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Wednesday, July 27

Mix Imitates Life

Sorry Miss Pender - but I redid your song ::

Debbie Pender's Movin' on [Sean's I'm Not That Deep Either mix][mp3]

(For me, the more bitter the better).

Monday, July 25

Total Genius

"On January 18th 2004, Strictly Kev premiered the original 'Raiding The 20th Century' on XFM's 'The Remix' show in London. It was a 40 minute attempt to catalogue the history of cut up music - be it avant garde tape manipulation, turntable megamixes or bastard pop mash ups. It rapidly spread throughout the web and managed to cause a full scale server crash on boomselection.info when they hosted it due to the volume of net traffic."

Absolutely incredible. Stop what you're doing & listen to this ::

Dj Food :: Raiding the 20th Century A History of The Cutup.mp3

Go here for more background - and a tracklisting(!!)...which must have been a herculean task unto itself.

Saturday, July 23

Let Shine Your Soul

Another mix I did ::

ATFC's SleepTalk (Sean's GoGo Flashback mix) [mp3]

Thursday, July 21

Pro This.

Wanna know what the 'real problem' is with, like, everything recently? There are too many experts. Everyone, Mullahs to Bloggers, is telling everyone else how to eat, drink, think, fuck & dress. 'Cuz you are inherently stupid, right?


Here are some pro's I could do without ::

Kathy Hilton - "How To Be A Hilton" :: But I already know why I don't want a nose-job as bad as yours.
Free Will - "Free Will Astrology" :: If anything you foretold were ever, in fact, to become true, we'd all be sitting in a circle, holding hands & eating daisies. All 3 billion of us. And we're not.
Anything On The Food Network :: Yeah - show me the show where they teach ya how to purge & hold yer hair back simultaneously - just like, say, Gianna DeLaurentis does - and I'll be all over it.
Anne Coulter - Anything She Says :: World's First Female Ayatollah.
All Those Gay Decorating Duos With TV Shows On Life Network, Discovery Channel, Etc. Etc :: Str8 people really are retarded - DON'T EVER LET A PAIR OF BITTER GAY MEN INTO YOUR HOUSE TO GIVE IT A 'MAKEOVER'. Yes - that pair of underwear is, indeed, missing. No - "tone on tone" doesn't mean anything, actually, it's more of a diversion designed to force you into focussing on Chad, while Blaine sneaks a bump of Tina in the powder room.
Sylvia Browne - All Her Psychic Crap :: Doesn't the "i'm-so-bored-I-could-expire-tout-de-suite" expression give it away? Or the fact that one can't verify a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g she says? This reptilian woman currently owns the snake oil industry.
Dan Savage - "Savage Love" :: Ok - first, I wanna see what his BF looks like; two - I wanna see their sex tape; three - I wanna read the pre-nup.
Oprah - "Oprah" :: If she's so smart, how come she couldn't talk her way into Hermes? Hermes!?...that's like being barred from Duty Free.

Definitely...listen to the voices in your head.

Tuesday, July 19

Bobby & Whitney, Sittin' In A Tree

This aint def comedy jam...but it's the funniest thing i've read in about 5 years.

[via - fourfour]

Thursday, July 14

I've Got One Thing To Say

Yeah - as if.
Anyways - first - here's a new mix ::

ATFC's SleepTalk (Sean's Bitter Summer mix).mp3

Second - some bitter shout outs ::

:: To the fuckwad who tried to hack this site - Get a hobby.
:: To the other fuckwad who tried to hack my brain - Get a grip. Been around a long, long time Darlin'.
:: To any fuckwad who thinks they can hack my soul - Get a guru. I am libra, first quadrant, almost every house...k?

Peace - if you deserve it.

Friday, July 8

If I knew You Were Coming...

...I woulda cleaned the pipe. Kidding. Loves it. Anyways - here's a new sketchy mix ::

Love & Fate (Small Gilt Chair mix) [mp3]

Wednesday, July 6

Big News

:: My Bennington friend Vinnie finally got himself a blog.
:: Nan Kempner is dead.

It's all about Paris.

Tuesday, July 5

Personal Beat

A new song ::

Love & Fate [mp3]

Just because you're older doesn't mean you're tired. But sometimes - it does.

Sunday, July 3

Pass The Prozac, Brooke.

Ugh. I feel as though I just gave birth - and I hate the baby. Pride in Toronto will do that to you. Some glancing thoughts, impressions, flashbacks ::

:: Make-up & Drugs prevailed. Remember - it was like Bombay hot outside.
:: I met someone with a dog called Phyllis Diller. Same bark.
:: New drag name - Viagra de Cialis.
:: I can't show any of the pictures I took due to liability concerns. Really.
:: Litchi-tinis have something else in them.
:: You're not hot if you take too much g & take your shirt off everywhere & sketchout by following me around block-by-block. Ever.
:: Hello Kitty.