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Tuesday, May 31

Make Me Barf


Sunday, May 29

Ladies - Attention, Please.

Here's a new one - and I made it just for, uh, *you* ::

l.u.v. [mp3]

Friday, May 27

The No List

This is more interesting by virtue of those who did not get on. Maybe Sharon Stone should get a blog.

Thursday, May 26

Leo Is My Favourite Sign, pt II


Thursday, May 19

Absurd TV Concepts, vol. III

Shop these ::

Paris Is Burning - Again = Frontline documentary re: the secret pyro-life of America's most obvious spoiled brat.
Planet Fat = Harsh reality show involving the last bag of twinkies ever and some fat people living in a trailer. MC'd by Richard Simmons.
Desperate Fags = Weekly nightime soap opera based on the lives of my peer group. Kidding.
9 Inches Above = Ditto.
Look Ma - No Hands!! = Former Special Olympians re-hash the week in sports.

To Le Weekend...

Tuesday, May 17

For Your Ravaged Soul

Deep House goodness ::

Asher Bond :: my room [wma]

Friday, May 13

Doing My Bit

Hey - I love her, alright?

Anyways - here's yet another song I made with a vocal sample of J.Negro's "Can't Get High Without You" - and it's for someone who's going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment ::

Pure Spirits [mp3]

See ya Thursday, Lambchop.

Wednesday, May 11

Leo Is My Favourite Sign


Wednesday, May 4

Hello - Mephisto?

I want I want I want I want I want I want.

Tuesday, May 3

Like I Would Know

He's right when ::

:: You don't have to explain your weekly expenditures on fashion denim - again.
:: Turns out you use the same clinic.
:: There's a sex-in-unusual-places discussion - except this time you actually do it.
:: He's bigger than you. Way bigger.
:: You are reminded of your own unique brand of hotness. And there's nary a mirror/camera/sycophant in sight...

Lust conquers all.