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Tuesday, February 28

Recovery Process

First - some new music ::

That House Song [sketchy gospel mix][mp3]

Second - for all The Beautiful People who ain't feelin' pretty today ::

Rehab @ Home

:: Turn off all your phones. If they really need to get you, the sheriff will just knock your door down anyway.
:: Candy, pot, candy, pot...that would be your routine for the next while.
:: If you insist on staring into the mirror, make sure that a) the lights are on, b) the wig is off and c) you are, in fact, in your own home.
:: Do your laundry - don't linger - rinse twice - and if the shakes are bad, and you can't quite get the quarters into those fucking slots, wait til like 4 a.m. to flip the load into the dryer.
:: The Dryer!!
:: Brush your tongue at regular intervals.
:: Whatever you do, DON'T watch The View.
:: Everything's gonna be just fine. Hahahahahaha.

Monday, February 20

Protest This

Hot Arab Men

Blogger unilaterally decided to eliminate my last post - so here's that song - again ::

bitch'n moan [mp3]

Tuesday, February 14

Karma's A Bitch When You're Gay

These vocals have been everywhere - here's my version ::

That House Song [mp3]

For Patric.

Saturday, February 11

The Answer To The Question

Music that is. Go here - Toronto's best music team has a website.

Tuesday, February 7

Lil Bit 'O Honey

Loves it ::

Miss Honey Dijon - "My Name Is Bob" [ram]

Monday, February 6

Lady Bunny Rules.

Read this now.

Sunday, February 5

Nice Box

Ever use Pandora? You enter an artist - and it creates an online music 'station' with a playlist related to your selection.

I entered "Pebbles"...

Thursday, February 2


More - of the same ::

Alfa Male (capital k mix) [mp3]