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Tuesday, June 21

Everything's Going To be Just Fine.


Get over yourself - and listen to this ::

Teddy Douglas [mp3]

Thursday, June 16

Gay Shame

A shiny new anthem, just in time for purrride ::

Love & Hate [mp3]

BTW - blast it.

Tuesday, June 14

I Love A Parade

Paris is exhausted...fuck L.A...so who's gonna marshall for Toronto? ::

:: Richard Simmons - This would work if someone dosed his waterbottle with like a litre of g. Just think for a sec.

:: Janet Reno - Oh, come on...

:: Pamela Anderson - She''d ride that Hep float like nobody's business.

:: Some Famous Gay Canadian Personality - Sorry - there are none.

:: Kevin Spacey

:: Anna Nicole Smith - "Pssst - Anna - that's a bus, not a float...stand here...yes, of course, the Ambien & Stoli are coming..."

Honestly - and I wasn't even consulted.

Wednesday, June 8

Summer Survival Checklist

:: Toxification Strategy in place. [Check]
:: Footwear overview - emphasis on curb-time. [Pending]
:: Him [I guess. ok - check.]
:: Other options. [Always - this is moot - check.]
:: Parties. [From this time onward, I offically hate parties. Unchecked. Ask me later.]
:: Travel. [Mexico - for a str8 wedding - n/a.]

Thursday, June 2

Do You Feel It?

No, me neither. For me Gay Pride is all about a bunch of other guys who use a lotta hair care produck. And a lesbian motorcycle cult. However, I fully subscribe to the view that if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem - so I did a pride anthem version of a song I made & posted a few days ago ::

l.u.v. (Have A Happy Gay Shame version).mp3

Remain on your floats...