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Friday, October 28

The Bright Side

Unfortunately, Wilma pre-empted my brother's Mexican Wedding Extravaganza, which was supposed to have occurred this week. No party, no pictures, no tan....and no Yucatan post - which was gonna be my blogging apex, as it were, for 2005. Oh well. Maybe I'll get a facelift next month and post about that. In the meantime, here's a new song ::

She Dizzy [mp3}

Tuesday, October 18

Caring Is Sharing...

...so this is what's been going on in my life ::

:: New music - Fat Lady Sings [mp3]
:: Brother's wedding next week - here
:: Stupid fucking man drama which, after all these years, I had promised myself I would, henceforth, do without. Ha. Hello Co-dependence - my name is Sean.
:: Halloween plans - I'm going as Tina, my friend Martin is going as Gina...that would be harsh unshaven manly drag.

If nothing else, at least try to laugh at your bad habits.

Sunday, October 2

Been Busy

Just goin' out ::

And makin' music ::

Second Wind (Clydesdale mix) [mp3]