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Wednesday, March 29

My Filthy House

Just for you, for today ::

AOK (dirty chicago mix) [mp3]

Monday, March 27

Non Stick

For a second there, she probably thought one of her boobs had sprung a leak. And that winner beside her just cannot stop smiling now, can he? I find this picture so incredibly funny.

(via A Socialite's Life.)

Saturday, March 25

Kitty Kitty

Sometimes...we end up in these holes, and can't find our way out. If this ever happens to you, try blasting this next song, over & over & over, until the marshmallows disappear and you've found your keys in your hand - again ::

AOK [mp3]


Tuesday, March 21

Fay Get-Away

You thought you were having a bad day. Listen as Ms Dunaway loses it over some upcoming press appearance...[via WOW report].

[Joan would have been proud.]

Monday, March 20

WMC 2006

Don't you wish you could have been there? I do, because he - so cute, so far away - was spinning ::

Olivier Desmet :: WMC 2006 [ram]

Maybe next year.

Saturday, March 18

Doris Day

If you're happy and you know it....fuck you.

Felt good.
Anyways - here's yet an another version of my favourite sermon ::

That House Song [happi-mix] [mp3]

Thursday, March 9


What a wierd week it's been to be a Libra. The less is definitely more - but only fellow offspring of the House of Venus will know what I'm talking about. So don't even bother. And you gotta love it when the major constellations work for you. Anyways - here's a musical leftover ::

That House Song [Pssssycho Dub] [mp3]

Superman? Why, he's all cape.

Monday, March 6

Roll, On A

It goes without saying - I detest Mondays - so here's some new music ::

That House Song [funk- eee mix][mp3]