' it forward....fuck that noise - who let these guys in?)

Sunday, July 23

Worth The Wait

And he's back - my favourite soon-to-be-famous DJ anywhere - just listen to this - download - tell your friends ::

dj kila :: le vip [wma]

Remember to always vote with your feet.

Friday, July 21


Even though I'm really really gay, I've always had this crush on Pamela Anderson. I dunno - she just seems to be having more fun, choice of boyfriends (except for Scott Baio) notwithstanding. So anyways....I made this song with her mind, using vocal snippets from The Commodores "Brick House" ::

T & A [mp3]

I like it when she snarls.

Tuesday, July 18

There Is No Guest List Tonight.

Or will ever be, in any case, for this bunch. Go here (hold on a sec - doesn't the new Slate look awful? ok - as you were...) to learn all about 'Chavs'.

Wednesday, July 12

Film It - And They Shall Come, pt. 2

My friend Pierre's directorial debut ::

A Body Of Work

[Pierre wants everyone to watch right up to the v-e-r-y end....]

Monday, July 10

Film It - And They Shall Come

My friend Vinnie's directorial debut ::

The Green Vortex

Friday, July 7

Look Ma....Twins!!!!!

I geeve good service for to you - ja? ::

How's Your Life [wma]
How's Your Life (Ultra Nate be my guest mix) [wma]

Thursday, July 6

Just The Way It Is

And I quote ::

In the end, it's a bitch sitting at a table with a naturally skinny girl who's worth a billion dollars and says things like, "You gonna eat that?"

Monday, July 3

Ask Yourself....

Do you really want a boyfriend? Do you really want to compromise - on everything? Do you really want to put his needs, alongside yours, all the time? Hell - even most of the time? Do you really want to try to disregard the stupid way he squints when he thinks? And fucks? Do you really want to laugh at his retarded jokes of which, astonishingly, no-one in his immediate family has ever made an issue? Do you really want to have to let him borrow your energie jeans which, while god-like on you, look missing-link-ish on him?

Do you really wanna fake it?

Here's a song for those of you who answered "yes" ::

S.O.S Band's Just Be Good To Me (seany's co-dependency mix) [mp3]