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Wednesday, September 21


:: My new mix of my newest song. Second Wind (Seen Kween mix). My my my.
:: "Honey - when my parents split up - listen - cars here, condos there, lawyers EVERYWHERE....it was pure Black Dynasty, okayyyyy?" @ friend of a friend, channelling Naomi, at a bar, on a roll.
:: Cute.
:: Wierd.
:: Emo.
:: The Truth, revealed.

Sure to be a big party weekend - so find me.

Tuesday, September 13

Toronto Film Festival :: Gala Tip #5

The only problem with having an open bar is one never knows who's gonna show up.

Tuesday, September 6


I was looking for a beat, a specific house beat - you know what I mean, the kind that helps you work it out, alone, beyond thinking - but I couldn't reference anything on the net or my hard drive [uh, dream on] that even made me wanna stand up, and N.O. was totally stressing me out, and everything s-u-c-k-e-d ...yes, Libra's have bad days too....breathe...so I made a song just for me.

You can have some too ::

Second Wind [mp3]

Upwards & Onwards.
[And Sideways.]

Friday, September 2