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Sunday, April 30

The Proverbial Bag Of Chips

Fling into spring, Sugar ::

Stalker's Ditty - Circuit Party Dub [mp3]

Friday, April 28

It's That Time Of Year Again...

...Spring - the season that brings out the stalker in everyone ::

Stalker's Ditty [mp3]

Make him love ya already.

Thursday, April 27

Me, Never.

Why do I keep getting spam from this distressingly earnest publication? Did one of you do this? Donald?

I haven't even been invited to a gay wedding yet (although I've cheered on a few such divorces), but I know I'd be a bitchy bride who'd put the caterer through hell ("Those sugar snap peas GAVE ME GAS!!!!") and throw a crappy reception (i.e., BYOB; tops would have to sit on one side of the room, while bottoms the other - and run coatcheck; lotsa Chakka Kahn).

So - thanks - but no thanks.

Thursday, April 20

Get Your Zone On.

Sometimes, all you want is a righteous beat ::

Movin' On - Debbie Pender (seany's comfort zone mix) [mp3]

Tuesday, April 18

It's Getting To Be That Time Of Year

Parades and Shade and Pride, oh my - naw, let's keep Mr Rogers out of it - If you go down to the woods today, you're sure to find...your BF - m'k, I like that. Anyways, the season known around here as 'Gay Shame' is about to stumble out of the closet in which it's actually been tanning for the last 8 months - and parade marshal wannabes everywhere are practising their waves. Cup, darling, cup. And each year, I make a cheezy anthem to honour this, the most auspicisous of gay..keep my Gay Cardtm, which protects me from people who drive minivans. You have no idea. Anyways, here it is ::

Some People Never Shut Up (Sissy Anthem mix) [mp3]

Sunday, April 16

I Mean, Really...

Some folks do tend to go on so - and usually when they have less to say. Ecce, Blogatus. Anyways, I hereby declare talking offically ovah ::

Some People Never Shut Up [mp3]

So there.