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Saturday, January 28

Love Story

Sometimes waiting...really really sucks. This has been known to happen in North York.


Tuesday, January 24

Nothing In Particular

Hopefully, NyQuil will make it happen for me - but, alas, I'm afraid I have developed a resistance to all legal drugs, which does not help with this, the Shebob of colds. Hello, my name is Sean - and these are my sinuses. Sinii...whatever, fuck-off. Here's something new ::

Alfa Male (space mix) [mp3]

Friday, January 20


pt. 1
pt. 2
pt. 3

Canada, you see, is about to elect a reactionary idiocy-based government of it's own - so might as well get my digs in while I still can...

Wednesday, January 18

Friends With Benefits

We, The Gays, as a group, haven't really caught onto this bit of progressive breeder nomenclature - we still call them 'tricks' - because I guess we're just way too bitter to turn that frown upside-down. I'm talking to you, ladies...

Alfa Male [mp3]

Friday, January 13

Gaily Forward

How do I - a prototypical Libra - end up knowing so many Capricorns? They always have a plan - and I never do.....anways - here's some new music ::

3 lines & a martini (helium mix) [mp3]

Wednesday, January 11

Too Many Sherbets

"First, you are drunk....Second, this is not a waltz; it is the Peruvian national anthem. And third, I am not a woman; I am the Cardinal Archbishop of Lima."

Saturday, January 7

Too Real