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Thursday, June 29

Post Partium Depression

More like relief; Pride this year sucked. No one told me that Gay Inc. had merged with Polar Ice Vodka Inc., to produce Gay Corporate Yawn Ltd., which now controls everything, from your of-course-i-was-born-this-way brows to your pecs to your cole haan berigged toes. There was a consistent surfeit of G, bad tans, silicone and "gee your car is shiny" smugness - as well as 2hourlineups to get into converted parking lots, which were optimistically referred to as "beer gardens". Why the dykes get their own parade? Isn't one enough? Why all the gay men crying everywhere - easy on the Tina, Girls, it's a bitch in the heat - and must you do that in public? Why all the pseudo-hard-ons? I keep my porn at home. Everyone was cruisin', but no-one was choosin'. This wasn't gay - it was gone.

Anyways - here's a message-y tune, all appropos 'n all ::

Ultra Nate's "Get It Up" (seany's future of funk mix)

Thursday, June 22

To Hell With All This Thinking

Ladies? Attention, please - it's time to have some fun ::

Soulsearcher's Can't Get Enough (seany's I love a parade mix) [mp3]

See ya - -

Wednesday, June 21

Prideful Thought #8

Look - sometimes, people write songs for me ::

Donald von TaterTot :: sean white_s glittery balls [mp3]

Sunday, June 18

Prideful Thought #7

So get this - yesterday I'm helping my brother-in-law move into my sister's house - because you better believe I'm a skinny-but-strong motherfucker - when don't I, outta the blue, fall into the 6x8 glass table top (which I had managed to unload - along with 2 tons of other scary heavy furniture - unscathed), break it, and end up cutting my ass, deeply, such that I had to go to emerg - bleeding de la butt - and get stitches & a tetanus shot....

....a week before Pride. And I repeat - my ass will be outta comission for gay xmas.

Obviously, God's trying to tell me something.

Friday, June 16

Prideful Thought #6

If I hear one more Project Parking Lot wannabe scream "work it girl" in my general vicinity - let's keep it simple - this hemisphere - I will get very ugly, very quickly.

[does head & shoulder role, shakes it off]

....where was I?...

Oh yeah - here's a new one - just for Pride ::

Danny Tenaglia's Music Is The Answer (seany's always tell the truth mix) [mp3]

Thursday, June 15

Prideful Thought #5

A day without House, is like a day without sunshine.
But a gay without House (on Friday night, freshly buzzed, buzzing, all fashioned-up) can be an unmitigated disaster ::

A Jesse Saunders San Juan Moment [mp3]

Wednesday, June 14

Prideful Thought #4

I can't remember -- is it L-G-B-T . . . B-L-T . . . B-E-T, whatever. I want to live my life, and love who I want.

Oh, Ru...

Saturday, June 10

Prideful Thought #3

Love....is never having to be nice.

Don't Need U [wma]

Thursday, June 8

Prideful Thought #2

Don't you hate it when you can talk about sex to everyone besides your friends?

J. Vasquez :: Get Your Hands Off My Man (sean's guest list mix) [mp3]

Wednesday, June 7

Prideful Thought #1

All I can remember from last year's Pride was sitting with Brodie and Chuck on a stoop on Church street, across from the Beer Garden, incandescent with bitterness, shovelling key-fulls of Kate Moss into each other's noses at 15 second intervals. Chuck had spiked his 3 gallon slushie with rubbing alcohol or compari or something, and shared freely. We were wearing alot of neon. Walking was kinda touch 'n go. And no-one even noticed.

So this year, I'm going, au drag, as Oprah - and everyone is gonna feel it.

Saturday, June 3

Cuz I Care Even More

I don't usually do this - but musical pride dictates that I offer a facelifted version of my last mix ::

Finally (cleaner mix).mp3

(Next time I'll choose the good chardonnay...)

Friday, June 2

Cuz I Care

Yes - the first minute of this next tune is supposed to sound that way - it renders what follows much much more pleasant. Call it the Stalin school of house music production. Hammer-on-finger, sunshine after rain, paper-beats-rock, etc. etc ::

Finally (K.O.T. vs Lisa vs Me mix) [mp3]

I told ya...