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Thursday, August 25


A mix of the song I made a few days ago ::

Little Baby Bump (Banshee Bugout mix) [mp3]

Old Banshee Girls never die - they just get jobs.

Tuesday, August 23

Make Me Barf

Ewww - Gross - Ick.  [via A Socialite's Life ]

Tom Sizemore, erstwhile beau of Heidi (f)Lice, has anointed himself king of the bottom feeders.

And I'd have to agree...

Saturday, August 20

Crank - It

Here's a little ditty for you to enjoy whilst speeding thru your busy, busy, busy day ::

Little Baby Bump [mp3]

Friday, August 19

Make The Boy Happy, pt.II

Buy Kila's latest mix...and help support top-drawer house music artists & producers.

[Death to Mall House in all it's forms].

Thursday, August 18

The Way Home

And the way back...

Thursday, August 11

Make The Boy Happy

Philo's adorable web child is two - so send him a congratulatory picture & share in the glow.

Tuesday, August 9

You've Got Questions

...and I've got answers - only ::

:: Miss Lady Kier.
:: 41.
:: That's just tooo rude.
:: No - even though I'm Jewish.
:: Libra. Ohmygod - I thought it was obvious.
:: Sort of.
:: Of course - except if he drives a Porsche.
:: Totally.
:: Raving, I guess...
:: Yes. But do you realize that eveyone has the potential for a great body? So - it's just not a big deal.
:: Whatever - go ahead - Pimp My Blog.
:: Well, if you ever CALLED, you might find out, hon...
:: Write me.
:: No - just a Boy Who's A Friend. It's all I can handle.
:: Huh? Sorry - never heard of you.
:: Farah Fawcett Majors.
:: No - cocaine is the one drug I detest.

Everyone wants to be Dianne Sawyer, eh?

Sunday, August 7

That's Misssssssssss Paglia...

She's dead right, as usual - but who's listening at the moment?

Saturday, August 6

Just A Pill Away

When I swiped the sample of the vocal on this track, I forgot to note who actually sang it - I remember a mix, by Bini & Martini, years ago - but as to the actual dentity of the (evidently) bi-polar diva with the breathtaking delivery - who knows. Hope she's ok...

??? :: Hap-i-nesssss [Sean's Take Your Meds mix][mp3]

Tuesday, August 2

This Is What I Keep Telling People....

" ...I have to say that Toronto needs something. Not sure what but something..."