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Saturday, May 27


I want candy.

Saturday, May 20

La Janice

"I coined the term, dear. I coined the term back in 1979. I made up the word. I write. I have two best-selling books. I'm an author. I'm a mother. I'm a motherfucker!"

A funny, funny interview.

Friday, May 19

A Song For A Man...

...who doesn't even deserve it ::

Small Dose [mp3]

Thursday, May 18

Slice 'em, Dice 'em

A new silly remix - I think I need to stay in more ::

Jamiroquai :: Canned Heat (sean's canned meat mix) [mp3]

Thursday, May 11

What Friends Are For

Sometimes, even the Fabulous need to be reminded that they're Fabulous. This tune, 100% catwalk-friendly, is for my friends Omar & Mark ::

Diva [mp3]

Thursday, May 4

I'm All Like Moving To P.V.

Mexico is decriminalizing all my favourite vitamins. That's right - I said "decriminalize". Expect to see a new series of reality videos, based on the by-then-burgeoning Mexican club scene, to hit video-store shelves everywhere sometime this winter....title?

"Gays Gone Wild"