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Monday, November 28

Mundane = Monday

Coincidence? I think not. And my sinuses are staging a full uprising. So you wanna trade lives for awhile - say, 'til about, oh, I dunno....Thursday? Yup, toute le monde c'est tres sucker. Anways - here's some new music ::

k.i.c.k. (my messy Jack Shit mix) [mp3]

Friday, November 25

The Weekend - Again (?)

That was fast - time sure does fly - when you're a Party Princess ::

k.i.c.k. (my messy disco version) [mp3]

Get on the list, ok?

Thursday, November 17

Cuz The Weekend Started...

...about an hour ago ::

k.i.c.k. (my messy funky version) [mp3]


Saturday, November 12

Scads Of Time I Have

And how lucky for you ::

She Dizzy - Devotion - Surreality mix [mp3]

Thursday, November 10

More More More

Looks like I'm working this one to death ::

She Dizzy - Devotion - 23 sample remix [mp3]

Tuesday, November 8

The Rules

# 23 :: Women are more fabulous than men.

I’m a twenty-something New York escort. I love Prada, Seven jeans, and Jimmy Choos. I’m also totally addicted to Starbucks’ grande non-fat white mocha and working out....

Say hello to Alexa.

Friday, November 4

Fucking Martians

Calling Orson Welles.

Ohmygod it's already Friday. So here's some new music ::

She Dizzy - Devotion Mashup [mp3]